Sunday, June 28, 2020

Gold Goodies

The day had come when I got to show Robbie around Gold Canyon. After riding National with him so mnay times I wondered if it was going to be dull for him. We chugged on an absolute beauty of a morning. Lots of pictures and trails were had, but no recording for y strava. I showed him alot of the goods. I had a realy scary moment on Technical trail where I took a rocky line that ended in a drop, I never remembered the left line being a drop I stalled and had nowhere to set my foot without falling over and breaking it, I cleanly ejected over the bars in a last ditch effort and landed off camber onto my hip/side. It hurt a bit but could have bee SOOOOOOOOOOOO much worse. I pedaled out a bit sore but now it's Sunday and I feel good and ready for the week ahead.


A nice ride with Robbie on Mormon/National. A slight breeze offered relief for the climb. On the descent it was mega busy, it got quite annoying for all trail users I am sure. I followed Robbie down, he got alot faster and it was nice for a change for me to follow him. Hottest morning yet, but still in one piece and looking for more.

Loopy loops

Hawes was the deal for Wednesday, happy and healthy the pedaling was great and mission complete. Really busy out there.

Getting hot in here

It's heating up and man these mornings are getting sweaty. Still way better than riding later in the day that's fierce, we are now past the solstice and closer to getting thru summer thank goodness.


We had a bumpy wekend without AC, we survived by an window ac unit I bought for our bedroom. Also an incident occured to LuAnn that was unfortunate and saddened me. She is fine but scareed from an auto incident. My head was veyr busy on the ride but the ride went down no problem.

Corona "de loma"

Friday was game day, scheduled to ride Corona at South Mountain with Robbie. He seems to like South Mountain and challenges so off we went. It was a clean fine morning, getting to corona was the same, a grunt up Mormon and National. Robbie cleaned alot for Corona, I cleaned all of it nicely and bike was in one peace making me a happy guy. It was a speedy spin back to the lot that I wish I had a different gear for but it was fun trying to catch Robbie. He left and I threw in some extra miles, got home to find that we were about to start a 5 days weekend of no AC in the house in lovely 109F temps.

Sprinting to the Solstice

While this summer has not been bad at all for me, I am however very much looking forward to the future and cooler weather. I have been tearing up the pool with Landon which has been a blessing, lots of rides too, I am so grateful. Rode around the horsey trails and started climbing further up Usery pass to ass more elevation.

Whole lot of normal

Usual 20 miles of Hawes, nothing to report :)

Good ride with good dudes

My Tuesday morning ride would start with Robbie and new to me friend Rob. The plan was to show Robbie Gidro so we pedaled on up the pavement to help ease the climbing. I was leading this thing I guess so I was the first to hit dirt with the two quickly behind me. It was hiking and biking to get to the top of Gidro as usual and then a marvelous descent. The boys were happy and cleaned the trail pretty good. Then I told Rob to lead us the rest of Hawes since he was a bit faster than me on the mellower stuff. Great morning, been a long time sinceI rode with anyone let alone two other people, it was great!

AZ bbq

A big bush fire caught blaze this weekend so I went out to see it Monday morning. As I took off from Usery Pass area I could see the mountains on fire, not inferno but visible orang and smoke. The Moring was clear up high but down below fountain hills and my trails were dropping into a light haze of smoke. Soon I was in it, and it smelled and tasted like a camp fire, and left that familiar taste of smoke BBQ meat. I wasnt the only one that morning smoking it up so maybe my lungs will be just fine. As I exited the cloud on the climb up to the car I had the smoke taste in my mouth for a good 20 minutes which was freaky but cool.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Solid finish

Feeling fit and ambitious it was another 20 miles of Hawes, mixed things up and chased down a few riders out there made for a more thrilling experience. Great week and hoping to continue this pace for the summer.

Love my brave Men and Women in Law Enforcement

I was at hawes for Thursday and like normal I was mix matching my ride, I crossed the road and did some TRW and when I crossed back over I saw a big line of parked cars and a sign sayng Police training in progress. I realized shortly onto the dirt I was likely to come across this large group after seeing footprints no taking the ridge. Sure enough I came upon a large line up Police Cadets in training, I had a warm fuzzy feeling and felt the love I have for Law Enoforcement, I rolled by the group 30+ brave men and women, with a helicopter in tow. With all the mess in our world right now after the recent protests, I have nothing but love and respect for them and wished I could let everyone of them know how I support them. After passing them I was chased on and off by the helicopter, they were likely just following them but it felt like they were watching me too. I then went about finishing the ride.