Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Boulder dashing

I did my ritual saturday morning and then dropped down for a go on Gidro, I ran into Lauren at the top and she told me that long aaited boulder dash was open. I somehow decided to try it out for some reason. Had to walk a few features but it is a sick trail, I would like a full suspension for it though, so someone buy me one! Right now I want a trek fuel. After that thrill I went to the river and enjoyed some lush greenery, made for a reat different morning on the bike.

Bomb averted

Going about my normal playing around on Hawes when I started to feel a clicking, I brushed it off as something tht ight go away shortly but as it didn't I went in to tkae a look and low and behold a plate was snapped on the quick link, which is in my opinion a ticking time bomb. I am so so so so glad I found it, I remember last year was my worst experience snapping one and sending my knee into the stem. It was a nice quick fix and I was back up and running and very happy about that!

Last Gold

I was in desperate need for something different so I took that exit that headed toward that wonderful place known as Gold Canyon. Since it's spring and warming up the snakes are always plenty here but some reason I felt like this was the place for todays ride. I must say GC is absolutely marvelous right now, it's literally like a garden at every turn, hard to believe the burn of summer is so close when it's this nice out.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Ride with MIles!

So the stars alligned! I got Miles to meet me at Hawes Sunday. Not something I do with a ride on Sunday but the occasion called for it. I use to ride with Miles a decade ago, he has always been wicked fast and I wasn't really worried since he was at the mercy of following my stank janky butt around. He was on a stumpjumper fsr, one of my dream bikes. He had no trouble what soever keeping up on climbs, on the downs I was able to gain distance between us but I slowed down so we could ride close, I had him take the reins on the cactus garden climb. It was so so so fun to have someone to ride with, I forgot how fun it is to ride with someone with the right abilities. I was sad for the ride to end, but we did a solid sampler of Hawes and I think he really enjoyed it. Made me miss CT alot and hope I move back east one day.....mayeb we can all ride again, might try this year to get a ride in with the old group if I can, they still kick my trash, but they're good dudes. Thanks for coming Miles!

Crossing country

Was feeling like a changeup, so it was a dose of new stuf and then off to riverview for some peace and solitude, it did not disapoint. I then had to make my way somewhere so I started climbing towards cactus garden, then onto pavement and connected the dirt and that was indeed a nice mix up at Hawes. Ride with Miles tomorrow!


JUst another shred session at Hawes, an old ride buddy Miles is headed to AZ, might connect for a ride!


Nice and cool, snow in the high country, warm sun, desert winters are indeed glorious, but coming to an end shortly.....