Monday, March 29, 2021

50 sticks 0 snakes

Nice way around the mountain, threw in some scorpion stuff, I like this even better, yummy yum!

Monday, March 22, 2021

She said 30 I did 90

Still battling my head cold I bravely went for friday spin. I was anxious and did more than I should but did double ridge and a nice run down some other stuff, so glad to get out but still feeling like poops.

River check and RMR

I got wreckless and headed for RMR, found out it's still quite a bit from done in the top section. The rest was great, I must say my intitial impression doesd not have e favor it over iron goat or high ridge. That might change once it's done. I went down to the river after and found it still far from green, looking forward to seeing it in its prime soon. I was fighting a head cold that I am losing, it's uncomfortable and the whole house has it already and I guess it's my turn.


Was out on the Hawes and on riverview I got buzzed by a heli and shortly after 3 more flew over the rive for quite the scene. Love the military! Oh yea the ride was great!

Spring break

Well Landons and somes spring break. I decided to go for the new segment I made. Turned out a good time, ran into a group of 10 or so collee kids on lower Gidro, that was surprising.I guess I set a pretty good time we will see if it holds up.

Monday, March 15, 2021

90s dance mix

Enjoyed some great trails to some good tunes. I must say I always have a few tunes in my head and after singing out out loud the other night we watched a few songs the real mccoy and that brought on 90s into the pandora.

Up the sista

Plan was to throw some tiwsted sister into te mix, so a ride down iron goat and then set off for Twisted sister. So glad to have my bike and everything in working order, our finances are so tight right now I wish I could order a new frame. I can't help but want the new Salsa or a fuse, or chameleon!

Stormy and I like it!

Oh man, the clouds are in th distance, it was quite a bit in the distance but sure was nice out there!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Dirty loop

Heating on up again.... at least the most effort part is done in th begining so I can keep my sunglasses on. I love this loop, it's becoming a habbit and I am good with it! When will RMR open! This ocotillo in the picture is always glowing, I couldn't capture its full glow but it gives you the idea, waiting for the poppies to come in.>

Hey clouds ova here!

It sure is getting spicy out, there were some clouds in the distance and I desperately wish they'd pay me a visit. Great ride on the steel beast, I took it down Iron goat and it didn't skip a beat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

River with a view

Riverview was the plan and I got cracking, my legs were uphased by Sedona and I deeply missed it but happy to be riding. I must say the trails felt butterly smooth compared to Sedona for sure! With lots of gas this was complete in no time and thoroughly enjoyed.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Chapel/broken arrow/high hog/ hog heaven

Robbie was still not feeling so hot so it was another one for me. I started at the chapel ona very tough climb, it got alot better once on broken arrow. Then onto High hog was brutal, some challenging terrain. I walked some bits and rode most, nice trail and it mellowed once onto hog heaven and it was over too soon. I was down for more riding but I think it was time to call it a day since Robbie was not feeling 100% and I felt bad. What a day!!!!!!!

Hi Line!

Since we were already in the lot this was a perfect opportunity to hit Hi line. Robbie agreed to meet me in a lot in less than an hour. I pedaled up Hi line with excitement. The trail was about as I remember, my favorite part half way opens up on massive rocks. Then things get wild towards the end, I walked some bits obviously but happily me and the bike made it back the lt unscathed to see how Robbie was doing, I felt terrible I was riding solo.

Slim shady, templeton, easy breezy

Oooooooo wheeee round two! I have rode slim shady some time ago, but never in this direction, it was a ton of fun doing down! Technical with some bobsleds ad views galore. Then it opened up and we skirted the mountain with Hi line tempting just above. Robbie was starting to hurt a bit and then a bloody nose got him a bit spooked, on top of that his heart rate was doing funny things. We made it back to the car and Robbie wanted to opt out of the next ride.

Mezcal and Chuch Wagon!!!!!!!!

The stars alligned and me and Robbie found ourselves at 6am headed up to Sedona for some riding! The first plan was to hit some mezcal and chuck wagone to get warmed up. It was blisful and pretty easy riding on 32x20 which I brought for day. I forget how beautiful Sedona is every time I see it, the place is off the charts! I was chasing a speedy Robbie around Mezcal and it was over too soon. We then hit up chuck wagon which was a first for me, after tightening my dropouts since I left them loose, phew that felt better! Chuch wagon was different but very enjoyable, especially the bits in the woods and streams! After 8 miles ride one was done and I was hungry for so much more!

Monday romp

It was up n over hawes monday, I thought we would have red rock by now but I can't complain. I love this loop so much it's such a good mix of Hawes, feel like your forever from the car when you get to the other side but it's a 90 minute loop.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Up n over

I sure do love the access the new trails have given to go up and over hawes, we now have a solid but still tough Alpe and Goat. The views from up there are so impressive. I love this loop, I thre in an extra climb up alpe for an Irond goat run, greedy I know....but ready for ice cream. Came across a deceased goat or horse?
Another sunny day in AZ, great to be riding, bike and body holding up great!

morning shenanigans

Pretty standard ordeal here, just under 20 miles with a double ridge sandwich on one gear and no suspension :)

Nice Monday on the belltown

It was another beatdown on the belltown, I had riverview on my mind. I definitely like to ride it east to west better it but theres really not too much difference.