Monday, October 29, 2012

Post baby ride

Got out on Thursday night at 5:30 to pedal with a group that rides Hale every week. Me and Pat were on a 30 minute pre ride and it felt mighty good to be out on the bike. When it came to be 6:00 I was ready to go for my first night ride. I had Bentley chasing at my side as we entered the leaf filled maze. When I was not close enough to the person behind me or when I was in back, I could get sent off trail in a second at any time. I could not help but think about my little son at home and was actually getting homesick. I left the group since they were running late and I got fulfilled with what I rode so far, so I got my two hours and headed home. The next few days I could or rode but really didn't feel like it, partially cause weather sucks and had alot to do to prepare for weather coming. Bring it on Sandy!

Post baby ride wee haw

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Pre baby

So I was on a ride at hale last Thursday riding along on a super warm day and I get a phone call and sure enough it is my wife which has never happened so I had a feeling right before I answered it that it was the call. The "show" had began and the cervix plug was breaking apart and labor could be today or soon. Luckily I was close to the road and pedaled home in intense excitement. After contractions and a trip to the hospital

Phone call@ hale

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More love

In love with this little guy, ride tomorrow really don't want to leave his side just yet but I must. ONE HOT MAMA photo-127 photo-135 photo-137 photo-139 photo-140 photo-144 photo(6) photo(7) photo(8) photo(9) photo(10) photo(12) photo(11)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome my long awaited friend

Well, it happened, LuAnn and I were off to the hospital at 11:30 pm thursday night with 4 and 3.30 minute interval strong contractions. She was 5cm dialated when we arrived and all was going according to plan, and by 8:04am we welcomed the cutest little bundle of joy our eyes ever laid on!!!!! Oh my little Landon, it looks like I will need to change my blog name to the bike pedaling gingers!!! It's true, another ginger day walker has blessed this earth to keep our population going strong. He has been a perfect little guy since he came into the bright light and we have both taken to him quite well. My wife did absolutely amazing thanks to an amazing procedure called an epidural! Yea I am a dad, and after a diaper change and some feedings under my belt I am taking to it quite happily. What an amazing experience and look so forward to getting to know this wrinkly little alien. Welcome to our world little man. Landon Roy 7.94 Oz and 21 1/2" long IMG_4924 IMG_4928 photo-112 photo-110 IMG_4934 IMG_4947 photo-111 photo-113 IMG_4939 IMG_4949 IMG_4952 IMG_4955 IMG_4956 photo-114 photo-120 photo-121 photo-116 photo-117 photo-118

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mix N it up

Some seriously great stuff here, I am truly humble as I work from home now and get out on these rides in daylight. I love night rides and miss them but there seems to only be one organized night ride in my area and it somehow never works out with them only being on a Thursday night. So I was off in the car with Bentley for none other than hunter free Case. By now I am looking for ways to change things over there since I am becoming such a frequent visitor. I have been so many time and know every trail but still need to do some thinking to figure how they link together. I had once again designed a magnificent loop that I am sure most the people that ride there have never done. The leaves are down, I somehow missed fall, the trees are not completely naked but fall is certainly more than half over. I cranked for 90 minutes hoping to not recieve a phone call while out in the woods, "my water broke". Every ride now makes me quite nervous with the chance of the little guy getting evicted at any moment. So I stay a little closer to the car and have my phone on extra loud. Also I have an escape plan route in my head as well and I guess this gives me a little edge on my ride with the fright of that phone call. LuAnn is doing so great, she is one tough cookie and I feel terrible for her as she is getting contractions and very uncomfortable, but she is still so happy to become a mother. Today is another beautiful day and I will ride Hale during the day today to stay close and maybe a night ride tonight with the fellers we shall see. Another amazing day that I will take full advantage of. Check our blog out, took some pictures yesterday

Mix n match at case

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Kali Protectives Avita Fiberglass XC Helmet in Review

When this awesome helmet came up on sale some months ago, I jumped right on it and now wish i got two. This is a $140 helmet that I got on for a screaming $35. I try to brag to everybody about this site and how steep the deals are so no one is to blame but yourself for not having amazing gear for at least 1/2 the cost. I had this in the box for a few months as I knew I was putting a stink beating into my crappier Louis Garneau Robata helmet so I would hold off until it cool a little bit. So I cracked it out of the box and put it on my head for the first time. I was nervous when I saw what appeared to be same chin strap from Fox Reflux but I was pleased when it fit much different. It sat real comfortable on my head, the strap fit nicely on my chin not too far forward or back, just right. The ratcheting rear secure system is identical to Fox and works just fine. What else can I say, fits and looks great! I would buy another one in a heartbeat and decided I will only use Kali helmets from here on out. I hope puts them back on sale because I will buy another one in a second!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Ride!!!

Well it was nothing too special, tried to get some friends to come ride with me in some sort of an excuse to celebrate but had no luck. So it was me and the pooch! Since it was my birthday my lovely wife got me a sweet Polar FT7 to monitor some of my heart rate, calories and keeping time when I am out there probably too hahaha. What a great device, I bought one for her a a few years ago and that device is still working hard with no problems. I look forward to getting some use out of it to see what the old ticker is doing. So on with the day, me and Bentley hit Case feeling really good, legs were great, weather could not have been better, it was amazing. As I pedaled about I was trying to think of someway to mix it up today so I put together some of my less traveled trails and enjoyed the crap out of it. Then it was off to Tinti trail where I came across on my way none other than Al Tinti. Had a few words with this nice fella, I admired his local built Belltown bike frame that I was suppose to get made but put aside with the baby coming and all, sigh..... We were off storming up Fern mighty quick, no gloves, rigid, SS, Flats, must be a sight to be seen. The good news is I got fresh new gear, crazy nice Kali Avita helmet, some Mavic shorts that I am absolutely loving, some new jerseys and those fancy warrantied 510 Impact Lows and I am flossin biotch. All bought happily on for 50% or more off. Pretty standard ride from there on out, nothing fancy just ripping and having a good time doing it. Yes I am a year older, but honestly I don't dread it, cause the years keep getting better and I am the worlds luckiest man so cheers to 28 bring it on!

28 year old at case

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Friday, October 12, 2012

38 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! two weeks to go!

We found our pediatrician! We had our second interview yesterday and we opted for the first Doctor we met. The office is not impressive and my brother in law made the greatest comment of all time when I showed him a picture. Let's just say I can bring my kid in and get a slurpee at the same time. Who would of thought in the town of Tolland. He said "it looks like a decepticon got killed in that parking lot

Over at the Gay

Found some time to ride during the work day yesterday. The weather was outstanding and I enjoyed it fully. I was ambitious to ride as usual having not ridden since Saturday, so it was great to pedal out of the parking lot as my dog went into a full sprint in pure joy. I don't think I have ever seen him just let loose and run full speed for no reason, it was great. After a short bit of paved we spent a mile on some wide rocky double track. Fall appears to be about in full swing, the woods were definitely had that really cool appearance. We ran into some senior ladies that adored Bentley and as I continued 50 feet around the corner he just so busy saying hello, he forogt which direction I went. I watched from a distance as he was in panic, as he ran in both directions back and forth multiple times until he took off too far in the other direction so I headed his way and sure enough we met each other. What a silly dog, it made me smile and happy to see how I am his one and only person. Soon onto the Ribbon trail, always a good time, I like how there are no bail options through the trail, once your on this trail, you got to go start top finish for the next few miles. Once at the top. it was pretty much fire roads back to the car. A very simple short ride fixed my addiction for the day, while I wanted more I had commitments later on that day.

At the Gay

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