Sunday, July 31, 2016

One last one

My saturday morning ride got called off since LuAnn had a hair appointment. I thought the day would be a bust with company coming over in the evening, but when they canceled it was on! Headed for South Mountain to ride down Mormon since it would be a first, turned out to be pretty good. Amazing what a 160mm bike will eat up, makes it way too easy. Then it was off to Desert Classic for a mini loop to close out a good 70 mile week. Keep it coming, we are closing in on fall!

Sweaty Mcsweater

Another day of school and too much ambition I found myself getting toasted under the brutally hot Arizona sun. Sweat filled eyes blurred as I spun around Usery, found a few new trail, nothing special but always nice. The temperature was absolutely brutal, I said do 30 and see what happens and then as I decide to link all the lower south trails within 90 minutes I found the minutes clocking away, I came so close to all of them, left out two tiny ones even after riding two new ones, next time.....

Hot Hot Hot

Shot off after Landon went to school for a afternoon ride. Decided to brave the heat since I'd probably tweak out at home with all the free time and think about riding my bike. By 11:35 I was on the trail heading into Hawes, it was mega hot but I was pedaling until I hit 90 minutes or could take no more. A solid loop around Hawes and I was ready to cross the road, sweating profusely but charged with energy I closed out another loop. A simple ride to the car and a much needed visit to the pool before Landon got home.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gold Canyon

another stunning evening and all smiles on the bike. Turned a fast wheel on this one, a nice loop I am sure I haven't done before. It was all over too soon but as light faded and I heard a few rattles of a snakes tail and I was out of there before it got pitch black.

San Tan

Fun 90 minute session before the lights needed to come out. I have been really lucky lately, my son wakes early and goes to be early, so in theory for the last few weeks he wakes up at 6am and goes to bed at 6am. So papa happily heads to the trails after he goes to sleep and gets 90 minute of light just before dark. Unfortunately that is being shortened each week as the light is becoming less as we head for winter but I have had a good run. Landon just started school so I should be getting some mega hot afternoon rides in until they begin to cool down. So off I went on another awesome ride into the sunset, this time in 110F but happily. I headed out To San Tan since it's been a bit and looking for some spice. Not that theres a lot of spice there but it's always a nice place to ride. The weather looked shady so I headed back to the car just a bit early to find it was fine, so I ran back up the hill to get some miles. Feeling pretty powerful lately, maybe not fast but steady.

Fight Night

I got the YT Capra rolling tubeless! I am proud to say all on my own two hands, maybe not a huge success in others eyes, but it was my first crack at it with gorilla tape. Happy to say the tires are holding air just dandy and they are now ready for cactus removal trail maintenance. I had small miles to fill my hopeful 50 mile week so I went on a bruiser but an absolute beauty of a trail around Pass Mountain. Once I got past the normal spot I remember why I like it so much, twisty ups and down on narrow single track with views to boot. Dropping down from the pass is fun as always, this time felt rockier than I remember, maybe them monsoons altered trail there too. I felt like I put a beating on those brand new tires but thats what they're there for right.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Another hot one, put together a fast loop in my head and man was this a good one. Headed out along the canal and put in a nice loop through Hawes and the crossed the road and linked a few of those head scratching trails and then a speedy ride to the car. Feeling good let's keep it coming!

Desert Breathes Beauty

Off on another evening escaping thunder boomers, went to users area for some speedy tracks. It was mega hot out, I felt it as I made my way to the trails. I notice the vegetation was really green, just a few rain storms and the desert came back to life. It was actually very beautiful and distracted me the entire ride. The desert just lit up with the sunset for one memorable ride. I felt really good and speedy on this one, welcomed. Sadly on my way home I saw a shadow briefly out of the corner of my eye and then something under my tires. I figured it must have been a dog and turns out it was a Javelina. My first run in with one, a desert peccary that looks like a little piggy. I was sad this happened but it did and there was no changing that.


A fresh new week, a new attitude and a slightly happier boy of mine. It seems I had a rough transition back to Arizona, but I am back and feeling better little by little as I count down the days to the winter. I guess we got a few rounds of Monsoons, I heard about them and they finally arrive. On Monday I got rained out as a scary clouds ran into South Mountain dumping tons of rain. I tried to go East but a wall of dust storm was in my view. Pretty wild out here in the desert, those storms are no joke. Tuesday cam and more weather came form the south, again things were too active. Then Wednesday, storms were brewing and I got a weather alert for a dust storm but luck was on my side as it settled and off I went to South Mountain to meet with Chris. Good to have a riding partner and he's suppose to join me on a red bull rampage trip in October filled with rides and good times. We got chugging up from Javelina trailhead things were feeling good, made out way up beverly Canyon and went for the hard climb to the saddle and I went for it. I dabbed once but I pedaled up the whole thing which doesn't count in my book but it felt damn good and theres always another shot at it. At the top my heart was racing, maybe the hardest it ever has, I descended and by then my body was acting funny. I was dizzyish, gases and developed a knot in my stomach. After about 15 minutes went by and I just couldn't take it, I had to sit down. My buddy didn't seem to mind, it's rare for me not to be on par but this was happening. Nothing to do but relax and take in the views. Something done way too little these days. We headed back and with easy miles I felt better and better as we went. By the time I got home I still couldn't make sense of it but I felt MUCH better

Monday, July 18, 2016

Brown's Dope Ranch

Third time was the charm, set out on this big network with some trails in mine and made the maze come together with some fumbling with the phone. Many trails stood out, so many I could not remember, all were really fun. I really enjoy this place when you want to pedal it out.

Grooving back into it

Beautiful evening on the bike, good to be back in Gold Canyon. Did't take long to attach a cactus on my finger, but luckily that was the only run in with the Cactus. Feeling off beat in the fitness department, knees are hurting form the backpacking trip, but the old steam engine kept chugging.

Back in Phoenix

Can't say I'm that thrilled to be back in Phoenix after a nice stay in Utah, but we had to come back sometime. This ride was actually somewhat relaxed and welcoming, still hot and crazy but it worked

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Flying Dog

Not enough time to blog so here it is, just pictures for your enjoyment, such a beautiful ride!