Sunday, June 28, 2015

Monday Morning House and Back Ride

        Looking for something different but not to drive, I rode form the house thru Dimple Dell early Monday morning. It was a early morning yet again but cooler and happy to ride. It was a boring rip up the wide path layered in mulch but thankfully not sand! Once I reached the Quarry trail I was happy to be on firm ground and climbing to my goal. It came a lot easier than I expected, I was at the top in no time and then bombing down trying not to prematurely break my frame. Happy to say none of that happened and was a speedy ride back to Dimple Dell where I scared a horse that has not had the fortune to meet a bike yet. He was spooked and the rider was even more as I am sure she feared for her life on a 1,000 pound unpredictable animal. I stopped and let them know I was present and followed the instruction of the fat ass on her horse that wasn't scared of bikes. She told me to continue slow and then stop. The horse still very nervous moved all round in sketchiness. Then proceed again this time past the horse and all was well. I was really glad the horse didn't throw her or run off since I would feel to blame even with the fat asses instructions. Onwards I took a wrong turn and ended up missing a little of the good side of the river section but got the tail end of it. Pedaling back on pavement I really enjoyed that ride! Might have to repeat it next week we shall see.

Crest round two

  Off again in the early morning, this time with my friend and a shuttle vehicle to do the Crest the lazy but good way. We left my car at the Mill D Trailhead and drove up to Guardsman with our bikes. I was looking forward to a nice morning in the high hills with a pretty mellow climbing ride. The sun had just rose at we pulled the bikes off the car and the orange fireball had not yet warmed the upper elevations which made it very comfy up there. A quick rip along the bypass and we were climbing Puke Hill. I was behind my homie as I was worn and was wondering how I was going to do making it up, but armed with gears we both climbed pretty easily to the top, a lot easier than I can ever remember. Took in the view and with no other riders in sight we had it all to ourselves. It was a speedy ride tot he Spine and we dropped in, my friend took the legit route and rode it solid, I was impressed since I have not ridden with him much but he has the skills. I wanted more ride but didn't really want to head out and back to Millcreek so opted for a short climb above desolation lake and found a nice spot to sit for a good 20 and relax. This is a rare things for me on rides, so it was nice to take a bit and soak in the smells and views.
      Then a quick ride down to Desolation Lake and one fun fun ride down Mill D to the shuttle car. It went all too fast and was pretty fun. Passed a few uphill riders and hikers but no head on collisions to report. I miss Millcreek, it looks like the construction will prevent me from getting this lush millcreek only rides that I hold so dear.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Park City Dope Loop!

      Ambitiously awoke at 4am and headed for Park City area for plans to do a big loop. I Started in darkness by 5am on sidewalks and pathways leading to the Park City Resort, I put in some pavement to ease my return at the end of the ride. I got onto Jenni's and started what would be a long morning climbing. I still am pretty unclear of trails in Park City but I was armed with my phone and a piece of paper with my trail names on it. As I chugged up Jenni's I realized my legs were not feeling very good, they weak but I would not be giving them any relief today so had to suck it up. After Jenni's is was three candles which I hoped was more mellow to give me a break but I did get relief on a quick spin on Keystone which was very very pleasant. Once I reached Shadow Lake it was a push to the Scott's where I would meet up with the route heading to the Wasatch Crest Trail. I was not looking forward to this as I reached Scotts I was completely out of juice and walked to the top. Not a bad morning to take a walk so no big deal or feelings hurt. Then i finally got sweet relief as I dropped up and down magnificent trail.
    Still a few climbs left as I cleaned the spine and flew down to the Wasatch Crest Connector as fast as I could on no suspension. Dropped in and linked quite a few trails I have not ridden much or ever. Robs, Colins to Dubois, all a wonderful trail in each it's own, Dubois was real funky but I liked it and after it dumped me out onto the road it was a 10 minute spin to the car. I used up all my time I had planned and got just under 30, I will be back for longer rides this summer I hope. I need a 50 miler on my belt and Park City has no shortage of miles for me.

