Saturday, December 16, 2023

Singlespeed tag

Went out on the standard punisher for Saturday, when I made my way onto secret I ran into another biker, we both insisted the other go and I got him to go first, as he rolled in I saw it was a soma singlespeed, it turns out he was on my same route and we followed each other for a good 30 minutes, I should have stopped and got his info but we shared mutual stoke without words. The bike feels so so much better, glad it's fixed!

Proper temps

Thursday a little winter decided to show up, still shorts and short sleeves for sure, was nice to finally feel nice and dry and warmed by the sun.

Night Night

I got myself up nice and early, would rather sleep but my day is so much better with a ride in, apparentyl 2/3 battery on the new battery is enought to go out after 38 minutes into the 90 minute ride. I guess it won't last as long as I would hop but I did get 2.5 night rides on one charge os not bad. The rest of the ride was struggle with low light only having a 700 lumen on the bars that really needs to be on my head but I made it work, almost quit, glad I rode it out.

More of those please

I got to ordering on Wednesday the new freehub, I ordered from thunder mountain since they are in Sedona and it might get here fastest, I paid free shipping and it was at my door next day! I put it in and bam! noise gone, thank the good lord! I was anxious to test it and when the boys swim got canceled due to excessive hw I put his momma in charge and off I went! I was supose to meet a friend but that didn't work out so I took a go for RMR, lot of lights out there, was a nice sight, was dark as night but nice double dip!

They hear me rolling

Man, after scratching my head on this one I realized I put too much faith in the shop that I had work on my hub while I was on vacation, lesson learned, do my own stuff. Anywho took apart the hub and found a mess, bearing disenegrated and that's the cause of the intemittent racket the last few months. Ordered a new freehub body, come to find out my other wheelset had the exact issue and explains that problem it had!New pedal day! the deity deftraps are so so good, favorite pedal so far, wide and no bearing bulge and grippy!

Saturday, December 2, 2023

My o my

Wow, a nice sonoran desert winters morning, some dew, lowered temperatures, rain few days ago, it was primo. I wish I was on par with the scene, I finally got my magicshine back working, the new battery pulls out of the plug and the battery itself is heavy, two downsides but having all that light back blazing the desert with 3,000 lumens is worth it! Ughghhh and the bike is creaking up a fricking storm, going to take it to the shop, tried different, chain, cog, chainring, hub overhaul, I am out of ideas. My knee was bothering me too, so last week I was playing with Landon and on a ninja course and lost grip and went down off balance on one leg and my knee popped and hasn't been normal since. The limp is gone and it's not very painful but still healing, for some reason it was upset this morning. Slow as normal too, man I dunno what I need to do to put some pep, well with all that which still is no big deal just venting, the desert put on a quality show for the eyeballs. The moisture in the valley floors and that color, wish I had a better camera to catch it!

Trail shenanigans

I really enjoy thursday rides, starting at a nice time and usually veyr quiet, this one was busier than usual but nowhere close to a weekend ride. Mixed trails up a bit and that is always nice to break the repetition. Came upon a trail pee'r first time ever caught a woman doing that I felt bad for how embarassed she must have felt, her elderly group was not far at all down the trail and nor was she from the trail so I just kept my head down and acted like I saw nothing. Another lady on a bike saw me down the trail and came to a stop in the middle of the trail, didn't bother me but wow those are the people who lose their brains when they enter a motor vehcihle as well.......


Ambition is dwindling for these tuesday rides but somehow always get myself up at 4am and crack at it in the dark, plenty warm and cozy so why not.

That felt good

Was feeling good this morning, haven't felt that good in a bit, wasn't speedy but felt playful on the downhills which I like lots!

Gold sauce

Gold canyon season is in full swing, still wouldn't be shocked if I found a rattler on a warm day like this but thanfully did not. Took a bit of a different route on this one which is nice to freshen it up a bit. Noticed someone moved some dirt around and maybe a sign of love to come but who knows, I absolutely adore these trails and hope they never get disturbed!

Hawes stuff

Thanksgiving day is upon us, this usuallly signals the begining of the best time of the year in the desert "when forced". I got rolling nice and early and all went great. No big plans for the day, just a easy cooked meal and no family besides the three of us.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Slowly in the night

Got enough ambition to keep tuesday mornings alive!

Ohh yaaaa

There was quite a bit of polica activity at the trailhead this early moring, I didn't get nosy or anyhting so headed into the dark for a cool nice start. After a run down high ridge and then iron goat the front tire lost air. I plugged and crossed my fingers, I didn't feel like it was enough and was hoping for the sealant to do its job but I think there wasn't enough in there. Slowly losing air air and it was too little by the time I got on top of RMR so I put in a larger plug and it seemed to do the trick. Then daylight began and quite a beautiful scene opened up and best of all I was no longer losing air! A beautiful morning, still runnning slower despite this cooler weather, I guess I can't blame the heat anymore.