Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New pedal day!

I have notice the a few months ago that my one ups just weren't gripping all that well, so after a long stint of cheapness over 60$ new pedal I ordered them up and was very excited to get them on. I owned a pair of aluminum kona wah wah's about 10 years ago, I was exicted for these in plastic and updated. They feel absolutely fantastic and far better than my one us and race face chesters. Impmressions are good, now to see how they hold up.

Cloudy breexy and pretty

Thursday had me at Usery pass, feeling mellow I went up the mountain and enjoyed a pleasant hiker free journey. Very very nice out in the desert right now, weather is going to be great the rest fo the week and weekend.

Playing dead or dead?

Wednesday had a pavement climb to the dirt, a regualr for me about once a week, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a rattler along the curb, no sign of trauma but he wasn't moving and I wasn't about to find out if he was alive. Rest of the ride I expected to be snakey, with my eyes peeled no more snakes for me, just a bucnch of bugs hitting my body.

Yea Mon

On this Tuesday I felt a little better, I put Jimmy buffet on pandora and had that mellow vibe going for the ride, nothing fancy just a spin around Hawes.


I got home Friday night after a very pleasant trip to CT. I had mixed feelings about being back in Phoenix but happy to be back with my family. The next ride would come Monday, I was kinda in the mood for it, thinking things might feel refreshed, after 5 mimutes I was back in the old funk, just not really feeling it in teh head and body. But I rode on, on a comfortable successful ride. Came across a really pissy rattler, I got around him and we parted ways.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

One last treat

There was rain expected for Friday, I wasn't planning to ride really, but packed the car in case the chance arose. At 4am I checked the forecast and I was free and clear and just couldn't help myself and headed out the house to get a good ride in before my train back to the city. I picked Naugutuck trails I rode Tuesday since there was still some exploring to do and it was close to the house and trail map recent in my memory. It was a nice spin, I was very very thankful for this trip to CT, I got 4 great rides and this one was another in the bag before the rain came. Not ready to go back to Arizona but ready to face the music, thank you CT :)

Nassahegon Blast

Thursday I was feeling brave and ventured up to Nassagegon. I have rode here twice before and really enjoyed it. This time I was happily armed with a trail map and ready to rock. I have really been enjoying CT, the change in scenery and weather is soooooo welcomed. It was yet another rain free day which was quite lucky I might add, I had a few trails in mind and was going on the fly. Turns out the trail choices were super sweet, I linked one fantastic single track after another, these were Mountain biker built trails for sure and was very very thankful for trail signs and easy navigating. I can't believe how little miles it takes me in 2 hours on CT trails. I left Nassahegon fully satisfied by the time I was back to the car, so much more to ride there when I get the next chance.

Roaming around Case Mart

Wednesday I was off happily very early in the moring for Case Mountain. I have rode Case alot when I use to live in CT, alot has changed since I moved away though. I was left with my old knowledge and time enough to get lost. I did both, I missed alot of the good stuff but hit some of it. I wasn't feeling all that energetic or great either for seme reason, so it was kind of painful out there in a way but still a beautiful time in the woods. It was frustrating out there even with my map, but the mission was complete!

Sweet sweet Naugutuck State Forest!

So I rolled into town by noon and gave my parents a quick hello and off into the woods I went to get a ride fix in. Feeling a little guilty but extremely anxious from the trip I was off to Naugutuck to explore the closest trails from my parents to save time. I had a trail map on trailforks and was happy to have something to go by. I was very very pleased as the trail began to climb along pristine CT single track on a warm spring day. The ground was a little soft from a few very wet days of rain the days before but not enough to leave a tread but enough to rob a singlespeeders progress. I rode around the preserve with some trails in mind, luckily not alot to choose from but got distracted by unmarked trails. With the two hour void filled I very very happily went home to shower and spend some great time with my family.

Central Park Stroll

Like I said I was off to CT for some family time. I landed at JFK early in the morning and had to commute train to home so I happily made my way to Manhattan where I could connect with the Metro North Railroad. This included two trains and then I found myself on a wonderful spring morning in the city. I had the idea of renting a citi bike and I proceeded to do as follows. For me this was a first and memorable one for me, I set off scarily across the busy street and quickly into Central Park where I could roll around and enjoy the scene. It turns out my gears were not working on the bike so the singlespeeder was left with a singlespeed go figure! I was in a hurry so a little loop was just what I needed to stretch my legs and burn off the red eye. It was quite pleasant but I was not allowed on the pathways which meant sticking to the road.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

To the river!

A full week of rides, this one I was desperate for something different, it was easy and enjoyable, I missed the lush greens by the river but got thru the weeds without a snake encounter, a bit further up I did come across a feitsy little rattler. It'always so nice to get across the street back on Wild Horse and have the nice buff smooth trails back to the car. Another ride with a busy mind but mission complete!

Saguaro Blooms

I was pretty surprised to spot those white Saguaro blooms on this April morning, been enjoying each desert beauty this spring as each one comes into bloom.


Well its been on my mind for weeks, getting out of Phoenix, the time is coming, I will be off to CT 5/6 for some time with my family and some bike rides. Looking very forward to both! Sun beat down on my pretty good today, sunscreen is now on and here comes the summer as we have 100F temperatures on the way.

Lizard Corpse

Unsure where to ride, but sure of a always a good time at the horse trails, so close simple and quick. It's getting regretably hot out there, not looking forward to it....... Ride was success, nothing crazy.

Mixed Bag

Grandma is gone, with things back to normal somewhat I was out on y normal Monday funny business. Not feeling all that great in the head game but riding thru it. Palo Verdes are in full glowing glory. Motivted only to complete 15 miles and not much else, I was all wrapped up somewhat happily and looking forward to cooling off.

Monday, April 22, 2019

E bikes without shame

Friday my mother in law was in town and I got the go ahead for a casual normal ride, it was good friday so I was unsure how busy it was going to be out at Hawes. Turns out it was pretty busy but not too bad. Heading up the ridge I got heat on my back tire from some E bikers, I let them pass and watched as they leirsurely steamed up the trail as I pedaled under normal power. I was surprised to find both of them perfectly capable of a normal pedal bike but yet they were on e bikes, kinda strange. They stoppef for a drink at the top of the climb and I kind of chuckled, despite their lack of work they needed a drink. I steamed on for a plan to go up to Mine. I ran into them again on mine and I passed them and put them behind me again. I got cutoff on the entrane to TRW but a beater, he wouldn't let me pass for some reason and I got really frustrated, no headphones or anything so I just about pushed myelf by, not sure where the lack of decency was about, I was a little disapointed in my frustration in the riders out at Hawes but I was telling myself to stop being suck a prick. Ride was done and I got my excercise and was happy to.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Smile inducing devices

I was a bit sour on this Thursday, I got back from the ride after pushing most the time to stay out on the trail, its not always sunny in pardise ya know, when I returned to my clean car I just washed, I was grateful to both my bike and the vw GTI that I love.

Weatherous treat :)

The heat is on the doorstep, 100F is coming tomorrow and for today a little rain came over night and I was thrilled! with cloudy breezy skies it felt good out there!