Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Spring bling

The hedgehogs have bloomed theyre vibrant flower and the cactus flowers have begun, some beautiful lupines were nearby for some color contrast, the desert has a bounty this spring, before they all get smoked out I will keep blabbing about it sorry.


My Saturday habit is still going strong, these are tiring me out, I feel like I am getting slower every week, I don't care too much about being slower but being faster instead would be nice.

Distracted but wonderfull

You know these rides use to clear my head, I think they have been ro repeatitive and predictable it's not quite doing the trick, life is good but not perfect you know, seems like 90% of the ride I am in my head bouncing around and not relaxed or enjoying lately.


Was enjoying some cool overcast and smelled some rain, I knew there was a chance later in the day but not this moring, I knew it smelled too good to not happen, sure enough it began to rain on my very lightly and pleasantly for an hour or so, even was a lil cold at first.

Air cooled

COLD AIR BABY!!!!!!!!!


The trails are so lush, it's going to be real sketchy spotting those rattlers soon, oh well, good pedaling, having some thought on a new frame, I am tired of this modern geometry, my older bikes were so much more fun and faster.

Bunch O Hawes

Well the week has come to aclose, lots of rides this week as our family vacation failed so we had the week off, I pictured more rides around the valley but Hawes is just too close and too good to go elsewhere.

Daisy Goods

The Daisy's are popping off on twisted sister, found a good patch of them trying to get to know my wildflowers better, so far so good, I don't want this weather to end!!!!!!!!


The skies opened up and made for one heack of a morning in the desert, theres a spring bounty fo flowers and amazing scenery around every corner!

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Round we go

Man I sure amd grateful hawes has so many trails, visited riverview on this one, definitely still prefer it east to west.

Funky MOnkey

A little less time to play today so mixed it up, it was nice to run from the top of goat down to the scorpion!


Haven't been out on the TWR in a while or mine, some new no trespassing signs up on TRW, not much else to report.