Saturday, January 13, 2018

Solid Night Ride

Me and my friend Ryan got together Thursday night, it was my second ride for the day and we took to the trail. Before I could power on my light it decided to not turn on. Apparently charging the battery after it's fully charged is not what it likes to do. So my new christmas gift a Cat Eye 700 sure came in handy and glad I brought it as I strapped it to the bars. I am not a fan of bar lights but with no helmet mount yet it was my only choice. I was pleased with it's performance, it's very light, much lighter than any other bar mounts I have tried, it was jostle free, solidly mounted and bright enough for the trail. It was a good spin on a cool damp night, good company too. When I got home I plugged the charger in for just a second and the battery corrected itself and lesson learned as to how to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Relaxed on that tack

The rains came Tuesday night and by Thursday the trails were still wonderfully pleasant, the extra grip and smells are always welcomed, a nice change from sweat and sun screen. A standard loop at hawes was easy on my mind so that I did. I was feeling quite mellow this morning, body was fine but I was chill, thought I was moving a lot slower than I was, turned out I was right on par.

Yummy Mcdowell

Rains are on the horizon, the skies are ominous but sunny and still plenty blue, the trails felt so good under my tires, I was very happy to be out on the bike. I had a ride plan in my head but changed it as I was going, the sights were absolutely beautiful out there, finally had my mind and body clear.


The kiddo was back to school and it was off to the trails for me. Wanting to ride but not amped on my normal spots I decided to get 20 and ride some less ridden trails. Motivation sire has been a rollercoaster but I sure always end up riding and glad I did. I went for the Hawes Mountain loop, feeling fine I noticed a lot of horse poop along the trail, felt like the Salt River Horses were around, sure enough they were. Spotted 10 or so here and there, got a pic of one. Headed now for the foothills of the other well known Pass Mountain. I found it a lot easier to get through the dreaded sandy washes. It was all peachy from there with a simple hiker filled downhill to the pavement and a road ride to the car.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Proud Papa

Ok right, round two, the family wanted to ride when I offered, was going to try something we never done, Landon was going to pedal a mile up an easy trail to the cactus playground at usery. The trail has very slight climbing so i put his bike in an easy gear and after about 5-6 stops to check things out and push him to get to our destination we arrived! I couldn't believe it we were all impressed. We played for 20 minutes and then enjoyed the much easier ride back to the car. The kiddo was singing christmas songs the whole way, even got a nice photo of him dropping down a little wash, his expression says it all! Such a proud papa!

The day has come!

Wow, I can"t believe we are finally here, my boy is out on the trail! Now with gears and high volume tires and confidence we pedaled on South Mountain the entire family for a successful romp! Landon did fantastic, sure there was some frustration and it wasn't perfect but all in all huge success. Landon was able to pedal and enjoy being a mountain biker. Truly the beginning of happy time on the bike for us, can't wait to see where this heads I can't wait!

Round Usery

I had to go somewhere on Thursday, I was feeling like poop but had some free time and went for a spin. Very very much in need of new trail experiences.


Awaited the day for a ride, I needed it quite badly, this week has been a bit slow with no school and family time. I ran out into the evening armed with a light. Headed for South Mountain for somewhere close but slightly less ridden. An overcast evening provided no sign of the sunset for moon but it was a good spin, as I was riding I was longing for a climb, but I took the easy way around the mountain to get some miles in, kind pf regretted it but it did just fine :)

Welcome 2018

Well it's off to 2018! First spin of the year was at a not so surprising Hawes. Went the year sadly without flagstaff or Sedona but I did a lot of other things right. Todays ride was just a mother warm fuzzy day in Arizona, legs working, bike and all. Good to be alive and fortunate

Monday, January 1, 2018

3,000 Miles of lovely dirt!!!!

I did it! I pushed hard the last few weeks but it was really quite easy, I hit my goal and set an all time riding season. I didn't ride as many new spots as I would like this year but I got to go on some great family vacations and ride Utah and some great backpacking trips! It was a very very very good year, my bike has been my solid companion and continues to be the most reliable bike I have ever had. Bring it no 2018, not sure what is in store but my goal remains, more Sedona, more Flagstaff and more days in the backcountry hiking around I hope! Let's go get'ed

Tucson Ride

Happily my In Laws came to town and off me and LuAnn went to Tucson. Had my bike in tow for a morning ride and was pretty dang excited about it! When the morning did come I started right at enough light to not need my headlamp, I was good with that. I heeded into Starr Pass area and having been there once last year it sure was going to help with the navigating. I headed for the Pass on bumpy trail that turned into awesome as I remembers as it wrapped around the back of the Mountain and headed for the Pass. It was as fun as I remembered flying down and picked up Fifth Avenue, that was a new one for me. Then the plan was to make another loop on the other end of the ride and so I did. A nice climb and some technical and beautiful scenery was quite good! Feeling fine but filled my cup and a quiet week of riding but my goal is only one ride away!