Thursday Sneaker

    Well I found 30 minutes to get a ride in before I had to be back at Landon's school for 10am. It was going to be my last lap for the next few months while Landon is on summer break. I won't miss these trails at all, they're simply close to his school and get me on a bike ride that I am thankful for. Guess I will be back in September! Just did one short loop on Juniper and that was a wrap.

Yellow Fork On A Tuesday

      Well I forgot about the Yellow Fork trails which are a little past Herriman trails. I have never ridden here but was anxious for somewhere new. It was my last Tuesday ride since Landon gets out of school this week. Kind of stinks to loose my Tuesday gimme, but I will find another way to get at least 3 rides a week. So I found the trailhead and like all new riding spots there was a web of trails and roads but found what I need. It climbed very nicely in heavily shaded lush forest. I was looking for a turn to the right but at the first one I was not convinced it was it, since such good single track lied ahead. I rode and it got steeper and then turned into a game trail pretty much steeply moving up the mountain. I turned around and turned out a doubetrack road, this also was there wrong way. By now I was frustrated with my poor navigation so I just pedaled up and up and up. I planned to pass over the mountain and descend the trail that might lead to where I wanted to go but ran out of time. Frustrated but had a good Dh ride to the car, I will be back and the navigation will be so much easier, though not that hard in the first place.

Monday, June 15, 2015


   The alarm never went off, the plan had changed, instead of a ride from my house to Little Cottonwood and back I was in my car headed for 90 minutes of Corner Canyon. I was not the first one in the lot at 5:30am and would have to pass a few on my way up, I was feeling just fine despite being a little tired but really really happy to be riding. I climbed to Shoreline and headed for Ann's for a planned ride down the Maple Hollow DH trail. I had the wrong tool for the job but I really don't feel like riding anything but my rigid 29r single speed anyway but I can do fine. Climbing was a breeze and the views of the valley floor inviting my eyes. At the top of the Maple Hollow I dropped in and tried to suck up all the chop with no suspension, indeed this was going to be a rough ride. I took it slower than ever, hit the jumps and finished up and looped around on shoreline and by then I was storming down the creek trail and hit the car for a perfect 90 minute ride. Solid morning

Park City

  Have you heard me sat I love Park City before? Well I do! I have gotten out three times this eason now and it always leaving me begging for more. This ride was going to be 2-3 hours on some stuff I have ridden and a lot of stuff I have not. The ultimate mission was to make it up to Bow Hunter and back down as creatively as possible. We got a good start heading uphill by 6am and my friend was with me for this one. We climbed as the sun hit the ski resort and glorified the trails in morning light, I had only a few hours of sleep but it was going to be a good day. We climbed Deer Crest to Mid Mountain and then to Team Big Bear. Here the climb steepened but still very comfortable on the single speed. Then the Flagstaff where the trail mellowed out and finally got some relief as we twist and turned through the wonderful Aspens. The trail opened to a meadow, a huge meadow and I could see trails scattered everywhere. We climbed on beautiful single track until I found Bow Hunter. As it climbed it began to round a big potato head. The view looking down on Jordanelle was incredible, the trail would offer 360 degree views of awesome as we rode on. After Bow Hunter was done we headed for Corvair which lead to TG and that was a blast to ride at a good rate down the mountain but not too harsh on the rigid. Then a few more options as we were out of time and had to ditch other options it was Corsair to Mid Mountain to Little Chief to Empire Link. By now I was checking the map like a mad man trying to put together the rest of the loop. Came to a pretty confusing interection known as Ontario Ridge where many trails split off and I went for the closest route to the road since our trail for Rossi Hill would intersect as long as we made right hand turns. I knew I was missing good trail but the route was more important. Made a risky turn onto a trail and turned out across the street from the trail I needed. A scramble across the road and found Rossi, know ride this sucker till the hairpin and that would be it. I was relieved when we ended up where I wanted, it was more work than I expected to ride the planned loop. Look forward to learning the trails better this year, hope to get back up there soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tuesday laps

      Only a week left class for Landon, the once a week gimme ride will now go dormant until he starts class back again in the fall. I can't say I will miss Herriman, since closing the fire break trail it lost what little it had for a decent connector to trails. I was left with the option to ride to Black Ridge but opted for three laps around the Juniper Loop. This was pretty bland but it was sunny and I was riding. Won't miss Herriman much in the months to come, kind of glad it's over with in a way.

