Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Salsa KOM

Got the salsa back in order with the spoke ordeal, hope to be my last. As usual I love switching bikes since it brings some different ride characteristics. I decided to push the ridge to road section and got a KOM! Might be temporary but yay for me. Pieced together the rest of the ride happily.

Shred neck

On my way to Tuesdays ride I used my shirt to clean off my face as to help with smudging my riding glasses, in doing so I pinched a nerve in my neck that rendered pain and lack of movement. I expected it to clear in a minute but it did not. I questioned being able to ride, it was very uncomsortable the whole ride, but whole ride was completed!

Longhorn detour

An absolute beautiful day out at Gold Canyon! Came by a mama and her calf, she didn't budge, I went around and was amazed how much cacti my shoes picked up.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Cacti Hats

Closing out just a few more weeks of riding before 2021, it's been amazing, still no flagstaff this year but hopeful for 2021, just loving riding and life.

Love it

I went out Thursday and came upon the grinches cave, someone got creative :)

New trail new tire

Another run up on the High ridge trail and then bounced around Hawes, lots of miles and vertical, got the new tire on thank goodness, the old one was toasted.


Monday it was time to get back to the High Ridge trail and get cracking. I felt strong on the climb and decided to try to stay in the top 10. I did suceed and even got a KOM on the Ridge to road section! Have not seen one of those for a long time and will likely be short lived but yay for me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Shiny new Hawes trail

Shiny new trail at Hawes! The planned ridge trail has been worked on for a good month or so I could tell, I would frequently see a raptor parked across the road and a large bike rack and funky tires coming from it time to time. It was the builder all terrain moto. Opening day came on a Thursday and I got to it on Friday. The lot was the busiest I have seen in on Friday, I debated proceeding as to not have to deal with a bunch of bros on the trail. To my luck I came by a few and no one had trouble with. The climb was consistan and switchbacks just able on my singlespeed, I did clean them and then was distracte by magnificent views of the mountains. The descent was vert good, and enjoyed the whole ride down. It's a machine built flow tralil and no one shold expect anything else. More trails to come I can't wait!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Freshies and a tire plug

Woke up to a heavy rain and dark place, such a welcme sight smell and sound! After the boy had his play i the rain before school we were off. I realized the ran was too hard and I would wait a bit to ride. I went home and an hour later the sun was popping out and off I went. Pedaling up la sendas I was racing the clouds up the mountain, I wanted to get into them but I wasn't fast enough, spots of blue sky were in and out and done raining but very freshly rained trails. Passed a very craft nativity set someone made. Gidro was more sketchy than planned so I was slower but cleaned it just fine. At th Hawes intersection I felt the rear wheel feel a little funny, I was losing air, a rock I knicked left a hole. 50 minutes in I was worried this might end or affet the ride. I tried a small plug, didn't hold, then had to macgyver a large plug in there and it held. I decided to pedal on an nervously rode the rest of my route, it couded back up and was an amazing experience, waited so long for this!

Bring Da Rain

After 100+ days without a measurable aount of rain this Wednesday was looking promising. I spun around Hawes hitting Gidro, love that trail, plan was to hit it dry and then wet the next day :)

Back to the river!

The river was such a nice sight I went back down this Monday to see it. I did the normal this time even more fall colors on those cottonwoods, amazing how late in the year here in AZ they turn. I explored a little more down by the river, I can see why the parking lot is so big cuase it's gorgeous down there. I ran some paths along the river until it narrowed and I passed through a gate with fresh double track going uphill. I was hoping for a trail up the hill but then it dropped and turned out to be a service road for this lengthy fence they recently built. Soooooo nice down there!

Headwind taketh, tail wind giveth

A breezy morning out there on the trails, felt it grab my bike a few times but all was fine. I remembered how you feel it when it's against you but don't feel it helping you much, today I did.

Winter trickling in

The coolest start so far this morning, the sun obviously warmed me up fast and my watch tan is still going strong. I bounced around Hawes a good bit, I can't stop doing Mine for some reason, it's awesom I know.

Yay new drivetrain

After cracking that crank a few weeks ago I finally installed my new cranks,chain and cog. Tursday was a test ride day to see if y mechanic skills were up to par. Turns out I am good, it was a one smooth buttery ride, let get some miles on it now!

Seasonal Cacti!

I don't believe we got a halloween cacti this fall but the christmas one is back! Happy to see it and happy to be heathy.

Getting creative

Getting creative was just that, it was back up to Mine and riverview for the mission and figured it out form there. I hit a less ridden trail along the bush highway and then went up and down scorpion and stinger, good mix up, legs felt it for sure.

Highs and lows

I needed to mixup Hawes desperately so I decided to hit riverview and the the river and whatever after that. It was a fast spin from the pass to Twisted sister, then down Mine and onto Riverview. This was my first time riding it in this direction, it proved to be just as good. I had to put my foot down 3 times but carried alot of speed and felt really good. The down to the river, it was stunning as the salty cedars began and cottonwood colors were shining thru. Then I decided to visit a side on the site I have not, it was sooooo pretty, such views! Then a little pavement and very flat terrain until I started to climb up stinger and to the car. Very nice to change things up I enjoyed this one.