Monday, January 16, 2023

Flagstaff walk

I have been wanting to walk the lower section of walnut canyon for a while. I was optimistic conditions woulds be good and my expectations were exceeded. It was so peaceful walking down the trail that entered the canyon and the warm sun and quiet peaceful surrounding was just the therapy I was looking for. We didn't go far since my wife wasn't feeling great but I was grateful for the experience with ym favorite two.

Some is better than none

I was short on time for this ride as we were headed for Flagstaff, turns out the fmaily was asleep another hour after I got home so I was kind of torn I didn't ride longer. I was looking forward to having a week off the bike. It's nice to detach from excercise and focus on relation and enjoyment with my fmaily. We rented a cabin in munds park, we played in the snow, watched movies, sat outside, it was absolutely blissful!

Banger start for 2023

Oh my goodness, the early bird got the worm! Started off breezy and clear and quickly entered the clouds, the wind was moving good and erie and spooky again. Got to the top and had to take a video, never experienced anythin quite like it. All by myself up there getting it going for the first ride of 2023. The rain came down on me pretty good on RMR and then stopped 1/2 way down thank goodness cuase I was starting to get wet, I exited the clouds and it was clear as can be, quite the sight after being in dense cloud. One heck of an amaizing ride!

Brapping up 2022

Another dopalicious winter desert ride, it was the last ride of 2022 and what better way to spend it than early in te morning riding up and down the mountain. It's been a marvelous year, Sedona, Flagsaff and Prescott, oh and lots of valley riding too. Just under 5,000 dirt miles for this year, I am feeling blessed and lucky!

Magic morning

Started off in the dark, moved into the clouds shortly into the ride, there was a breeze it was erie and a bit spooky but it was an experience! Nice warm and dry I pedaled into the morning, ascending into the coulds, descending into clear air, it was an absolute blast. Daylight came around and I go to see around me, glorious!

Sunday, January 15, 2023

One nice morning

Wow, just when I thought winter could not get any better, not much left in December, been a great year thats for sure!

Garmin instinct 2 tester

Sooooo my apple watch was on the fritz, my wonderful wife took pity on me and one showed up under the Christmas tree, thank you love! It was overwhelming going over it christmas morning but I was savy enough to get a ride to upload so Monday morning was test day. It was a great ride as always, being able to see active elevation climbing is awesome and likely addicting, heart rate was about spot on between the two, except for downhills where apple shows no rate detected and garmin shows current heart rate. Elevation prfiles were different given that I already knew apple was off recently. This resulte in about 10% excess elevation and mileage. Overall, I will go into a much more in depth review but love it so far, but do miss some of those apple features.