Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome my long awaited friend

Well, it happened, LuAnn and I were off to the hospital at 11:30 pm thursday night with 4 and 3.30 minute interval strong contractions. She was 5cm dialated when we arrived and all was going according to plan, and by 8:04am we welcomed the cutest little bundle of joy our eyes ever laid on!!!!! Oh my little Landon, it looks like I will need to change my blog name to the bike pedaling gingers!!! It's true, another ginger day walker has blessed this earth to keep our population going strong. He has been a perfect little guy since he came into the bright light and we have both taken to him quite well. My wife did absolutely amazing thanks to an amazing procedure called an epidural! Yea I am a dad, and after a diaper change and some feedings under my belt I am taking to it quite happily. What an amazing experience and look so forward to getting to know this wrinkly little alien. Welcome to our world little man. Landon Roy 7.94 Oz and 21 1/2" long IMG_4924 IMG_4928 photo-112 photo-110 IMG_4934 IMG_4947 photo-111 photo-113 IMG_4939 IMG_4949 IMG_4952 IMG_4955 IMG_4956 photo-114 photo-120 photo-121 photo-116 photo-117 photo-118