Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Hotober

Whaaaat the temperature was reading 73 degrees by the time I got to New Britain at 9:50 am! To my surprise Colin decided to join and we headed into the golf course as a three pack. Immediately it felt amazing back pedaling on the Tanuki. We soon hit a pretty brutal rocky road and I chugged slowly as y heart rate was thru the roof and using all my body to balance my rock crawling style. Soon I was on familiar trail from the other two times I have rode here. It was really rocky and I was getting taken to my feet like crazy as my tech skills needed some time to warm up. Soon we were heading up a ridge on a really long but steady comfortable uphill with great views over the side. It was a solid amount of climbing time so when we did reach the top it was relief. A minor repair was made on Colin's brake cable and we got to descend. Mike built some great trail out here with lots of twists and turns and good flow. Soon some really fun rock features and log rides were coming up and tackled them all with luck. There is this one section where the rocks were pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle making a great elevated level surface up a rock spine and in the midst of the spine there is a log ride up and then one at the exit. So so so awesome thanks Mike! Rode some more pretty standard terrain and then onto the final descent which was really steep with a roller and a fun ride to end at the golf course. This was a really great ride, look forward to getting back

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