Friday, September 29, 2023

One more before showtime

Headed out of town th next two weeks, should have some rides in Utah CT and then back to Utah! My bike is creaking bad, I have located it down to the rear hub, hope it holds for Utah. In CT I will be with the redline so hope that holds too! The moutain this morning was looking good in it's showing it's colors from the rain last week and lower light, still too warm but whatcha going to do. I was trashed by the time I was going up Alpe, something about this loop that beats me up, guess that's a good thing.


Off to an early start for a tuesday before school, saw some lights out there enjoying the darkness as well, going to get darker if I keep going this early!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Getting in my alpes

It was pitch black when I got this saturday rolling, I was surprised to find some lights above me before 5am, kinda nice to know someone is around that early in the moring. I noticed some low level clouds and was expecting a bange of a run rise, it certainly was! Apparently I had my legs, back to 4x alpes and the sightseeing tour.

Better weather

My goodness finally a little break in the weather, still way too hot but at least it feels like a slight turn in a better direction! Shorter days are already noticable, I can live with that.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

2nd flat iron

I really wondered if I would follow through on this idea I had. As I was walking in, I wondered how my bike shoes would fare. I was kind of in a blur most the hike with podcast after podcast, but one thing for sure, each step felt heavy. I thought for sure I was going to be light on my feet after completing this big hike last month. I felt even slower than previous but still thoroughly enjoyed myself! Coming down, the bike shoes showed their weakness, my feet were killing me. Coming down was also as equally brutal so muhc for building on my last hike. That mountain really is shockingly beautiful!

Plans change

I was off on my normal saturday clip, A bit grumpy the sedona thing fell through and got overall in a sour mood, I decided to cut it short when the idea of going to do flat iron opped into my mind. I wondered if I would follow through on this plan, I guess I did!

Crisis averted

It was a noisy ride out there for my thursday ride, apparentyl the rigid needs some attention. After the mine trail I was making my climb back from he river when I felt an odd pop, took a look and sure enough there was was the snapped quick link. So glad i cut power as I was on a steep pitch and would have surely cuased some bodily damage had I snapped it full torque so thank you thank you! Had an hour left to ride so filled in the trails, still hot and tired.

Play it as it goes

Hit all the goods, was torn on which way back around the moutain after Gidro, I chose the easier route, saw how close I was to 30 miles and went for it! Body is finally back ready for 4 alpes, not that I know why it wasn't the last month or two. Clouds were a nice touch for the sunrise, also ran into two foxes, javalina and just about hit a nighthawk.

Hot to trot

I wasn't feeling great when i woke up to my 4am alarm to get an hour of riding before work, so I regretfully chose sleep and was really grumpy about it when I ddi wake. Sent the boy off the school and turns out my wife was going into work later so I got to go ride! I noticed I was cruising quick surprised since it's still so brutal out there, I think it's the excitement of scoring a ride, that happens I have noticed it before, nice cruise!

Peaceful gold canyon

Well it was mostly peaceful anyway. It was a bright and early start and in need of scenery change so I was off to Gold canyon for some peace and snake watching. I came up with a pretty cool loop I was a fan of, about half way thru I rolled right by a rattler, too late to stop or swerve, was so so close to my foot. I regained myself and said hello and took a picture, I proceeded to walk away and to my surprise even 50 feet away it was still raised up in full attack mode, those GC rattlers are pissy. Now rattled I was on high alert, ran into someone going backwards on phantom, might try that sometime, turns out I follow the guy now. Really pretty morning, stopped and hung out with the cows, turns out they eat cholla!!!!!!

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Came for the rain

Some storms have been looming around, some got a little rain, some got alot, I however got nothing. But I was blessed with a pretty but sweating hot morning. One of those mornings when the backpack is soaked from front to back, however I did feel stronger than last few weeks so maybe the humidity did some good!


Went back to my classic ride from some years ago, brought back some memories, I have been riding Hawes for a long long time now, all good but ready for a change in scenery.