Friday, August 17, 2018

Baby Desert Tortoise

Another nice day for a ride, came across a little baby desert tortoise on the trail, barely saw him, he made for some great photos and I was on my way. Bring on the weekend!

Somo on New Balance

Was trying to make it to South Mountain all week but traffic was an issue but on thursday I just went for it. It was bad so I got off and decided to start on warpaint. It was at that time I realized I had on my New Balance shoes, no choice but to rock them I rode into the trails and found them overall pretty darn good, light and strong sole and gripping just fine reminds me I have wayyyyyy too mnay miles on my fivetens and need to treat myself to new ones. Still nice and humid out it was easy riding on a standard loop. I think I mihgt start from that trailhead more often. Nice side of town :)

Delish Delight

Another delightful treat, humid sure but green and cooler with beautifu skies. All is good and riding is sooooo good right now!

Clean and Green

Wow the desert sure loved the precipitation we have had lately, I am getting very spoled by the mild temperatures and cloud cover I must say so keep it coming and we can wind down as we get closer to winter! Very pretty out there and good riding to boot! Also I hit the 2,000 miles mark, 3,000 here I come, not goal just going to happen anyway......


Monday had some wonky legs at the start, I am on a new riding schedule with 5 day in a row rides while the kiddo is in kinderarten. These poor legs never get a rest, but haveing saturday and sunday resting days is nice enough.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Desert takes a gulp

As I dosed off last night I awoke shortly to sound pounding rain and thunder, the skies opened up and I went off in the humid morning to see the goods. Trails were shaped and shifted once again, being day 5 in a row of rides the legs are doing just fine, just funny on the stairs. There was water running pretty strong across the trail which is an extremely rare thing, seen it once before with heavy rain, I went for it to find out it was crank deep and got the shoes wet and actually enjoye it. Plan is for a day 6 of riding, lets see what Saturday brings

Mix at Somo

Finally changed my route around Somo in despiration, the result was not very exciting but just slightly better.