Tuesday, May 29, 2018

And hello SOMO

Here we go, Tuesday and heating up. After a very pleasant trip to Tucson for our 9 year wedding anniversary I was lazy but willing to ride. I picked SOMO for that balance of easy to fun ratio, a bit dull but never disappoints.

One Before Tucson

With one more early morning ride to sneak in before heading to Tucson without my bike. These early ones are reserved for Hawes due to timing etc. The gnats were plentiful and I even had clouds on this one! As I rolled back into the golf neighborhood on pavement for a similar loop. Felt good, I find that Monday I feel the worst on my rides and by Saturday I feel my best, some sort of recover thing going on I suppose, my body never gets more than 1-2 days rest from biking. I don't think I would want it another way.

Linking Golf Courses

So for some time now I have noticed people routing thru a neighborhood to access app hawes, I decided enough is enough and added some spice to an early morning to see how it was. Turns out it's a cozy ride up a neighborhood by some awesome houses and then onto good trail that makes access to the upper stuff MUCH easier, does it feel like cheating, yes, do I care, not so much. Then I hit the other side of the road and realized I rode by two separate golf courses on one ride #AZLIFE

Under the sun

Rode Hawes area, nothing special just a ride under the warm AZ sun, good day to be alive and grateful.


I had to change things up finally and made a go onto javelina and would go from there. It was a nice change of scenery, nothing too much to be expected, relived some old memories of when I first visited AZ this was the first trail I rode. Looking back I have been here now 2.3 years and still can't wait to leave but have come to terms with this valley and try to cope in doing so. Good ride nothing crazy, I miss trees and shade but what can ya do.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gold and Steel

On Monday my wife was home from school, this allowed me to hit Gold Canyon so off I went. Little nervous about finding rattlers I treaded without headphones and eyes open. It was a great spin around and no snakes found happily. Nice change of pace getting off the routine, enjoyed :)
Another very early Saturday morning I could not pass up a ride, sickness or allergies had me a little beat and as I rolled into South Mountain with plans to nit National I made a detour and went for the easy normal route of Desert Classic. I plan to get up there next week and give it another go, but for now I got thru the week.

Usery for Easy

Rolled out very early on Friday morning, with wonky legs I went for Usery for some easy. Happy to report it was nice and easy.

Silencing a creak

So I got the Belltown setup, while I was at it I threw some anti seize on the dropout bolts in hope to silence a bad creak. When wheels went down the creak was gone, sweet sweet success! It was a simple good pedal around Hawes and a complete normal 15 miles.

Not a drop

Soooooooooo ready for some weather, its mega dry around here since October and as normal and I am eagerly awaiting in a way the monsoons to bring some action into the valley. A spin around South Mountain was easy as can be, nothing special, I have been on the Trek for a few weeks now I got to switch over to my belltown.

Lizards N such

A good ride filled with lots of lizards running around,not much more than that to say about this one.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Closed out the week with another crazy early morning ride, legs and mind felt pretty good on this one, I would expect the opposite after a riding 70 miles so thank you.

Beautiful and easy

Desperation opted for an early morning Friday ride, it was beautiful and easy not a bad way to start the day.

Quiet San Tan

Another dandy ride at San Tan, all the people have cleared out of there with the heat, granted it's not too hot this week but I noticed the snowbirds must be in the shade or went back to the midwest.

Still Hate The Desert

A ride at South Mountain as it is now in the rotation for Tuesdays, good place to carry some speed with ease, I should probably ride some other trails there, but feeling lazy as things heat up.

Slow Mo

Another ride feeling like a slug and not too motivated in the beginning, that feeling didn't change all too much on the loop. I was glad to get it under my belt and did feel good half way thru, I think I need fresh meat.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Rising Sun

After a late night with a very sick wife with a Migraine, After a few hours of sleep my eyes popped open right at 4:30, I told myself I was likely not to ride but when they opened my mind starting thinking about riding so off I went. I needed no light for this start which was right at 5am, I guess that's the new thing as summer is upon us. It was quite nice out as far as temperatures go, it's always nice not to have the sun around beating you down. The body was doing good and my hour was up just a little too soon. Good week and don't look forward to dealing with the next one in the rising temperatures.

Before the Fiery Heat

The 100s are coming fast, I felt like going early to avoid the heat, so I did so. It was good and easy out there and enjoyed a beautiful sun rise and then escaped to the house for cover.

A slow warm up

Still nice out there for now but the sun was back and sun screen is out. This one started off quite terrible, my legs were somewhere else for the first 10 minutes and I just kept at it and they warmed up and then I felt quite good

Moving and Grooving in the cool

With wonky legs and lazy mind I went for South Mountain on the last coolest day for a very very long time. It was in the 70s! Again nothing wild to report here just moving and grooving.

Still very nice out

Monday was unusually nice out and so were the trails for me. I decided to run around San Tan and did the usual, nothing special