Sunday, November 15, 2020

Evening Shredda

Friday came with an evening ride, I was stoked on it! I love riding that time of the day. It was a solid ride at Hawes, I put the 18t on the Surly and no problems. I am a lttle concerned now that Robbie sent me a pic of two teeth ripped off his cog. Probably a matter of time befor mine does the same, steel is on order to secure my future. Great ride, I didn't want to stop but figured 90 minutes was great and home I went for the weekend. Tried to get out Saturday but unsuccessful.

18T gives me wings and cracked cranks

I was excited to get the 18t to Hawes and Thursday got the opportunity to do so. It was a fast spin, I caught up to a warrior riding with artifical limb. I rolled the other way and set off on some proving succssful 18t climbs. I cleaned all the steeps and proved the 18t is here to stay, got some personal records too! I was about doen and got greedy and went up the road for a little more dirt. When I got to dirt I went into a dip in the trail and then the pedal felt real funny. I thought for sure I bent a pedal and after looking I pedaled on in uncertainty. I stopped again and dertermined to see what was up I found it, a crack half way thru my crank. Not mad or surprised about it I rode on. Time for new cranks.

18T and Wow!

I have been running 32x20 for a long time, I knew I could run less but when Robbie gave me and endless 18T cog as a birthday gift I had to put it on. I picked a place that didn't have too much climbing. I was immediately impressed and was soooo much faster everywhere. I even cleaned broken back climb. I also set a whole bunch of personal records! I am excited to see how it will do on Mine.

Nice Nice Nice

Cloudy, cool, and on my bike on a monday are all the good stuff I love! Someones car had skis on it!?

SS bro's new bike

Robbie finally got a new bike, it's a dean titanium. We were scheduled to ride at 6 at Gold Canyon and unfortunately I set the wrong alarm that only goes off weekdays and not weekends. I woke up just before 6 and ran to the car. He did a pre ride and I met up with him just 25 minutes late. We set off and I was feeling good. There were some clouds and some rain just enough to feel a few drops, lightening in the distance and a change in weather coming soon I was in a great mood. It was over too soon and I thought of riding more but I did say I would be home before 8am to ym wife.

Bring the colddddddd

Big ride this morning, alot of the regular with some extra thrown in. So warm I think it's going to almost be 100F today, sooooooo ready to drop the temperature. Great ride!

Not much front brake left

Got out on my Hawes, headed up for Gidro. I knew I was having front brake issues but man it's a sucky descent to have the lever on the bars. I fared fine but planned to address it when I got home, which I did without a bleed, just hooked the funnel up and added oil and cycled the lever and out came alot of air bubbles and back good again!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Had a dream about fall

Grrrr it soooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!

Fix that for you snowflake

I was into my ride and caem across the hawes sign scrambed into the word shame, I have no patience for that negativity and promptly switched it back to Hawes. The presidential election is here and I'm tired on how some Americans are behaving. Found a rattler on this ride, were back in the 90s so I'm not surprised.

Give me candy now!!!!!!!

A solid week of rides, now bring on the Halloween candy!I was Rex from Napolean Dynamite



Oh man my allergies have been bugging me but certainly not my itch to ride!


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The birds are back

A nice spin around the Backside, never gets old, or too busy, definitely more hikers coming in though.

Do you want to build a snowman

OOOOOOOOhhhhh ya the cool has arrived, never though it was possible, won't last for long but sweet relief.

Thats what I'm talking about!

Beautiful day in Gold Canyon!

Monday, November 2, 2020

Bouncing around

I went up and over and kept picking trails and might have gotten distratcted, turned out to be a long ride, but a good ride!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Way too excited about that cloud

A big cool is coming later this day, we finally had a cloud today, not even a full on one but for 10 minutes it grced me on this ride.

Friday, October 30, 2020


Finally there is a a big weather shift and this day we got some clouds and cooling which felt like a day to go up to Gidro since it's been on my mind. It was a grunt as usual but sick DH as always, a bit blown out but a nice challenge to stay safe.

Cake ride!

Landons birthday! I had some cals to burn off for a big cake to ourselves that evening. The ride was great and I am stronger than ever. The cake was so good, we wait all yea for it, Happy Birthday Landon!