Saturday, February 24, 2018


With worn legs and easy riding on my mind Usery was the place to go. Heading back to California this weekend and family coming the weekend after that, going to squeeze those rides in and celebrate my wife white coat ceremony.

Ryan goes rigid!

I have Ryan the opportunity to use my backup Trek Superfly so he could experience rigid single speed for better or worse. I finally got it setup tubeless and it was ready for cactus thorns. As usual he was hot on my tail, showing no signs of weakness on one speed, he handled that bike very impressively, he made many climbs and rode it definitely like it was not his first time. My legs were there but little weak. Great ride, it was refreshing to have company.


It would not be a regular week if I didn't ride San Tan at least once. So my weekly ride there came to a beginning and wen off without a hitch of course. I was a few minutes slower than normal but still had a good enough time out there.

Mountain Way

On Tuesday I was going for anything different and to put down 20. To make life simple I went around the Hawes Mountain, It was a lot quieter out there as far as hikers go, it was nice and mellow.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Hawes Morning

My critter was out of school on Monday as with all the kiddos in school, so I ran out in the early morning to get back home early to my duties. Feeling fine as I spun around Hawes int was good stuff.

South Mountain Morning

Saturday I found myself awake long before the sun was planned to come up, as the normal I had biking on my mind and South Mountain is where I ended up. I went most the morning in the dark, saw no one surprisingly until after the sun was up. Standard trails and wondering when I will make my way back up Mormon and National trail one of these days.

Usery Beast

With gloomy skied and high spirits it was an enjoyable ride around Usery, my track made a funny looking animal of sorts.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stormy Delight

The rains had come! The day was cloudy and as I was headed for San Tan I was delighted to see it in the clouds, I was slightly unsure of what trail conditions would be like. As I geared up I was really taken in by the scene, it was more what I was use to in Utah and getting it in AZ was a real treat! As I pedaled in the conditions were looking solid. It was a very good ride with lots of different sights and sounds, loved every bit of it.

Post Vacation

Well after a rough time on our little vacation our poor son who was already sick got more sick on the trip. We lasted two nights and then packed up headed home without Disney and bummed out. When we headed out we brought the weather with us, it was cloudy and windy as we headed back for AZ and even looked like rain. Looks like good weather for the week ahead on the bike.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


We had big plans to head to California Saturday, and so before we did I woke up at an absurd time and had myself a jolly ride in the dark before the sun rise. Loved sneaking in juts one more ride and ended a good week on the bike. Off toe California, kinda wish I could bring the bike.


Me and Ryan ventured out to McDowells for a spinner. Made a great loop with limited time I had, turned out to be a great ride as expected, Ryan was on my tail, it won't be long before I am following him, thats fine.

Friendly Folk

Beautiful day for a nice ride, came across quite a few packs of folks out there, the snowbirds are armed with badges bearing they're from Minnesota. Not sure why they badge themselves but had a pack of 20 walk by me as I waited for them, they were all very kind and lead me to believe Mid Westerners are very friendly people.

Going flat

Ran out on the other Superfly, it sure is nice to be on 32x18 on those flat trails at Usery, sometimes being a single speeder your not in the right gear but 32x20 is about perfect for me from Az flats to Mountain filled Utah. With that said it was a good spin and eventually lead to a deflating tube, haven't converted it over yet, awaiting extra cash for tubeless ready tires and strips. Soon, for now it sits flat, that tow tubes in two rides........


Finally no traffic and so I headed for South Mountain, feeling fine it was a good spina around the place, they finished the lot, hasn't changed too much but they did a nice job.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Under the Moon And Stars

Saturday was looking like I was on full duty with my boy so I ran off in the early morning for a spin to set a good mood for the day. It was dark and enjoyable under the moon and stars, good stuff to a good week.


Very fortunately I have gotten in a better mindset after the last few rides and even though I was at a pretty bland San Tan ride this one was good. Tons of people out there still, waiting for the heat to drive them off in a way, but dreading the heat on it's way too.

New Superfly Sweetness

So I have long been playing out in my head if I found another 2015 superbly SS I just might buy it. Well the day came after a recent search on Craigslist turned one up for sale in Tucson. It was a size bigger than mine but the numbers actually showed it would fit just fine. The price was unbeatable. Excited and nervous I drove down to Tucson to check it out, it was bone stock and felt great so it came home with me. Now I finally have a backup bike and also parts for the Belltown. Not sure which way I am going with the belltown just yet but plenty time to decide. This ride was overdue so I took it to Mcdowells for a shakedown. I chose some different trails and forgot how good it is when your not wasting all that time pedaling Pemberton. With a very very nice change in scenery and delicious trails I was stoked. The bike felt good too, was missing my wheel/tire since the Bontrager Mustangs kind of suck and on narrow 2.2 tires on narrow rim it was rigid but just fine.