Mondays Rip

     I was beat and tired from a long weekend in Moab, but not enough to stop a bike whore like myself from trying to get a ride. The kid was all tired out and was asleep by 7pm so I ran out to Corner Canyon for a 20 miler, with not a lot of brain power I was set on repeating fridays loop. I felt a little slower but my 29" wheel were hauling as they usually do for an evening sunset ride. Rounding the mountain I had really nice views, snapped a few pics and on my way. Full Ghost Falls run was good despite running into many using it as an uphill route but enjoyed none the less. Then up rattler and down Rush trees and Rush. Still setting personal records daily even on a rigid bike I have outdone my full suspension on smooth trails. Had some distance to burn so I headed over for a little pump track before the day was over, crazy long but good day! This ride marked our first year back in Utah is over and on with the next!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Friday Night

    Got out on a ripper, was excited to ride the afternoon, it was pretty hot and without water I was certainly missing having some. Armed with Black Betty I was feeling very good as I made my way to the tunnel and a nice ride up Ann's. Love riding this section lately, not many people and a nice speedy grade for sitting down which is a rare thing for single speeding but Corner Canyon is pretty paved so it works out. Up the switchbacks and I took eagle crest and took in some beautiful scenes as I rounded the mountain.  Down ghost and up rattler to canyon hollow and a run down Rush. Taking my time letting the 29er wheels spool up I took a right and took the trees on rush to mix it up. It was a lot smoother last year but it has been a long time since I hit it. A speedy run down the rest and right at 20 miles for the ride to close out another 50 mile week.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Herry Tuesday

      Nothing too fancy on this one as usual, took my single speed with me and was really moving on the trail, I was feeling pretty good now I got my single speed legs back last week and I remember how fast this bike is! The Fire Break trail is killed, trail closed sign went up and I decided to get just one last ride on it before I accept it is for good. The trail was clear all the way except a bunch of rocks some dingleberry placed all over the trail but they were easily avoided. I passed a no trespassing sign, again I should have turned around but just wanted one last ride. Dropped down the gully and up Black Ridge I went wondering if the backside would be closed as well. As I passed over the ridge I found no sign so happily dropped in on a choppy downhill for the belltown. I took the last turn and headed for broke and sure enough ran into the foundation as I thought I might. An easy walk around the foundation and I was back on my normal route and off for Juniper loop. That loop went mega fast and found myself with 15 extra minutes to ride which was astonishing, I rode that fast! I rode some of the first roads to kill time and explore and then happily pedaled to the car for 14 miler.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Park City

     Love love love riding Park City, alpine laced trails, endless riding options I am so lucky to live near it. I was off at 5am for a early morning on Monday to get the week started proper. I had a loop in mind and then a bonus loop for any extra time I can get. I began on Silver Spur, as it passed under the chairlifts the sky was aglow in majesty. Upon entering the woods the trail was as pristine as it could get for smooth dirt away, it was hard to describe but out of this world. I climbed armstrong with a decent leg and armed with suspension so I could rip some descents. I prefer my rigid ss but lately I am so concerned about it's lifespan and hate to put it through a fast descent on the choppy Spiro trail. Up and up I went into the sun rise, the woods filled with the nectar of spring, it was like riding in a  forest shop, green and plenty in flowers. It was absolutely incredible, it as warm too, I climbed on and on at a good pitch and good rate. Connected to Mid Mountain and headed towards Deer Valley for just a little until I connected with Spiro. Moving at a good clip this was a long fun run down, I was trying to get more speed but was reserved since theres plenty of summer left. I connected with Silver Spur again and linked back up near my car and climbed up Jenni's. I was running short on time and would unlikely make it to Johns. I was right and had to turn around and took a trail I didn't see on the map, Loose Moose. What a name, it did not disappoint, it was short and sweet. Then took a different trail at the 4 way and it crossed huge mounds of snow which was the remains on the Park from the winter. Killed my vibe a little  and lots the trail a bunch but managed to hit the PCMR connector and dropped down next to the Marriott. What a sweet sweet ride, thanks to my lovely wife for chilling with the kid for a few hours!