Sunday, December 22, 2019

Rockhouse Baby!

I set off Sunday Morning after my Saturday adventure of Red eye to JFK and train to trains and NYC action. I was geared up for cold and wet on this ride, I picked Rockhouse to ride, I had some MTB friends to ride with but I opted for alot less travel time and just ride by myself. I have never been to rockhouse but I had a pretty solid trailforks map and my brother said it was good stuff. It rained alot, the ground was so soft in the parking lot, I questioned my behavior but in despiration I carried on. Bike and body ready for action I was comfortably rolling into the trails. All was gravy, not too soft, not too slippery and staying warm. Lots of trails to pick from and it started easy and then got downright nasty, things a geared seasoned ride would suffer. But most the time was very mangeable. There was lots of water, some mud but this guy was feeling good riding some great trails. A nice overlook of the housatonic river reminded me I was far from home and glad to be. I closed out the west side of the road trails and set my sights on more mellow looking east side of the road. I passed my street connection and climbed back to the car, Doh! Ok so I crossed the street and now on some quite soft trails, robbing my energy and a little bit of my spirit I carried on. It was not very exciting on mellow pine filled soft trail but good none the less. Once I eached the outermost point a yellow trail sun was out and man it felt good to be out there. I then got onto the highlight of the ride, a purple blazed trail that was revcently built, lots of MTB trailwork going on at Rockhouse and I like it. I was ready to head back and after an out and back lollipop I was back to the pines and headed for the car. Two solid hours of riding and 12 miles to show for it, a good shower and chill was looking very appetizing.

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