Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Whewwww hoooooo

Swim team moved to Saturday 8am so I was set for an afternoon ride which was fine by me, shorter but I love this time of the day. I was feeling very strong when I got started, I just felt like it was nothing, so I pushed it pretty good, plenty left to push still but broke 6 or 7 personal records in one swoop, felt good doing it too!

Ahhhhh November

Looks like RMR got even further sanitizing, not wild about it but oh well. I am so so so glad it's Novemeber!

Back to Gold

New pedals and shoes! Went with the specialized 2FO DH shoes, feel very stiff and very sticky, also got some nee race face chesters, not my favorite pedal but cheap and grippy until I figure myself out. It was off to Gold canyon to see how it weathered the monsoons. Turns out it did ok, wild and looser than ever but that's what it good about it. My chain annoyingly kept popping off everywhere, tension was fine but it just kept at it. I tensioned it tight and it didn't come back off but time for some maintenance I supose. The ride went great I did alot more than I thought I could do in 2 hours, very fun and nice change in scenery!

Saved by the spare pedals

Another Saturday at Hawes, early, much cooler and I love it. 30 minutes in my pedal was begining to seize, I was at the bottom of RMR and was worried how to get back to the car since last time it started to seize I got just a mile in before it completely seized. With some prayer I got to the car and swapped out that oneup pedal for my backup chester. I am done with ONEUP pedals, this is the 3rd set to fail on me, they seem to last about 3 months and I keep getting them warrantied but what good is unreliability.

Veterans Day!

Started off early but not crazy early, Used the lights and started off up to pass mountain trail and then down the new Talon trail which was very bland but fine. Then it was off to do soem climbing into the morning.

Happy birthday Marine Corps

A wonderful day, wonderful ride!

Monday, November 21, 2022

Lovely ripper

My son had a swim race in the morning, it required us to wake up at 5:30am so no morning ride for me ofcourse . Most the day passed by and I was scheduled for an afternoon ride, feels so so so good to get out this time of day, the mind and body just feels so much more ready for it.