Thursday, May 19, 2022


Kiddo had an early soccer game so I hit the trail earlier than normal. That was no problem for me as usual. Man my brakes have gotten even worse, the front brake screams! Great ride.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Really fun ride, made me think of the geico pic!Picked up some trash, a flosser among them.......I guess I am the only one willing to pick them up.


Cold front came through and a sigh of relief for now. The bees are still busy, the gnats, well I ate a few.

Snake Hoppin

Saturday got started nice and early as usual. It is getting light earlier, luckily still not many people show up unitl after 7am. I had an encounter with a rattler and slipt second decision to bunny hop the sucker. Luckily I was successful and that makes two I have hopped this year. It was pretty chill and I got it off the trail and went about my business. Th second one was on my last RMR lap, I was on the goat connector and I never got to see it but heard it scary close. The trail is on a steep hillside and I passed it which not knowing where it was scared the heck out of me. I went back to get it off the trail and it was persistant at trying to get up the steep side. After spenind a minute or two unable to get it off I grabbed a stick and picked it up. It was kinda fun, but definitely scary. I have now reached a new relationship with the venemous creatures. Some onlookers got to watch the whole thing, I knew they took pictures but where are they!?

Get these bees a job!

Another sunny dirty day, strong and all. I am so lucky to have not gotten stung by the thousands of bees that seem to be chilling out with nothing to do. I know they're about to get busy on the Saguaros but I am not sure it will be enough.

Filtering the filthy air for ya

Hot and dirty out there, sweet ride, got the bike drivetrain juiced up and it's back smooth again, but the front brakes hooowwwwooooooool! Great ride though!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Still pretty

Drivetrain had some serious crunch, was hoping some lube would clear it up since I have had a few issues pop up reently. Turns out it was just needing some lube! Great ride!

Oh yea its snake season

Yeah its been pretty quiet on the snake front this spring. I lost track but maybe 3-4 sankes this year. Well this ride had a double header, both were chill, I was not so chill when I buzzed on RMR. After passing it I got it off the trail and all was good. I think I am becoming more used to them, I don't get as big of adrenaline hit anymore, good or bad I still respect them and hope to never get close to one.

I got to get out of here

Man I have been feeling blue with summer coming on, grateful for alot of things, but ready for some woods!

So much fun!

With the 3 courses out of the way, I really enjoyed ripping around Saturday, like really really enjoyed. Most rides are a bit mundane but awesome workouts but this one stuck out to me and was playful.

#ilovehawes long course

It was the day to rock, I was torn on which day to do it, I supose it would have to be mid day or a weekend. My boy had a substitute at school that Friday and for some reason LuAnn and Landon had the idea of him not going to school. I was fine with that and this allowed me to hit the trail early. That early start was pleasant, I went over the course in my head and on the map a few times, I was sure I was going to make a mistake as I did the entire thing on memory. It was a smooth start, feeling good but not stupendous, I was trying to remember to go a little quicker which was the hardest part. Well that and Cactus Garden, hate that climb. Once that climb was done I was still full of steam and chugged on down RMR and the course was mostly clear except a few riders. After I got the goat and high ridge done it was a glorious descent down the finish. I enjoyed this course much more than the years prior. I placed 6th place overall and we will see what unfolds from there.