Monday, January 13, 2020

Doing more with less

It was Friday and I was feeling srong for some reason. I had lots of loops in my head, the first plan was to head down twisted sister and maybe around Hawes. That was going very well and as I met up with Wild Horse I began to have the idea of going up and over the mountain. After a few hiker groups I went up High noon, something I have only donw once since it flows much better the other way but it was a good change in the action. Then it was go time, to head for Usery or head up the mountain, I chose mountain. At the juction for the way up the mountain there were two bikers stopped, I went passed them on my way and was shocked they were taking the same route as me. It was a sloid climb to the top I made it all the way to the switchbacks so I was not only feeling strong I may have actually been. I rode all the sketch and committed to not walking any of it except the tricky uphills. I found myelf at the top of Hawes with vast 360 degree views and loving it. I dropped into Gidro and then lower Gidro and it was all over too quick but very very good stuff!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Out N Bout

Another morning filled with ambition and good vibes, keeping the tradition of mixing things up this week I hit Hawes for a nice mix of teh good stuff.

I Salute you Mr. President!

It was back to the Horsey trails this time with the intent to ride up a bit of twisted sister, something I did last week I think and enjoyed it. I also went and rode the opposing way of high noon for a harder route, every bit was enjoyed. Ran into a pack of horseys got very close to them as I rode behind them. I also listened to our wonderful president speech on the attack our country made this week, great stuff! Chopper flew over me Oooooooraaahhhhhh

Winters Gold

Went to Tucson with the fmaily for the weekend, well fri-sat to wrap up our winter break. It was nice to get out of town, we went to our favorite restaurant, the trail dust town and biosphere 2. I was anxious for Monday to come for all to go back to normal and get back to my regular with LuAnn and Landon back in school. Anxious and ambitious I went to Gold Canyon and mixed things up, rode my full plan I put in my head, so nice out there I am so grateful.

Fresh Joy

Cooled off this week real nice, that sunlight feels good when it hits in the morning. I dragged a little at the bgining of this ride and then pepped up for the horse trail rituals.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Yum Yums

Off to Hawes to close out the week, headed to Tucson Friday morning bikeless with the family. I was over my head with nearby options, not really..... so Hawes was the choice. I hit the road for a cruise and dropped in. Looking for seomting different I went up the ridge and then an inner loop for a nice mix of trail, great stuff!

Stop and smell the cacti

First crack at the New Year I was off to Gold Canyon. I friggin love Gold Canyon, it's so good and so quiet, I am unsure how long this dream can still pursist but for now it's lovely. The sun was out and trails a lovely type of grip and it was a very nice ride. I got a phone call partway in right next to a bench and I took a minute to appreciate the scene, maybe that's my 2020 resolution, stop rushing so much and take a breath to enjoy the time out there.