Friday, September 28, 2012

OK Case

Did a good one thursday, got a ride started at 1 and rode in on some outstanding weather. Warm but a nice headwind to cool me off on the downs. Nothing crazy here just a mellow ride with my doggy. Please give me Moooaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Ok case

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

1,035 Miles!!!!!!

Yep it is so, since January it took me 9.5 months to hit 1,000 miles. Now for some this is not a big milestone who ride smooth terrain but I ride on average 3 days a week of east coast terrain because that is all that my free time allows and while I would easily love to ride 5-6 days a week that is not a very feasible in my schedule. I was fortunate to ride a 1,000 miles at 23 locations in CT and a couple in Utah which was amazing! This has been another incredible year of riding and look so forward to the years to come. The baby is coming in 5.5 weeks and my frequent riding will obviously change but I look so forward to being able to ride anytime I can. Some highlights. Here is some pictures from 2012 to present.