Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Out n bout

Looks like another snakey encounter for me, rolled over a gopher, poor thing I didn't get a chance to bunny hop or know which species I was going over. Headed to Washington tomorrow so that's it for me, would love MTB there but it's not in the cards likely.

Rat Ta Tat

Another snakey ride, making for another rattler, luckily found this guy slithering on my uphill instead of downhill. I think I'm adjusted to the heat, not hurting too bad.

Clouds n Breeze n snakes

The serpents were out today luckily none with rattlers, a gopher and sonoran ground, enjoyed a rare bit of clouds n breeze, grateful for that.

Think Stank

I wish when I went into the mountains I left me problems at home, it's never the case, it's almost like problems come with me to be worked out......either way better in the mountains for everything.

Welcome back to the desert it did not miss you

Well...... back and making the best of it. I was moving pretty good around Hawes on my Friday ride and while flying down iron goat rolled right over a diamondback. I saw it a second before it was too late, that was a huge jolt to the heart as I cussed and walked it off. I went to go move it and it got full pissed off and didn't want to budge, eve after I walked 75 ft down the trail to move it. I'm not happy......

Bear Flat Provo

It was off early in the morning for another hike before my flight, after an absismal night of almost no sleep I was none the less not going to fail at enjoying the mountains. Started eary and the plan was to go Up the Y and beyond. The legs were hurt, they did'nt want to do much after the days before run down the mountain. The trail was much steeper than I remember and reaching the top of the Y I was the onto a narrow but if trail still going up and up. I was draggin now pretty heavy and was realizing my lofty goals and not feeling as much as I wanted. I reached bear flat and found snow and aspens and winter. Enjoying the nice and cool and had thoughts about summit nearby Y mountain, but ambition had me turn around before that goal and had a slow painful walk down. farewell UT..... for now....

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Rock Canyon Provo

We arrived all peachy after a short quiet our ride. I had some daylight left and my mother in laws car so i filled up on Five Star BBQ and headed for the closest trail. Having never been in Rocky Canyon I went for it. It was warmer than expected as I got onto the trail but I felt like a million bucks. I made. a steady pace passing rock climbers, hikers and wanderers. The trail was not much more of a trail, more of a road and that was fine cuase it was going uphill and I had a nice river raging as the landscape changed as I got higher. I had a lovely idea of taking the right fork trail and loop over to the Y. I had to find my way across the river and just barely did, now I was on narrow trail, it was getting dark, feeling good but feeling a little spooked as no one was around and I started hitting snow fields and the thought of no return I smartily turned around and made a nice run and walk back to the car. If I proceeded I am sure I might have met my doom or just taken a really long time. Washed my face in the stream and walked to the car, I couldn't believe how many people were still out in the dark enjoying.

Whoah dude

Dang ebikers showing up behind me, going uphill he hit his brakes behind me and that just seemed dang rude, had nothing to say as I moved over quickly and him and his dumb music and ebike went on their merry way at a motorcycle pace. Me and the dog are off to Utah for a night, can't wait!

May Miles

Monday, May 20, 2024

Friendly bees

My goodness the bees are out, I get smacked by them all the time I am s grateful they are so chill. Got stalked by a vulture looking for it's breakfast.

Got it done

Not much to say, another ride

frequent enjoyment

Just getting it done, enjoying frequent rides til summer sets in

Ironwood full blooms

Can't remember the ironwoods so bloomed out, along with the saguaros it's almost the end of the big blooms as we get into the driest part of the year....One photo in portrait erased some branches that made it look cool.