Sunday, April 29, 2018


Out EARLY Saturday morning as the normal, got to admit I was looking forward to the cool darkness without the heat dial turned up. It was a good ride, Had an owl on the trail, not sure if he was injured or my light blinded his night vision. Either way it was really cool to get so close and get a picture.

Rough Start Great End

Morale was low as I pedaled in Thursday for a ride at Usery, I just wasn't feeling that great, none the less I just kept pedaling on one trail at a time and by midway I had my legs back and was feeling great.


Still looking to take it easy it was South Mountain for Tuesday, happy trails out there, sun is getting bright and warm, thinking I could switch to more 5am rides this summer if I feel like it, for now I will deal with the blasting of the sun with sunscreen.

One Desert for another

With legs not very phased from the weekends backpacking adventure I was out Monday with some free time and ready to ride. I went for Usery for a simple easy ride, ended up turning the cranks pretty hard out there, I guess 6 days off the bike was what the body wanted.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Slum Valley Boys

Again with time on my hands Ryan wanted to go for a ride so I dipped into another double ride, another nice cool one to enjoy before the HEAT comes.

Same Loop More People

Back to San Tan for some strange reason, same loop, more people......


With time on my hands I went out for a 2nd ride, I might have enjoyed this one even more, it was cool and cloudy and those are rare things in April! Also I only have two days to ride this week due to heading out of town for a desert backpacking trip.

San Tan busy and pretty as usual

Monday was a day for San Tan, I have not been there in awhile and really did't miss it much but since I have not renewed my pass yet I found 2$ and headed over there. I was thinking of 2 hours but was filled up after 90 minutes. It was nice out, certainly busy out but all was well.

Calm Cool and Not Collected

Very very very nice weather, it got almost 100F the other day and now back into 70F for a high, this is the last of it for sure though! All was well but my mental game was off.

Silver Fox

All fun and games on Thursdays ride, feeling good and feeling really good about the bike!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Belltown Shakedown!

IT'S HERE! I got the headset in and brakes figured out and wham o here it is! I can say it rode super solid, everything about it is fantastic, no fancy build or anything but I am in love with it.

Round Hawes

Monday, a ride around Hawes Mountain, it was good, uneventful but successful, this time I opted for the regular route and not High Horse.

Back to AZ

With surprisingly fresh legs I went out Saturday morning before the family arrived on plane to the old trails. Nothing too crazy here just a ride under the warm sun. I am getting very close to getting the Belltown frame all suited up for riding, I can't wait to test it out.

Flagstaff Stopper

Well I had a nice easy ride back to AZ, it was just me and the dog again so of course my mind was on a a ride where I could safely stuff the doggy in the backpack again. I absolutely loved the idea of riding Flagstaff area, I knew Campbell Mesa already and found it would be easy off the highway and easy on me and the dog. We headed in for a fast and twisty ride through the pines in a nice breeze. It was absolutely outstanding out there, I loved it, dog didn't seem to mind. The car ride back into AZ was surprisingly smooth and nice as well. I guess were back and looking forward to the next adventure.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

CT dude shred

The Final ride came and it was with my friend Jason. We pedaled around Corner Canyon and did a mighty fine job enjoying it too! Good riding with Jason, he sure can keep up.

Eagle Shred

My kiddo had a play date with his cousins and I was not in need so off I went for a nearby ride. I could have easily gone to Corner Canyon but opted to explore some more Eagle Mountain. It's low valley floor riding but it's plenty good. There has been some new trails out there so I planned to figure some good riding. The goal was accomplished and mighty happily :)

1st one for Utah

I got my shot and was dropped off at Corner Canyon while my wife was enjoying some time with her friends. Luckily in a way Utah has been dry so there was plenty of trails to hit. I went with the usual, up to the top and a run down Ghost Falls to start it off. It was absolutely killer let me tell you! I made my way back up for more and the headed over on shoreline and into Dimple Dell all the way to the dinner spot R&R BBQ for one heck of an evening!

Vegas baby

Well I was Vegas bound with a bike and a dog, I thought my doggie would fit in my backpack and turns out he did, I found a place with very mellow trails and with excitement I put rubber down for a good ride. It started off wide and buff and then went to narrow single track with nice views and easy pedaling. The last trail was most demanding and most MTB built, enjoyed the fresh air and stretching the legs so great success!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Before Utah!!!!!!

One last early morning spin before the departure for Utah!!!!!

New High Horse Trail

New tires on the new High Horse trail. Nothing fancy on the new trail, its nice but I think I prefer the old trail


Nothing wild here, a nice early morning

Elderly walkabout

Nothing exciting here, just a bunch of trails and lots of hiker people

Preserve to Pssshhhh

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve has been calling my name, I finally answered it. All started off fast and smooth and then got to climbing, enjoyed it kind of, was actually a little difficult for me in a way. Great views from on top and then it was down and back up the next mountain and then an easy ride around the hillside. As I got a mile from the car I heard that hissing only a leaky tire can make. I was flat instantly and looking for the issue a tear in the sidewall and one on the tread. I have noticed the quality on my Maxis Ikons kind of falling off. I have leaky sidewalls despite being Tubless tires, luckily I have still rode out the last three tires to their worn out death despite it. This tour however was only 2 months old. Close enough to the car I just walked to it, no complaints here, I haven't walked to the car in years.