Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Made it to Friday, got to say I was kinda done riding for the week, no plans for the weekend, my parents had to cancel their trip. Holiday weekend and back to riding next week, Landons Grandma come in Friday, looking forward to gettinga big or different rid in soon.


I had an event on Thursday at Landons school, I was so happy to be there to enjoy and take pictures, after I was left with mixed ideas for a ride. I headed for South Mountain to do some mix of trails. I arrived to find many other people with the same idea. Holy smoked was it busy! Javalina was my first victim, the technical I guess, then some Desert Classic for mellow. What amix of users from beater to hikers to kids to bikers.

Fluffy white stuff in sky?

I thought it was a joke when they were saying a 10% chance of rain on Wednesday. Well I awoke to find a beautiful cloudy sky, and sure enough driving Ladon to school I could see a few rain clouds scattered throughout the valley and a few drops even fell on us. But that was the most of it, but man on my ride I had some shade and took in some of the views.Pretty and all I pedaled around Hawes and got the job done.

Goody Good

Out at Usery running with the horseys, lots of poop and more people for sure, might have seen 10 or more bikers out there, I think visitors and weather are bringing them out, on trails and weather like this I don't blame them.

Monkey Monday

It was a Monday at Hawes, should not be much of a surprise right, not much to report other than it's warming up to almost 90 this week and my body is feeling strong.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Arizona Single Speeders!

Soooooo I was done for the week and all was good, that evening I got an invite on strava from the Arizon Single Speeders club. I have gotten them in the past but brushed it off due to timing and location. But this one struck my interest, Gold Canyon at 8am. I need more interaction and brotherhood so I asked my wife if it was cool. Knowing her schedule and asking her to hang w the boy was easy and when she thought it was a good idea I was hesitantly excited. I went over the outcomes in my head and decided to just say screw it. SO with 75 miles under me already there I was heading for Gold Canyon with no expectations other than to eb friendly and have fun. I got there and was surprised to see 10-13 in a bike group. I thought this couldn't be the single speeders theres way too many, sure enough as I rolled up it was them. I killed a few minutes of time to save some awkward community time cause I am weird like that and then I joined the pile and had a few hellos and admired the stable f beautiful single speeded bikes. I was with my people, we had a range of people in their 30s and above it seemed and racer lookers down to me the guy in baggies and flats. There was two other rigids and we rolled into Gold Canyon deraileeurless and I put myself safely at the back of the pack. The ride kicked off at a quick pace and I quickly enjoyed by rear of the pack decision. In a trail of dust we tackled technical climbs which some lost and won but immediately I was impressed with each riders skillset. We rolled on and I was really enjoying the ride, we stopped a few times for turns and was glad to be with the group. We lost one guy who just wasn't ready for the group so off we went 12 further into the ride. It was nice to have my mind off my issues and being distracted by brotherhood of "nice job" "whooooooooos" and many other words of encouragement and fun. By mid ride I was moving up the pack, like I said I was enjoying my rear of the group but some were struggling with the technical and definitely not the strength of cardio stuff. After 90ish minutes of stop and go and good company, I was reaching my time limit, I debated asking for more time but I already asked for alot so I rolled out solo relishing in the awesome experience I just had. Hope to ride with these guys again soon. I forget us singlespeeders are a special bunch.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I asked for a ride she said no

Back to Usery Pass with the horses, saw quite a few this day. I seperated some at a dead end by the road, I stopped for a moment to see if the two horses wanted to pass before I left, this one horse walked calmly just 5 feet from me, pretty cool and beautifu animal to see out in the wild, at that moment I wanted to be the horse for a day :)

Candy Time

Halloween is here, not a big candy guy but I might sneak a few in. I have started my workouts at home again, it's no gym but for now I am going to try to strengthen my core and put on more muscle and weight. Hopefully this will impact my riding and health better. Strava blipped on my tracking again I had to delete and re download to fix an issue I was having, I can't complain the app is amazing and very efficient at tracking.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Nice out there

a breath of cool air has come in, I am thankful :)

Road to Hawes

I dont mind a little pavement to Hawes every once in awhile, usually once a week I do such a thing. I love the DH section once you get to dirt, I keep trying to tell myself to get up to Gidro but I just don't want to hike a bike so I always bail on that plan. This was more of the regular loop, same old.

Was not happy to see you either

Monday came at us nice and cool, I amost wish I was wearing gloves it was that good out. I saw at Usery Pass to enjoy some narrow quiet single track. I had a different route in mind but my brain still went the standard way. Good ride, body is good to go mind is coming along. Wild horses were around hanging out, they end up in this area in the winter time as the years pass I am becoming more of a local..... I was shocked mid way to run into that infaous black and white tail of a rattler, he was pissed, I don't blame him.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Now I can go watch Rampage

That favorite time of year rolls around once a year, the event of Rampage. I attended two of them some years back and I love to watch the show so I had notified my lady I was going to be into it for the afternoon. Leading up to it I was rooting for Storch and Zink, their runs didn't quite pan out and holy smokes was it a good show. Oh yea, my ride was fine and dandy. I got to watch 1/2 the show and then some broadcasting issues arose. I got back home and got to finish it, I went nuts after watchin Lacondeguys first run, I quickly forgot how many years I use to root for him but the last two years he just seemed a bit off his rampage game. But this year wow, he was on. So to wrap up my favorite, definitely both Lacondeguys runs, Strait was great to see him go wild, I think Rheeders run outshined Semenuks but overall good show!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Busy Busy

Looking for something different I went up Usery Mountain and reluctantly expected a busy foot traffic on the DH, surprisingly I think I came acros only a few people at the tip top. Once I got down the moutain though that was a different story. It was fine of a ride but I think I will visit less frequent.

