Monday, May 31, 2021

Very Nice!

Wow I was shocked when I let the dog out it felt cool outside, definitely likely to be the last til the fall but I was excited. Hit the trail and it still felt great out there too. I rode my Saturday habit loop, I like it cause it climbs the busy area before it gets busy and then I get shade on the west facing side, also this loop is usually pretty quiet until I get closer to the car, I love Saturday rides are back in!

Man vs Bee

This friday I was looking for vert so it was triple ridge for me. Feeling punished but just fine really it was a crank by the third time up alpe. I was getting harassed by a bee at the top and I had enough of it, I got off the bike and threw down with my helmet, I was unsuccesful at defeating the accuser and I stormed up the hill as fast as I could worried about getting stung since luckily it hadn't yet. I pedaled hard and it hurt my chest by the time I peaked out it was gone! I was pretty happy with that and off I went for my last descent :)

Sunday, May 30, 2021

I felt a cloud

Yea its been soooo long since we have had any weather, amazing how excited I got to see the odd view of the terrain dimming ever so slightly, sadly it was the only cloud around and it was hard to even call it a cloud but dangit I am going to complain with no right to. I am in despiration for some woods and rain, it will come sometime. Great ride, went around Hawes all is well.


It's the last week of school for Landon, which means likely mt last gravel ride. I ran out to the riparian it was actuly pretty nice out on this one, still won't miss them though!

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Needed that

Bit of a rough week, got some stuff going on at home, not missing riding too much since it's terrible outside now. Got up even earlier to try to enjoy more time without the sun, it was good.

pollen, smoke, pollution and heat

Bit nasty out there, not nasty enough to stop me on the bike :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

More please

Now that early moring Saturdays are on tap I love them, cooler weather, no sunscreen! I had a great spin up Alpe once again and down the fun stuff and then made my way back around, I admit I was tempted to run the enduro course but did not. I could have kept going back time was up.

That's enough Alpe

So Friday started off with RMR, then my head said go do Iron Goat, then with enough leg my head said go do High Ridge. All great ideas, I had the go to do the job, crossed paths with a racy XCr a few times along the way.

Saguaro and Ironwoods blooming

Messed around classy Hawes, wasn't feeling that energetic, I think the pollen is getting me a bit off, made it thru just fine ofcourse.

Around the hood

Well I went out for maybe 30 minutes, maybe an hour and then no turning back, got a full boring but active 90 minute ride around the neighborhood. Motivation for these are dwindling.

Friendly Bees

Up the Alpe, down the rush, something very familiar in my daily habits. Filled in the rest of the bits and making it thru May. Bess everywhere and luckily despite lots of hits, no stings, they're so friendly!

#ilovehawes enduro bruh

Well I went up to the top and dropped on in, only so fast one can go on rigid and not wanting to kill my bike in the process. I felt fine about it, obviously I did not take it serious, would love to put th other boys on rigids and see how we stack up. Ony my pedal back my cog snapped, I was able to throw the chain back on but it just kept popping off. I headed for pavement and luckily the chain would stay on uphill pavement whish was fortunate since that was all I had between me and the car and not needing to hitch a ride. A 1/2 mile from the car, my pedal began to slowly seize up, now this pedaling was real awkward. Limped it to the car and called it good, that cog was going to fail, doesn't owe me anything. My good friend bought the absolute black 18t cog for me and his failed shortly after he got his, after observing it closely this thing was cracked all over!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

#ilovehawes short course

OK now for the short course, my legs seemed fine after that 35 mile beatdown yesterday, but I was out of time so it had to be done this day. I had a dentist appointment in the morning and then I was off. I sped thru the easy stuff and felt quick, until I had to climb, I was unimpressed with my time up aple and tired hard not to destroy my bike down High ridge, my time I felt was pretty good on the course 1.09.

#ilovehawes long course

I set off onto the course Thursday, I parked up near the pass since I was unsure if I needed a tonto pass, more miles and a nice pedal to the start. As I was riding I had to remind myself not to push too hard and also actually push, as somone who doesn't race or push pace this was tricky. I was feeling good, little better than last week, I think allergies were making me lethargic. I went up and did Goat as required and felt slow on alpe but I made sure I put a smooth speedy effort into Iron Goat and Maricopa Madness and Wild Horse. River view I started to feel the heat, it was getting close to mid day but I was moving not at a fast pace but a normal pace. Now into the Hawes west side it was straightforward, I cimpleted the secret loop and passed a fellow racer out there. I was worried about charging up cactus Garden and it sucked about as much as I expected. I was beat by now, walking up to the pass. Then I was able to let looses on Red Mountain Rush, and finish up the course. I felt fine about it, didn't feel speedy but my time was done, I wanted to be under 3 hourse but missed that mark on 3.9 minutes, not bad for a non racer rigid SS I am guessing, will see how I stack up on Monday I guess.

Morning stroll

I was in a funk Tuesday and even Wednesday but I forced myself out for a ride, wasn't too bad but anxious for Thurdsday so I can start the Hawes virtual races.

waves of grain

Monday as usual now was the dirt around the neighborhood, had a nice breeze on and off and I realize on a flat ride like this it brings the heart rate up, it's hard to keep in in the teens but every once in awhile it can get into 120s. Very predictable ride all was good.