Wednesday, February 29, 2012


snow is on the way booooooooooooo

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday night ride

Got lucky and found someone else looking to get out. I didn't really decide until I realized it was a possibility so when 3:00 came around I posted on and got a bite. Case was the place being after some moisture this weekend it was sure to provide best conditions and that it did. The air was so warm it was like 45 degrees I think when I started in my t shirt and shorts and was about the same by the time we were done. We were at a nice mellow pace which was good, maybe I burned some extra fat since I put on too much this year..... I took a mix of trails but mostly rocky trails and I think I would name that loop jarhead. The SS wasn't feeling good, something in the drivetrain felt locked up and skewers are shot after a few months of use......... none the less I made from start to finish with only having to tighten up the eccentric bottom bracket once. Really nice ride and could not ask for better temperatures.

Jar head

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday!

My wife's birthday was a blast on friday, it started off a little crazy with the morning snowstorm but ended in a fun long day! Ended up in NYC and took her to her absolute favorite store in the whole wide world, Lulu lemon, and then surprised her with some tickets to Wicked! Good night in NYC for sure. Oh yeah and some bike flare cause this is a bikers blog, found it in anthropology, pretty sweet!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another good one

Gathered with some fellas over at Mesh last night. I got to the trailhead 45 minutes early so I took off on a pre ride and was loving it. It was sooo unbelievably nice out with temps in the high 40s even at night. I kind of know the area now so I set off on an loop idea I had. There was stillday light left and plenty of it and then as I neared the top of a spot I got a great view of the red glow of the sun setting. This cell phone pic does not do it justice but it gives you the right idea. I finished half of the loop soon and crossed the road to the other side to see if I can figure out some more trail. Had a good climb up but not quite all the way up, I was pressing time and decided to take a fire road off to the right which lead me towards the right direction. It soon started to darken rapidly and the trail I was on was much longer than I had anticipated. I was familiar when I hit the single track with all the skinny crossings. I knew I was kind of headed in the right direction but was taking longer than anticipated and soon enough I caught glimpse of my car as I popped out and had a sigh or relief as my ride buddies were still there. We assembled and headed up the old jump trail and then rode exactly what I judt did mostly for the next 30 minutes and then ascended to the top. From there rode all the familiar stuff I am becoming with now at Mesh. By the end I was taking my sweet time enjoying the last bit of the ride without bright lights up my butt. I really enjoyed the ride and was still wanting mooooorreeee! Maybe a ride tonight we shall see :)

Warm mesh feb

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Throwback Weds

Weather is absolutely amazing out there, that's is why I will surely be riding after work and it's at Mesh and I am extremely excited! Mondays ride was fantastic and I am hoping for an even greater outcome pedaling Mesh on the Tanuki!!!!!!! 16 more days until Utah!!!!!!!!

Luke's Trail-Price Utah- May 15th 2009

Me and Brent started to hear about these trails halfway to Moab right off the road so we decided to pack our tents and head out there to see what it was about. We arrived after work and got setup and had some daylight left so set off on the popular Luke's trail. It was really windy and flat and sandy which didn't really thrill me to be honest. As we got further and further we began to get dizzy from all the twists and turns and soft ground. It was not really impressing us by any means. As we got a little higher things started to change a little and then we began to climb over some rocks and Brent got his tire stuck on a crack and sent him off the bike softly but enough to land his finger awkwardly on the ground dislocating it. He yelled in some pain and then proceeded to set it back in place. It was pretty freaky to see his finger so far off but I was very glad he didn't break anything. We then headed back to the campsite as he painfully was able to pedal back and then the swelling began. It was his ring finger so that sucker wasn't helping since he had his wedding band on. We decided to just kick back and enjoy the oncoming sunset and get the fire going since it wasn't going to spoil the trip. The sun went down and we had a nice fire going and had a good rest of the night. As I lay in my tent hearing the desert oil pump near us clanking away I began to picture this scene was from a horror movie. The next morning luckily we awoke, Brent's hand was unfortunately not going to allow him to ride, so I set off to explore some other trails on our crappy map and found more sand and not much more. It still was a really good trip and did not have much riding but we lost nothing more than a tank of gas and a swollen finger.....good times

