Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yellow Fork On A Tuesday

      Well I forgot about the Yellow Fork trails which are a little past Herriman trails. I have never ridden here but was anxious for somewhere new. It was my last Tuesday ride since Landon gets out of school this week. Kind of stinks to loose my Tuesday gimme, but I will find another way to get at least 3 rides a week. So I found the trailhead and like all new riding spots there was a web of trails and roads but found what I need. It climbed very nicely in heavily shaded lush forest. I was looking for a turn to the right but at the first one I was not convinced it was it, since such good single track lied ahead. I rode and it got steeper and then turned into a game trail pretty much steeply moving up the mountain. I turned around and turned out a doubetrack road, this also was there wrong way. By now I was frustrated with my poor navigation so I just pedaled up and up and up. I planned to pass over the mountain and descend the trail that might lead to where I wanted to go but ran out of time. Frustrated but had a good Dh ride to the car, I will be back and the navigation will be so much easier, though not that hard in the first place.

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