Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Peace and Quiet

I just had to sneak one more in while th family was sleeping saturday, my wife in deep involved into preparing for finals and I didn't want to burden her by askin so off I went and was on trail by 4:45. I was hesitant to ride backside of Usery since I never night rode out there and wondered if I would get creeped out, it won since I really was not interested in Hawes again so Usery it was. All was peachy, I lost control ina few spots, my tires are really barking for a change. I slide off the trail for the second time and this time it happened so fast and unfortuunately right into a bush with a cholla as well. Luckily the cholla was a the mellow type and at the time I was going face first into it and luckily put my helmet into it just in time to take most the blow. My hand took all the needles and I happily took that over my face and eyes. It has been a long time since I have dealt with loosing control or touching a cacti. With an annoying hand filled with broken off needles I still happily finished the ride off nicely. Mission accomplished, a good ride week salvaged by early morning desperations.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Heart Palpatations

Another dark one for me, on the trail by 4:45am and just fine with it so I could get my fix. I was on TRW and had an oh &%$# moment when I saw the tell tale sign of a black and white ringed tail of a rattle snake. I passed it and went back for a photo, it wasn't moving, I guess someone squished it. Relieved but still btohered someone left it there for a sick joke, I had a fearful job of moving it with stick which was creepy, I hate those things. Good ride though

Warm and Dark

Rain was expected later in the day on this warm and dark morning, I must say I was excited to be getting a ride in but not so filled with energy, the days are eating up, the days are getting longer, for now I enjoy dang good temperatures.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Morning Sauce

Had to do it early to get one in, hopeful for more to come this week :)

Monday, March 11, 2019


Solid nice 20 miles of Usery Pass, this would be the last ride this week, my boy is out of school on Thursday for a bit of time with his spring break. Rides will be far more challenging to get in the days to come. It's ok, I ride too much, but I will still aqueeze some rides in :)

Second serving

didn't need it, but kinda wanted it

Lovin Lovely

Its really quite nice out there, I can't stop saing it I know, but soon the dreaded heat will be tormenting us. a good 15 miles around the horsey trails, love how quiet it is out there

Springs Odor

Back to Gold Canyon to enjoy the scenery yet again, this time I was bombarded by smells of all sorts, the spring sorts, not the smell of farts or cows. Man the place is grown in nicely, I can see that spring is past opeak now but still lots of flowers and grass which is just unusual but welcomed.

Flow Show

MOnday started off on a good note, it was 20 miles of favorite flow trails. Warm and sunny without a thing to complain about! SO blessed.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

SO good!

I made some nice coverage Friday on the, planned a good 20 miler and enjoyed every bit of it, plenty of clouds at the start and when I got down by the river the scene was absolutely spectacualar. I took some time to really appreciate my bike, I love that thing!

Hawes Bounty

Wnating to thrash some miles the plan was some sort of 20 at Hawes, I pieced some stuff nicely and filled the cup nicely, actually had plenty of juice left for more but I got what I came to accomplish.

South Mountain Hot Double

I had an errand to run and decided I was part way to South Mountain so I brought the bike to spice up a ride over on South Mountain. It's gettign scary warm out there, 80F, I thought it would be a nice change of pace but really it was further confirmation how boring Desert Classic is, my fault though, all the better stuff is up the mountain and I didn't take that route. I got it done none the less and had enough time to prepare for my inlaws arrival. Wish I was escaping the city to do soemthing cool but life calls for staying put and thats ok.

Love me some cloudy skies

With cloudy skies I was enjoying a very very comfortable morning on the trail, with making plans ups as I went I was distracted by beautiful views around me. I tapped both sides of the pass for a solid awesome ride

Rinse and Repeat

Double feature for Tuesday, pavement was involved on funky feeling legs and on this sunny warm afternoon I was happy regardless. I quick loop of 10 miles and happily heading home :)

Green Gold Canyon

Wow, absoutely incredible out there, Gold Canyon as I have never seen it, full of lush life and flowers and primo dirt, the desert is most happy right now. I stoppped alot for pictures, I wanted to stop more but I covered the place pretty good. I will be back soon, before the snakes come out full force that it is.

Bee to the mouth!

Spring is in full odor out there, it was too nice out there not to go out for a second helping! I opted out of Gidro and went a different route and was more than pleased! On the final climb something flew into my mouth, I immediately spit it out and to my shock it was a fricken BEE!!!!! I am so so so happy he didn't sting me, that could of been so bad, I have had bad reactions to insect venom and a shot to the mouth could be life threatening since one to the eyelid sent me to the hospital a few years ago. No more of that please.

Ribbons Of Joy

Ok off to Monday, what a good day on the bike, just love those Horse trails!