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fast Rip At Grayville

Got out last night with a new rider I have not ridden with yet. His was packing a carbon 29er and his name was Jay, nice dude. We got cranking on trail and it turned into a pedal fest pretty quickly, luckily I was feeling very good and chased him down through the night. The Tanuki was feeling so so soooooooooo good. Pedaling was so easy and comfy I think I am a bit faster than my rigid. I am so happy with the bike it really feels amazing. We reversed the lower loop since the re route threw him off and it was a good change of pace. Then did the standard loops up high and needed to make a quick escape so took the way we went in. Really nice to get out, I can never ride as much as I want to but starting a monday off with a ride was very welcomed!


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Good video to remind us

How important our pets are! Especially my two!

Saturday Delight

Ended up at Blackledge on saturday with Pat, some really great riding weather, rode into Case and back after some 4 hours I was still wanting MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blackledge to case

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Got out on a ride last night, felt great to be out. Not to so great was the Kona Dawg it's really starting to show it's age and gave some some turbulent feedback on the bars the whole ride. Ever since the shock got rebuilt it's not right it really rebounds quickly and makes a bunch of noise an racket, I will be playing with it soon to sort it out. I also had a heck a time trying to keep up with Pat and I felt pretty out of shape but still good company for sure. I tried a few new log rides and I failed miserably.......I was definitely off, I wasn't enjoying the ride as much as I had anticipated but was making the most of it. Temperatures were great, I was in shorts and a long sleeve shirt it was great. I won't be riding the dawg much until it is fixed, but that may require $$$$ which I am short on with upcoming trip to Utah and other stuff so we shall see. Millers on Saturday if all goes well! which bike to bring............mash up my new bike on log rides, ride a bumpy Dawg or go rigid SS and suffer........decisions....

Post sick ride

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I want to ride waaaaahhhhhhh

So I have finally gotten rid of this sickness I believe and I am more than ready to get back on trail! Suppose to ride case tonight before 6:00 with Pat!!!!! so fricken excited, I was hoping to ride Thursday too but looks like weather will rule that out. I have this new app on the Iphone called sketch me its free and really awesome!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The fog is clearing

Really not much going on over here, still clearing the sickness out of my body so Wednesday is the day I plan to get back riding after a 10 day ordeal.....I cannot wait as you can imagine! Saw this on very inspiring

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Been pretty sick and in the dumps this week, don't know if I will be riding by the weekend but I sure hope I can! Weather continues to be amazing around here, finally a week with no rain in the last 8 months it feels like.....

Moab Utah- Porcupine Trail- April 11th 2009

Another great ride with my buddy Brent. We had our ladies drop us off at the end of the road where you have to pedal up a jeep road to the top. It was an interesting ride going up that jeep road, it was pretty tough for a westerner with all the rocks and soft sand and tricky little tech as I remember correctly, It was a real workout too! It took alot longer than expected to reach the beginning of the trail but once we were there we took in the sights of Moab and the all the funny looking low lying trees that don't seem to grow much taller than you are. Little did we know what was in store for us as we began to pedal and descend into the unknown. It was a while ago but I remember a mixture of sand and rock, the sandy breaks were great since they rolled so smooth but too much sand and it sucked all the speed in. As we neared the edge of a plateu one of the most incredible views was to be had. With the gray skies, the light dusting of snow above going into the La Sals and the overlook of this absolutely incredible backdrop made for on unforgettable sight. More dirt roads, more sand, a ton of rocks and a consistent downhill grade was awesome! This trail was not as Mountain bike trail oriented as I expected, a lot of it was jeep road. After enough rocks to jar every thought out of your mind we began t hit some single track along the hillside and now this was what I was looking for! It had some fun little tech spots and not too much room for error in spots. The hillside went steep off to the right and you really did not want to make an error there. Found a rock on the way down and had another absolutely incredible view down the valley and could see the Rio Colorado. It was great to get the rest and reflect on our trip and still have plenty left ahead of us. After some snacks were had we went on our way down and things got even more fun. We drew closer and closer to the river and sadly the ride was coming to an end, but was one heck of a good ride and just beat the rain in time!