Hiker Trains

I have been bumping into alot more hikers on teh trail lately, this weekday morning came with a pretty big group, they're pleasant and I just scoot by, hope those winter visitors enjoy our desert escape I woud love t trade them to spend their summers where they live.

Back to flowing

As stated above, backt o flowing on les chunk. With the 22T back on the drivetrain was butter again and luckily no wheel repairs were in my future. My inlaws were flying out that morning and all was normal for the most part, still had my mind on other trails but blessed to be riding.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Mountain Monday

Ok so on Monday I had the bright idea to ride Nation from end to end, I have done this once before and it was rad for sure. So I headed up National from the lot and was missing Mormon but had my mind set on all of national and then my chain popped off. I put on my 32t cog and something with the drivetrain was not pleased after that, it had a cyclic noise and feeling on every revolution after that. I wasn't sure if I would follow thru with my plan and as I was getting texts from my wife I quickly began to realize my poor choice. I continued on knowing I was likely to bail at Telegraph pass and return via 3 different routes. So I got up National quite nicely but was missing the Mormon section. When I hit the lot I kept on climbing National not really remembering it was nice from there for a bit, then technical on and off as the towers grew closer. Then the chain came off agan..... Wishing I would lower the post I still rode some ridiculous stuff on my way to Telegraph. Once I got sight of the pass I fully enjoyed that last stretch. So from here I had Ranger, Kiwanis or telegraph to Desert Classic. Kiwanis and Ranger I have never rode and was hopeuful as I made that my choice. Kiwanis was terrible, what a bad idea, I got down it fine but it was one of the worst loss of elevation trails I have ever had to descend with lots of hopping off the bike. Made my way down the mountain on a few other trails and was anxious for pavement to start making my way back after a tough ride. I made my way to the canal and was very excited to be heading home. I had the bright idea of hopping back on the trail at the Beverly Canyon trailhead and then my chain would pop off both cogs and now I was wodnering if my drivetrain was going to make it, that never happened. It was pavement to the car on streets I have never been and worried about if my hub was limping or what was going on I was at the car and heading home.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Always choose the right

A normal week of rides, I hit 3,000 miles by the way! It was Hawes for Friday and inlaws coming in at 5pm for Landon's birthday. This fork in the road at Hawes is always to the right, it's harder and love it, decided to take a picture of it. Bring on the weekend, more cake and good meals.


mannnn I need and so predicatble, I got to push hard to try to get out of town...... I am missing them trees and stuff. Happy to ride I really am but wearing out the trails but I will happily coninue to do so :)

To da ridge

Back to Hawes and was considering mixing it up and wanted to drop into Twisted Sister, I cleaned the climb real easily up to it, I was really surprised since I normally walk a short section and didn't even notice I never stopped and that was a nice surprise, not that it;s hard or technical, just a hard push on one gear. I opted to the ridge since I was not feeling the options once I got to the end of Twisted Sister. Ridge did not disapoint, te rest was easy peezy.

All over the place

The mind sure was cluttered with stuff Tuesdays ride, mostly dumb stuff but I guess my dumb stuff. I put on some metal to try to clear it out, it's been awhile, but found the negative spirit to still reside. The ride was good and when I was heading home I finally began to feel alot better!


I hit the pavement Monday morning though the La Sendas neighborhood to get to the dirt, I sure wish I had a home in those hills, blessed to have my current living space in Gibert but man some yard would be nice. Soooo pretty standard start to the week, riding to ride and thinking about riding elsewhere.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Last squeeze

Well Landon goes back to school Tuesday so this was going to be another gift as the ride was up in the air, when I got to the go ahead I happily ran out the door smiling and returned home doing the same.

Moon Set Birthday ride

The other monring I caught the glowing orange moon on the horizon, this morning I was out even earlier, charged on little sleep but birthday dinner and cake I was into the night so I wouldn't have to ask LuAnn to watch Landon. I was bugged to be not in Prescott but I never said a word and was content on any ride and dinner plans. 35 years old now and all is going well.

Wind vs wagon wheels

Friday morning came in with soem fierce winds, I heard the howl of the bike on the highway and when I hit the trail it was confirmed, a burtal head wind that always seeme to be heading right at me 90% of the ride. I charged on ofcourse with nothing left to do but pedal. My birthday is timorrow and I wish I was heading out of town but for now I will take my tires to the dirt and squeeze in another morning mandatory ride.


THis ride put the good in good morning. Hit the spot and was nice to beat the heat and sun.

Snakes and friggin turtles

Tuesday and I was off the hook and heading for Gold Canyon, I knew I was tempting snake time but despiration had me heading for the Golds. It was peachy and a bit too warm for my liking but I was feeling good and had a loop in mind. About halfway thru I came upon a tortoise in the middle of the trail, cute litle guy didn't want to say hello but luckily he coudln't run off so I got a few pics and off I went. Shortly after teh infamous snake with diamonds on his back.... he was pissed but anxious to get off the path and I was not thrilled either. The rest of the ride was snake free, I think I might give it another month before I get back sicne apparently it's still friggin summer here in AZ.

Monday squeeze

Monday I hit the trail running as you know I do. The kiddo still had off so luckily when LuAnn got home she bailed me off child duty and I got a go on the trials. The last two mondays have been sweet since they might have been no ride days, and when they turned into ride days on a time crunch it stirs the pot and riding in the middle of the day so change is welcomed. I took as much time as I could bit off without getting into too much trouble.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Goody Goodness

Feeling lively and strong, closed out another toasty week in AZ, hope next week bringes cooler temperatures :)

Yes Please

Thursday servig of dirt was scrumptious!