Saturday, September 14, 2019

Annual Bike wash in joy of clouds

Change is FINALLY in the air! This monday morning ride I could finally feel it, so thankful and look so forward to putting another AZ summer behind me. It was uplifting so the ride was great and finished nice and dry before the monsoons are expected to ome this week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


An unusually hot and humid week finally brught clouds, not impressive temperatures but a step in the right direction, the heat wave is over and clouds are here and dang it felt nice. Morale and ambition it was a simple Hawes Friday ride for me to close out a great week for begining of September. Bring it on!

Lovely BIke

Quite a few ideas running through my head lately, I threw a leg over the new Specialized Fuse and really liked it. Since they now run 29er and can be SS I am seriously considering one. Next week I will find the exact one I want and hopefully I do or do not go home with one, I wish I knew the right choice. If I did, the dropper comes off, the gears come off, and that fron shock too. That should lighten and liven it up for me. So it has me thinking ALOT about how much I ve my superfly and will never let it go! This ride was so standard but as usual enjoyable. Me and this bike got soemthing like 4 years and 15,000 miles together, thats a long time, same headset,BB,fork,cranks must be some kind of record for bearing life for sure!

Gold Canyon Shred

Flying high was mondays ride still I guess I got ambition to head to Gold Canyon. Not that I don't like the place, it's just got ALOT of snakes. With this much heat I figured they would all be shielding themselves as most sensible creatures other than humans do here in the valley. A standard old loop for me that was very enjoyable! Nice to put a beating on the tires sidewalls and run over way too much cholla.

Heat Waverage

Well the heat wave is back, I'm a little grumpy about it but prepared to deal with it, It was spicy but this early in the morning it was just fine :)

Banger Monday at Cave Creek

Me and my wife went to Cave Creek for the weekend, a place an hour from the house that I really like going to, if we have to stay in the valley that is. With trail right from the place we were staying, this time I was rewarded by bringing my bike and had a ride planned. After looking around trailforks I found users that were doing a 23ish mile loop that seemed awesome. So I awoke early and after just 2 minutes of pedaling I was on a narrow strip of trail alongside the road on the cave creek town trail leading me into the park. After 20 minutes I missed the tracks cue to exit the trail before it entered in and out of a wash, instead of heading back I opted for the wash since I was able to pedal most of it but it was just slower going. When I soon entered the park I was excited, things were going good and I had lots of unexpected ahead of me. The trail was named spur cross and was blue and with trailforks I kind of knew what to eexpect. It started off as a road and then climbed nicely onto singletrack and spectacular views! I was very very much enjoying this! After a healthy climb I was ready for a ride down, it was good but short as it went flattish for a bit and then down some more on mixed chunk and smooth. The re route of part of the trail was meh as I continued but hey it was a temporary re route. As I made my was to Go John the trail began to tame itself and became a happy climbing trail again. I was tempted to stay on Go John but my route had me take Overton so onto overton I went climbing nicely on very cozy trail that reminded me of San Tan Dynamite trail. The descent down Overton was smile inducing, so smooth and so fast! I wanted much more of that for sure but I lost all my vert and now had to get some back by getting on Jasper which quickly had me climbing on Go John. I really wanted to just do a loop on Go John but I didn't have the time but I had plenty of legs! Then onto Quartz where I went up still and then a nice easy DH and onto Slate and I had just a little more dirt before a mile of pavement to the resort. I really really enjoyed this morning, extremely refreshing to be feeling good and getting on great new trails, can't wait to get back!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Whoops left my trail manners at home

I got detoured off my ride Friday so I took my Saturday option happily. I was feeling especially peppy this morning, the best I have felt in awhile really, must be the new suplements. There was a frustraing amount of users on teh trail, pre prepping for Labor Day weekend I supose or normal traffic but to me it seemed quite busy even for a Satuday. Can't say I was all to patient with my fellow bikers, hikers, runners but no battles ensued :)

Easy N Good

Easy and good, can sum up Usery Pass mountain and below, love the climb and descent but wish there was more action after it but it goes mega flat, buuuuut its ok it's not that lame.

