Monday, January 22, 2024


I was riding around Hawes on a lovely Wednesday when I spotted a large group of bikers, as I sped past the group I saw a fmailiar face, wait a second did I just see Wade Simmons the god father of free ride mountain biking, yes I think I did. I made a u turn and got super duper giddy with excitement, could I get the courage to sya hello, get a picture, stalk him? Well it turns out they were headed up twisted sister to get a lap on big sister. I caught up to the group and there at the back, low and behold Wade! I followed him at a distance to not pass him but alot went through my mind as to how to talk to him, but I couldn't get enough courage to bother him. When he pulled off for a pee I opted this was not the moment. As I rode by I said Gooly, Wade Simmons! As I passed ther rest of the group shortly after the top I didn't quite notice anymore celebrities among them but surely they must have been. I stopped at the top of big sister and awkwardly waited and shaking in excitement to catch a video and pictures when they rolled by. I hopped in after a few riders behind Wade and then at the bottom of the trail turned away from the group and just couldn't uster the courage to talk to him, oh well, very very cool!

Saturday, January 20, 2024

It's a good day

After a rough week and Monday I was stoked with some good news, which was that it should be alright to get in weekday rides now, not long or far from the car rides but the wife is more comfortable with our son while he is in school, which is going to be nice. I instantly felt very good this day and great on my ride and a big weight of my classes I was taking were dropped which was somewhat disapointing but my gut was telling me to lay off. It's mighty warm out there this week, I miss the cold stuff, I could actually smell my skin baking again.....its not even febuary....

Friday, January 19, 2024


So I decided this week to broaden my fitness and try to pickup running, I have been thinking lately if I want to be well rounded as I near 40 I better put more focus into strength. So the first run was a 7:30 mile and felt really good, then a 2 miler and then finished the week with a 3 miler. I somehow felt better on the bike this week too, off with sore muscles and bones my riding was unpahsed, good start! Another nice cool morning with leftover moist dirt, great ride!


Enjoyedme some gray skies for my Sunday ride, I knew rain was supose to happen the day before right at ride time and with the cold snap I was ok with that not happening. It has been legit cold this week with lows reaching under 30F which I didn't know was possible. Anyway, the ride was superb and half way through rain began and then picked up and I questioned as I was halfway up alpe turning around, gladly I didn't as it was quite worth it, at the top it let off and took in all the smells and pleasure to the eyes. These are magical rides in the desert and rare occasions to enjoy. As I neared adding more ride time a loud crack of lightening hit very close and with the car just a minute away I opted to cut it a little short but man that was good! On the drive home the skies opened up for a bit, letting in full sun and it was beautiful the rest of the day in and out of storms.

Rough start of the year

After a nice family trip to heber, I was enjoying time with the bike off my mind. After a week off the bike itch came to scratch saturday morning. Feeling a very very busy mind I manged to not be paying enough attention and went down pretty gracefull on high ridge. I hate that second you go to get off the ground and your mind is alreaday scanning, am I broke, will I walk again, am I fine? Luckily I took just dirt to my side this time and hurt my palm a bit, but nothing to interupt the rest of the ride but a heck of a shakeup to start the first ride of the year LOL.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Streak comes to an end

The last ride was for hawes, I did 3 alpes and that was enough for me, the legs were hurting!

Good stuff

Bounced around hawes on a bit of a different route, by now the 4 ride streak is taking a toll on the legs.


Back to somo for something different, the plan was corona and I had the place mostly to myself which was nice. Caught a nice sun rise to the sound of planes taking off form phoenix, it's nice to view that city from a distance, there was a thick layer of gunsmoke and crime form the day before, I mean haze from pollution. I had a clean run down Corona cleaned 100% and hope to remember the lines to do so again, should have dropped the post, crazy without a dropper right :) The rest was the idea of going to geronimo but ran short on time so javalina it was.

Me and the cows

Well here we are day two of christmas break, had to go somewhere else so gold canyon it was. I was the only one out there, cool and nice with the cows. Thos elonghorns are the most docile cow ever I love them, they are so nice to get off the trail.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Cool and quiet

The day after Christmas, all is well and despite my wife trying to convince me to buy a bike for christmas I couldn't find myself to do it, it's quite hard to explain but likely falls on foolishness on my behalf...... normal hawes stuff, nothing to report.

Rain delay

Got up early for a saturday wet ride, Was planning on some rain getting on me and all seemed ok unitl I got half way up alpe when the rain came down harder and I got too wet and a little chilly. I took the radar for granted and didn't pay enough attention, I could of rode thru it but in the dark my ambition sent me to the car after the ride down high ridge. The car fely so good the heat on, light trickled in very slowly as I sat waiting for it to let off, I could see it could be another 45-60 minutes, I waited 30 minutes and headed home to call it a day. But as I headed home te skies opened and blue sky and sun poked through so I stopped home, changed and went back after it! So glad I did as I went through a series of emotions all morning and even days before, the second go was perfect! the clouds came back but soil and all were wonderful.