Sunday, September 26, 2021

Wheee found one!

Another wonderful shot at a ride, Started off at the park and ride without much plan, found myself looping around the mountain. Finaly cleaned climb to twisted sister since the monsoons rutted it. Then on up the Alpe, Gidro is running very sketchy. There in the middle of the trail was a tortiose! luckily in a good enough spot for me not to crash. I took a few pictures, such a cutie. Off I went on a clean run and worthy ride for the day!

Chilean Independance

What a beautiful morning! it was visually distracting the whole time. Pretty busy out there too, I should stay away from Alpe but I can't help it! Plan is to have empanadas and completos!


Some sweet clouds rolled in and provided nice cover for the morning ride, still very sweaty but slightly cooler. I did two laps of RMR and then went to look for a friends tube he lost on Iron Goat. Looking for it was very distracting while paying attention to not eat dirt, didn't find it, 3x alpes and plenty left in the tank!

Messing around

Alot of the same, A sunny Thursday, feeling good and thankful to ride!

Sept 11

It's that time of year, it has now been 20 years since the towers have fallen. It still upsets me at the gross negligence that it was not able to be stopped, I looked at the timeline from the plane from Boston and communication and the second plane, it's incredible to think this was possible. Those moments before so many lost their lives and thos who didn't but forever changed, my heart and prayers go out to them. I went on a ride, a big ride, I guess I should have kept going, I would have covered all the trails on that side of the mountain. I still had plenty of leg in me, I really want to do some big rides, I can't convince my wife though.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Belltown wants to rip

It was easy to grab the belltown for another ride, today I noticed it wanted to speed, set a few PR's taking it easy on RMR, I guess I never realized it likes going faster DH!


We are still getting thru this excessive heat warning, making the best of it still getting myself all sun screened up to go out and play.