Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Ride!!!

Well it was nothing too special, tried to get some friends to come ride with me in some sort of an excuse to celebrate but had no luck. So it was me and the pooch! Since it was my birthday my lovely wife got me a sweet Polar FT7 to monitor some of my heart rate, calories and keeping time when I am out there probably too hahaha. What a great device, I bought one for her a a few years ago and that device is still working hard with no problems. I look forward to getting some use out of it to see what the old ticker is doing. So on with the day, me and Bentley hit Case feeling really good, legs were great, weather could not have been better, it was amazing. As I pedaled about I was trying to think of someway to mix it up today so I put together some of my less traveled trails and enjoyed the crap out of it. Then it was off to Tinti trail where I came across on my way none other than Al Tinti. Had a few words with this nice fella, I admired his local built Belltown bike frame that I was suppose to get made but put aside with the baby coming and all, sigh..... We were off storming up Fern mighty quick, no gloves, rigid, SS, Flats, must be a sight to be seen. The good news is I got fresh new gear, crazy nice Kali Avita helmet, some Mavic shorts that I am absolutely loving, some new jerseys and those fancy warrantied 510 Impact Lows and I am flossin biotch. All bought happily on for 50% or more off. Pretty standard ride from there on out, nothing fancy just ripping and having a good time doing it. Yes I am a year older, but honestly I don't dread it, cause the years keep getting better and I am the worlds luckiest man so cheers to 28 bring it on!

28 year old at case

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