Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mondays Rip

     I was beat and tired from a long weekend in Moab, but not enough to stop a bike whore like myself from trying to get a ride. The kid was all tired out and was asleep by 7pm so I ran out to Corner Canyon for a 20 miler, with not a lot of brain power I was set on repeating fridays loop. I felt a little slower but my 29" wheel were hauling as they usually do for an evening sunset ride. Rounding the mountain I had really nice views, snapped a few pics and on my way. Full Ghost Falls run was good despite running into many using it as an uphill route but enjoyed none the less. Then up rattler and down Rush trees and Rush. Still setting personal records daily even on a rigid bike I have outdone my full suspension on smooth trails. Had some distance to burn so I headed over for a little pump track before the day was over, crazy long but good day! This ride marked our first year back in Utah is over and on with the next!

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