Sunday, January 31, 2021


Off for another double ridge ride, the dirt was very very nice, the best it's been and the wind was down too. The fresh trails that were made were a smooth tack and I adored it. My time was up too soon, but thankful for that delicious serving of desert on my bike.

Snow magic

I was watching the radar a bit in the morning and chance of rain was looking good, hoping not to get soaked but don't mind rain at all I set off for a big loop. I knew a band of weather was rolling in as I was climbing Alpe the rain came and then it looked and sounded funny, it was big, it was snow! I took a minute to take it in and it was absolutely awesome! It was windy and a little cold so I got moving up the mountain headed for Goat. The skied opened up on my way up Goat and then as I peaked it led to blue skies and a warm sun, I just went thru 3 seasons on one ride. My reward lay before me and I comfortably took it in all the way to the car, man that was stellar!

Farewell my lover

Off to a cloudy start this Monday, also off on a sour note, when I took my bike down from the rack, I saw a huuuuuuge crank on the top tube. I thought this day would come, but man the last 6 years with this bike has been stellar. It was back on the salsa for a double ridge morning and beyond,absolutely thrilled for weather to roll in!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Double ridge sandwich

I seem to be a gluten for punishment with these double ridge sessions, I don't like the climb but I love the down. It was kinda my standard for the rest, scorpion DH, Bush lite and stinger and wild horse back. Ready for the weekend and ice cream!

Hawes sprinkle dinkle

Some precipitation is moving into town and I can't wait, I got really lucky and even got sprinkled on this ride. I was riding hawes and it's funny how old school it feels now that they built all that new trail, but in a good way.

Enjoying some ridge

Off to Gold Canyon with Quartz Ridge on my mind. I have only ridden it twice I think and it didn't flow great back then. I rolled into the spot that allowed me to get onto Cow Pie trail from the begining, it connected a few dirt roads and I followed the bike tires until it hit singletrack, nice little new perk. I rode Cow Pie and then onto Quartz which I have never ridden in this direction. A few tricky spots to walk but once I got up high it was smooth sailing and spectacular views. I dropped down Owls Nest and filled in the blanks with some great miles.

All the great things

I rode the ridges and the headed for the river. I wanted to ride in a different direction what I rode the week before, it was a good success, didn't manage to clear two climbs though, super duper loose for me. Clouds were in and I even ran into two horses and a mineshaft.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Double Ridge!

Combo'd the ridge and goat, nice combo and nice relaxing spin right after, bring on the weekend!

Gold Canyon discovery

I wanted to mix up my beloved Gold Canyon, I noticed a trail named Cow Pies and tried it ou, turneed out to be a great trail. Really put a different perspective on the area, I need to get back on Quartz Ridge. Rest of the ride was a delight, love me Gold Canyon!

Double Ridge

The plan was to combo High Rdige and Iron Goat but the builder was up there making a re route so I ran the ridge 2x and then filled in some much easier miles.

Oh hello spring

Man it's warm, teh trails are great!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Iron Goat

I patiently waited for Iron goats completion, and it was ready for me Monday. I must say it is quite good, I think I favor High Ridge but man great stuff or Hawes! Still not a fan of the climbing trail to get to them but I can live with it :)