Saturday, July 29, 2023

Snow King Wyoming

So I was looking for another ride close to Wilson where we were staying. It was another horrid night of sleep but ambition all time. The plan was to check out put put and go form there. Being a green trail I was lookingforward to start with some easy flow. Well it turns out it had alot more climbing than I expected and totally not a blue as far as elevation goes, either way it was amazing. Rain overnight had the luch aspen groves and vegetation drippping in beauty, my feet and bike as well. The trails were so overgrown and I could care less. After alot more work than expected, put put was complete. Then it was onto Hagen for a nice pine descent by the river. I still have not found my legs this trip, extremely frustrating! I noticed this scenery in Wyoming is almost identical to Utah alpine. I am so happy to be riding in the alpine, when I am in spanish fork it's not that easy to access it nearby and find time to ride it. So I had plans to head up the moutain after Hagen and that wqas via ferrins. Maybe the narrowest, prettiest cozy pine climb of all time. I was still absolutely struggling to pedal uphill, I felt like I had 10% endurance, it was just nowhere to be found. I kept on climbing and eventually reached a saddle and then saw a ridge in front of me that I very much wanted to ride named skyline. I was out of time but I proceeded to skyline anyway. Thick meadows and vast views awaited me, it was stunning to say the least. Still alot of work up there, way more than expected walking, but with these surroundings who cares. Beat and anxious, all tht work finally paid off on a fast long descent that ended back at the trails earlier. I took the road which was lame but fast, by the time I reached the car I was cooked. Farewell Wyoming, what a treat!

Black Canyon Wyoming!

I was very excited to have the bike with me in Wyoimng. After a long day traveling, rafting and a little sleep I was up n heaing for teton pass. My research led me to a grind up a paved path "old teton pass road" and then some singletrack and then down Black Canyon. Once I got pedaling it was straight forward, a no mercy stand up and pedal crawl to the pass, the scenery was beautiful along the way at least. I was thankful to be on pavement at this steep grade, again so annoyed for not changing out my cog for a much more friendly. I didn't need to walk or rest until I made it to the pass, where the trail went to dirt and I struggled with traction, legs and lungs. I was beat, maybe the lack of realy mountains or sleep was getting me. None the less I walked and rode on and off until I reached the top. It was an intense panorama to be seen, beautiful green flowery mountain as far as I could see. Then I dropped in for a fast flowy descent. This trail was perfection, not too bad on my rigid either. It was a long Dh but over too soon as usual, so lush so fun!

Snake river

The Roys went white water rafting, Landon absolutely loved it! We saw beaver, bald eagle, and lots of rapids, such a great time.

Lower Payson canyon

After getting the hustle bustle of corner canyon done and over with it was a nice relief to be headed the next morning for Payson, a somewhat small town that hosts a great canyon that accesess some great wilderness. I would be riding the lower canyon this morning. It was incredibly peaceful and quiet, somehow the legs just weren't feeling great, the ride almost cut short a few times. There was some cloud cover and a sprinkle the evening before so it was really really nice. The trails haven't changed, maybe they got one new one, I never forgethow punchy they can be, love that it's just 20 minutes from the house. Off to Wyoming, the bike comes too!

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Annual corner canyon

It ws time for the corner canyon, started nice and early, can't say all the juices were flowing but the next 3 hours was going to be a serving of flowy fun. It was busy busy busy, couldn't believe it was a week day, felt like a weekend. I got through some quiet spots and enjoyed that, remembering all the good times when I lived here were flwoing in, frustrated and emotional the ride was no easy task.

Spanish Oaks

Rolled out of this craphole at 3am, was in Spanish fork by 2pm. The wife and kids roll in at 6 so that gave me a bt of tim to play. I was tempted to go somewhere more fun but I opted for close by. It was warm as expected and as usual, no easy riding, hot and heavy for this idiot with one gear. I wish my morale was higher and I had to push on to ride the 2nd hour, not a great start to the trip but so be it, got some excercise a=on the bike and it wasn't the dumb desert.

Touch and go

Screw you AZ I am out

Oh ook

Forgot these slithering venomous sticks are still out slithering about, two today, one was really pissed, actually came at me bro, they usually go the other way, gave me a quick scare but all is well.

Is it over yet

Getting deep into summer and so is me grumpiness, luckily a serving of Utah and Wyoming is in the near future!