Wednesday, May 11, 2022

#ilovehawes long course

It was the day to rock, I was torn on which day to do it, I supose it would have to be mid day or a weekend. My boy had a substitute at school that Friday and for some reason LuAnn and Landon had the idea of him not going to school. I was fine with that and this allowed me to hit the trail early. That early start was pleasant, I went over the course in my head and on the map a few times, I was sure I was going to make a mistake as I did the entire thing on memory. It was a smooth start, feeling good but not stupendous, I was trying to remember to go a little quicker which was the hardest part. Well that and Cactus Garden, hate that climb. Once that climb was done I was still full of steam and chugged on down RMR and the course was mostly clear except a few riders. After I got the goat and high ridge done it was a glorious descent down the finish. I enjoyed this course much more than the years prior. I placed 6th place overall and we will see what unfolds from there.

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