Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Rain delay

Got up early for a saturday wet ride, Was planning on some rain getting on me and all seemed ok unitl I got half way up alpe when the rain came down harder and I got too wet and a little chilly. I took the radar for granted and didn't pay enough attention, I could of rode thru it but in the dark my ambition sent me to the car after the ride down high ridge. The car fely so good the heat on, light trickled in very slowly as I sat waiting for it to let off, I could see it could be another 45-60 minutes, I waited 30 minutes and headed home to call it a day. But as I headed home te skies opened and blue sky and sun poked through so I stopped home, changed and went back after it! So glad I did as I went through a series of emotions all morning and even days before, the second go was perfect! the clouds came back but soil and all were wonderful.

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