Monday, December 11, 2017


Well here we go, Monday and these legs are ready for duty, with the goal getting fuzzy I am still encouraged to ride my face off to try it. Usery is super easy riding and somewhat enjoyable so why not just ride for as much time as I can. Lately I started to shoot for 2 hours and go home and enjoy lunch and show before picking up Landon but now I got to crunch miles. Set the gaol for 100 or more miles this week. Good way to start of off putting down 35, tomorrow plan is 30 and that's a good start!


With he plan for near 100 miles I found myself at 60 miles by Friday, my son got sick and missed some school and other things in the lineup. I got out while Landon went for his class on Friday, I was feeling a bit speedy even on my one gear, it was a good fast spin. Was going for a ride Saturday and family ride Sunday but neither was able to happen. Fell short big time on miles that I really needed, but onwards to see if I can still make it happen.

Good ride, good company

Wednesday night me and my homie Ryan got all geared up to do a night ride, it turned out my light decided not to turn on. Really confused and a bit bummed we had to go home. As I might have said my backup light brakes has broke and my backup backup light was loaned out. After I got home I plugged it into Ryans charger and it went red signaling charging. Thinking it was the cable or battery after 5 minutes it powered on blue meaning full charge which I knew! The problem lies in the battery, it hiccuped or is on it's way out, let hope a hiccup. Thursday night we went back out and armed with backups we did ride! This ride felt great and good company.

Closer and closer

Got back cracking at it, Lots of miles on these trail systems, look forward to new trails one of these days. Usery was busy as usual, I had time to put down some miles and tell lots of people excuse me. I think it's time to get a new seat or chamois, all that sitting hurts my sit bones.

Monday, December 4, 2017

300 to go!

Sat/sun did not provide a ride, I tried but opted it out as to be too desperate. Monday did however deliver a very crowded San Tan but I accomplished another 20 miler to my batch of rides and close to my goal, I officially have 300 miles to go!

Git it done

With an hour to ride, I happily rolled into Usery on decent legs, nothing fancy here just a git r done as with most

Double Dipper

My lady wasn't home yet from school so i went back out for a second helping. I have done this a few times now and find it quite nice and easy to do. Sometimes I find that ride being even more enjoyable than the first one in the day. Ahhh I'm such a nut