Saw some clouds, I guess they weren't for me

Hot morning, I decided t start it on the pavement to take my mind off the bland start to normal Hawes. It worked out and as I topped out I could ses some clouds heading North. I got a bit excited I must say optimistically but I rode on hoping. They never reached me but dang they were close, at the end of the ride I hit pavement to mix things up and passed a radar reader, I didn't pedal hard for it one handed with my phone for the picture but I giggled hehe.

Horses Breath

A warm start, but not enough to keep me down, a nice spin around Usery on the Horse trails is always a bit standard but good and quiet!

Yep I still want out of here

Well we got an entire week of heat advisory, can't say I like it but nothing I can do about it but ride thru it and that I will :) This one I particularily was thinking of being somewhere else, I am desperate to seek shelter in the pines or woods but it's juts not in the cards. A standard Hawes ride did the trick and I was off running for a Monday.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday baby

Feeling good, set some personal records even on this one! Great stuff, ready to rest the legs for the weekend.

Mix N Match Joy

Mixed and matched, nothing fancy.


Just another standard loop of good ride, I am way too predictable...... looking forward to getting out to Gold Canyon this winter, I have come close to going but just too concerned about rattle snake fangs. Ready for some fresh trail, I really wish I could get up to flagstaff, I'll keep begging the wife.

Cooking up a ride

Excessive heat warning is in effect, it feels terrible outside but if I get done by 10am it's not all too bad, it's not sweating that bothers me, it just gets under my skin and makes me grumpy. I predaled on like nothing was going on and it reallly didn't feel all that differnt out there and got done before it coule reach 100F.

Sticks aren't snakes

Monday was off to a good note, feeling better than normal head and body wise, dnag sticks everywhere on teh trail had my heart stopping a few times thinking of snakes, it's been quiet for awhile, I guess they're just waiting or it to cool off a bit, I don't blame them.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


So on Thursday in the hat of being in hurry making my wifes lunch I took a kitchen knife pretty heavily to my finger. I stopped the bleeding and bandaged it up and wondered how much the next day it would hurt. Turns out it was not all that bad in the pain department, so I enjoyed this Fridays activity per the normal. It was a windy push up the neighborhood and then I had to use my brakes, awkward at first and then like nothing ever happened. Another great week of pedaling the bike through a hot desert, longing for breezy open windows filled with clouds and trees, looks like another 2 or less more years here in the desert for us.

Up YoUsery

I wanted to climb up Usery, was not sure what I wanted to do after that so it just turned into the standard loop for me, I was kinda happy to get through this one, it was a challenging week at home and aot of my mind. Lots of things to take care of when I got home too. Still count my blessings.

Powering through August

Hot and heavy but feeling good, mixed up the route around Usery and was happy doing so, really need more variety if I am going to be so persistant about riding 5 days a week year after year. All went well, looking forward to not wearing sunscreen!

Beat goes on

Hawes loop, simple and classy, still feeling great and blessed

Hawes Blaster

Was on a heater this morning, expected maybe some PRs but in my head I felt quick, not quite sure what it was but feelign good and looking to get through August.

Good N Pretty

Felt way more humid out there with the clouds, with that came some pretty scenery, nice to see soemthing different kinda, it hsowed off what green the monsoons brought the moutnains this summer which has been extremely little but still to be seen.

Plains of Africa

It was standard Usery stuff until I decided to cross the raod, looking for something different it was a speedy pedal into the maze of horse trails, the scene was spicy, that area has such a different look to it and in late summer it was looking dry which it was ofcourse. I missed the main trail somehow and just took one of the many horsey trails back to what I needed and then it was a breeze there on out.

New chain for the superfly

I set the trek back up for riding, I wasnt wild about the belltown brake issue and was ready to get back on the Trek. Took to Hawes nicely, the chain but a bit crunchy I think it wants a new front chain ring or it breaking in.

Lovely Clouds at South Mountain

I had an appointment in Tempe Tuesday morning so I had the idea of heading to South Mountain. Turns out it was a great idea I had a really good ride, i think it might have been mostly cause I have not been there in awhile but man I need to ride up National soon I forget how fun that can be I am just pretty lazy and unmotivated to do it on the SS climbing parts. So Javalina and other filled my cup nicely. Much needed cloud relief and change of scenery.