Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Friday Night

    Got out on a ripper, was excited to ride the afternoon, it was pretty hot and without water I was certainly missing having some. Armed with Black Betty I was feeling very good as I made my way to the tunnel and a nice ride up Ann's. Love riding this section lately, not many people and a nice speedy grade for sitting down which is a rare thing for single speeding but Corner Canyon is pretty paved so it works out. Up the switchbacks and I took eagle crest and took in some beautiful scenes as I rounded the mountain.  Down ghost and up rattler to canyon hollow and a run down Rush. Taking my time letting the 29er wheels spool up I took a right and took the trees on rush to mix it up. It was a lot smoother last year but it has been a long time since I hit it. A speedy run down the rest and right at 20 miles for the ride to close out another 50 mile week.

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