Sunday, October 20, 2019

Always choose the right

A normal week of rides, I hit 3,000 miles by the way! It was Hawes for Friday and inlaws coming in at 5pm for Landon's birthday. This fork in the road at Hawes is always to the right, it's harder and love it, decided to take a picture of it. Bring on the weekend, more cake and good meals.


mannnn I need and so predicatble, I got to push hard to try to get out of town...... I am missing them trees and stuff. Happy to ride I really am but wearing out the trails but I will happily coninue to do so :)

To da ridge

Back to Hawes and was considering mixing it up and wanted to drop into Twisted Sister, I cleaned the climb real easily up to it, I was really surprised since I normally walk a short section and didn't even notice I never stopped and that was a nice surprise, not that it;s hard or technical, just a hard push on one gear. I opted to the ridge since I was not feeling the options once I got to the end of Twisted Sister. Ridge did not disapoint, te rest was easy peezy.

All over the place

The mind sure was cluttered with stuff Tuesdays ride, mostly dumb stuff but I guess my dumb stuff. I put on some metal to try to clear it out, it's been awhile, but found the negative spirit to still reside. The ride was good and when I was heading home I finally began to feel alot better!


I hit the pavement Monday morning though the La Sendas neighborhood to get to the dirt, I sure wish I had a home in those hills, blessed to have my current living space in Gibert but man some yard would be nice. Soooo pretty standard start to the week, riding to ride and thinking about riding elsewhere.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Last squeeze

Well Landon goes back to school Tuesday so this was going to be another gift as the ride was up in the air, when I got to the go ahead I happily ran out the door smiling and returned home doing the same.

Moon Set Birthday ride

The other monring I caught the glowing orange moon on the horizon, this morning I was out even earlier, charged on little sleep but birthday dinner and cake I was into the night so I wouldn't have to ask LuAnn to watch Landon. I was bugged to be not in Prescott but I never said a word and was content on any ride and dinner plans. 35 years old now and all is going well.