Saturday, September 17, 2022

Early birding

My kiddo had a swim meet on Saturday, I needed to be home by 6am so I got up at 3am..... worth it! Too bad we never made the swim meet since he wasn't feeling good. Met a snake in the dark, scared the crap out of me.


My fricken goodness, enough with summer already, another spicy one out there, cranking along mostly unnaffected by it but dreaming of the forest.

Change in lighting

I have no pictures for evidence, but it felt just a hair bit nicer out there. I noticed the lighting is not as bright, flag it, september 15th!

Humidous sweaticus maximus

When I stepped out the front door I was greeted by a magnificent sky, the moon full and illuminating the sky like I have never seen before. Some fresh rain came in overnight so the dirt was going to be great, but with that came 90% humidity. Even riding at 80F in the dark of morning it was uncomfortable, I was completely soaked through in sweat, the backpack as well and man it was nice out there and absolutely beautiful, worth it.

More please

Feeling a little more pep on my step this morning, I admit it has been awhile since I have wanted to keep going after 20 miles, must mean winter is coming.


Some overcast rolled in, made for some cover but still just so so hot! No problem cranking out some miles none the less, I am really enjoying the fuse.

Labor day

So happy to have an early morning, the days have been absolutly brutal lately, it was pretty quiet out ther surprisingly.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Feels good

Got to cranking for a Saturday, nice and quiet for the first 90 minutes, then found a few people on the last run up Alpe. I wanted to go down Gidro and was torn between goin left or right way around at the end of Gidro. I went left and enjoyed the long way around through some neighborhoods and then up Pass mountain. It has been a long time since I have been there last so it was a nice change in scenery. With no swim team this morning I could of stretched the ride longer but I was pretty filled up after 3.5 hours.


Hot hot hot, had enogh juice to get me up alpe 2x and then some, excited for weekend sweets, apparently I am not the only one!

Hawe west side

Still spicy out there, I decided to not loop around the mountain and keep it closer since I have boned 3x in a row on alpe. That payed alot better for the ride, I was much zippier and had a great ride.