Monday, August 21, 2023

Flat Iron!

That giant beautiful mountain know as the superstiotions finaly got climbed by the bike pedaling ginger! I got an invite the day before and while I have to turn down most invites, this one was good to go! We took off at 5:30 and Brant lead the way as he has visited this mountain many times. I have not hiked in many years, it felt good to be moving and talking and enjoying the mountain. It was more lush and way more steep than I expected. I had good endurance and eveyrthing felt great by the time we reached the summit. We did flat iron and the summit above it at 5,028 feet above sea level and was a 3,000ft climb up. The views were absolutely spectacular up there. The hike down was tougher, my quads were not giving me much support on the steep descent, I had to be extra careful since they felt a little numb and reminded me I should have prepared for this but I didn't have time so oh well. Would definitely do more stuff like this!

Gold Canyon and Peralta regional

I needed a change to bump up the bike game, might not be in the woods but needed a change in scenery. So it was off to Gold Canyon and then remembered I needed to checl out nearby Peralta. Godl canyon was about the way it is usually, monsoons haven't phased it. I noticed a large amount of sweat on my arms, I don't know if it was the sunscreen or the sun or the humidity but it started well and ended ok. I bounced around Gold Canyon and then figured my way over to Peralta. It was very erie rolling in with many brand new structures and maps etc but not a soul to be be found. I headed for Saguaro which went steeply up the mountain, found myself hiking early and getting absolutely beat down by the sun. With that one in the bag I was finding my way on the desperado, more mellow but I was ready to get out there asap. First impression was goo so far, small riding area but would be nice in the winter for families. I couldn't get to the car fast enough and glad I got it done.


Just trying to keep moving in these hot hot mornings


Rolling in the skies were looking good, the wind was pushing hard against me the whole ride, thought the winds blew in one direction but it never worked in my favor. This was a common loop for me most the year, lack of riding and the wind and heat beat me up pretty good on this one!

Morning roughing

This one was particularily tough, even sat down for a few, mind getting in the way.

Thursday, August 17, 2023


Well some clouds kept me company, what a monumental difference that can make, maintining my heat tolerance so far.

Mourning phase

Well we are back, I miss being away, especially the Wyoming session. I can't say I'm very happy about the current reality but I'm going to keep my eyes forward and wheels turning, so I hope anyway.