Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Made it to Friday

Ok week one in the bag, was kinda bored out there in a way, but legs a little wonky but moving, good week.

Legs and ambition still strong

Well it's true, legs and ambition still holding up just fine so onwards with another sun rise. I am happy to get so many sun rises in, not alot of people are around a 4:45am to thoroughly enjoy a desert sun rise as it builds to the actual sun showing up at 5:30 currently. I am a grateful lucky duder. Good ride, mellow and frist Rattler in July, he was feisty but anxious to defend and move out.

Uphill commuters

It was the time for the standard pavement Hawe loop, I was surprised by the number of uphill mountain bikers were on the same mission as myself. First a group of 4 came up behind me and passed, then I passed two from a different group, and once I hit dirt 2-3 more poeple. At the top there was a large group on 10 or more so maybe that was what was going on. All by my lonesome and happy I dropped in on a heater of a run. I had some pressure behind me and enjoyed it as I set some PRs I guess, I should try more often, maybe.....good ride.

Great stuff powered by brussels

Early mornings s far are going to be the key to getting thru the next 3 months of heat and schedules. I will take that happily too I might add. It was off to Usery with fine feeling legs, it's mellow out there and very pretty as dry and hot as it is, I will say th last few morning were in the 70s its not bad at all by the time I am done riding its barely 80F. Nice to be back on the bike feeling normal again. Had crazy gas all morning, too many burssel sprouts the night before but plenty of nature to expel it in.

Well Hello July

Yep after 25 days we are back in the US. The trip was a massive success and we are all healthy and ready to get back to our lives. I got home on Saturday night and had no problem waiting until Monday for the ride. I wish I could say the ride was more of an event, but it was pretty normal feeling besides a few hills that needed my legs and at first they were nowhere to be found, like I lost my leg muscles. But down the trail they came right back, other than that all is well and normal :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

See ya in July

That's it, another mellow 15 miles of Phoenix desert, won't miss being here much, maybe the bike but oh well.

Beat the heat

Just two more rides to go, had my wife look after the kiddo so it was wide open morning for me, it was nice to get out early, the temperature was calling for 109F or something like that. It was great out there, very very pretty with a smokey sun rise.

Slowly and happily

Very challenging week at home, illness is still rampant but ambition high before I set off for a month without the bike. Can't say I am worried much about it but its comes to mind here and there.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Protect the beast

Feeling just slightly better but this parking spot sure cheered me up, a coveted shaded spot! Nice nice looking neighbor too!

SOOooooo TIRREeeeddd

Dragging but riding

Still ill but pedaling

Still snaking rides in somehow, so grateful! Still feel like poop though

MIssion Complete

Still a house of sickness on week two...... I just have a sore throat but the rest of the family suffers.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Excedrin and Redbull

As expected more tired and still not sick, but very sick kiddo, I had stamina to get out the door and go on a mellow Friday, very happy to be able to get out. This would be the last of the week for me. Lets see what next week brings!

Less rest, hes more sick

The poor kiddo has an unbearable cough, coughin all night long and medicine doses has me beat up but not enough to pass on a ride. Feels so good to get out of the house and ride, holding up pretty well so far.

He is sick but I am still riding

I took the morning shift and with very little sleep I was anxious to get out of the house and I was very happy to be able to do so. Not the best way to start off summer break but better get it done and over with while we are still in the country. The ride went off without a hitch, I got shaded parking that was super nice on an AZ day. The temperatures are crawling up as the cool weather miracle could only do so much, good ride though.

WOW Weather Mircales

Absolutely wonderful temperatures for us in AZ this week. I was off the bike Monday due to my 10 year wedding anniversary but on Tuesday I was back at it. Just another week of riding and I will be out of the country for 3 weeks. Certainly the longest time off the bike ever but I am really not too worried about it. So this week was to enjoy cooler temperatures and off I went despite a sick kiddo now in the house. It was a pleasant ride that was kind of bland as normal but that's cause I ride it too dang much right. Landon has Pink eye and the cough is setting in for one tough week ahead.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Morning Greed

Didn't need it but I kinda wanted it. Found myself awake too early, so a ride was in store. Count it :)

All a man needs

Friday was a banger, pretty standard loop w nothign fancy. Celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary Saturday to Monday I am excited. No ride picture so the car was in good spirits under the underpass a rare parking spot.

Sweet Moisture

A little weather rolled in at 5am, by the time I was riding it was absolutely pristine out there on the trails. The smell of moisture was powerful for sure and dirt was happy and me ofcourse.

Weather delight

Spring just keeps on giving these beautiful days, I will take them happily. Easy spin around Usery was just was my Wednesday needed.

Mo Bettah

I needed to spice up the trail experience, leaving me at Hawes for some reason but I opted for mine and got what I was after.

So good out head not so much

Mondays weather was outstanding, I was in a bit of a funky head space but I was pleasantly pedaling in perfect conditions. The weather is cool, the legs are fine and shred I did

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New pedal day!

I have notice the a few months ago that my one ups just weren't gripping all that well, so after a long stint of cheapness over 60$ new pedal I ordered them up and was very excited to get them on. I owned a pair of aluminum kona wah wah's about 10 years ago, I was exicted for these in plastic and updated. They feel absolutely fantastic and far better than my one us and race face chesters. Impmressions are good, now to see how they hold up.

Cloudy breexy and pretty

Thursday had me at Usery pass, feeling mellow I went up the mountain and enjoyed a pleasant hiker free journey. Very very nice out in the desert right now, weather is going to be great the rest fo the week and weekend.

Playing dead or dead?

Wednesday had a pavement climb to the dirt, a regualr for me about once a week, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a rattler along the curb, no sign of trauma but he wasn't moving and I wasn't about to find out if he was alive. Rest of the ride I expected to be snakey, with my eyes peeled no more snakes for me, just a bucnch of bugs hitting my body.

Yea Mon

On this Tuesday I felt a little better, I put Jimmy buffet on pandora and had that mellow vibe going for the ride, nothing fancy just a spin around Hawes.


I got home Friday night after a very pleasant trip to CT. I had mixed feelings about being back in Phoenix but happy to be back with my family. The next ride would come Monday, I was kinda in the mood for it, thinking things might feel refreshed, after 5 mimutes I was back in the old funk, just not really feeling it in teh head and body. But I rode on, on a comfortable successful ride. Came across a really pissy rattler, I got around him and we parted ways.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

One last treat

There was rain expected for Friday, I wasn't planning to ride really, but packed the car in case the chance arose. At 4am I checked the forecast and I was free and clear and just couldn't help myself and headed out the house to get a good ride in before my train back to the city. I picked Naugutuck trails I rode Tuesday since there was still some exploring to do and it was close to the house and trail map recent in my memory. It was a nice spin, I was very very thankful for this trip to CT, I got 4 great rides and this one was another in the bag before the rain came. Not ready to go back to Arizona but ready to face the music, thank you CT :)