Monday, August 3, 2020

Slowly but surely up n over

I still feel slow as crap this month, I am not sure if my head and heart is just not into it. I fully tested the lungs on Friday with going up and over and back. All went just fine.

Sweaty Mcsweats

Ohhhh Yaaaaaa

After a nassty week with an illness, I was anxious to get back out Monday after some good rest. I felt pretty normal and the ride was pleasant, I took it a little easier and left out the heaviest climb. Saw a line of smoke coming from PHX or Tempe, turns out a train derailed and caught fire. I am so sick of the heat, I can't wait til winter.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Cruising in sweat

This would be my last ride of the week unfortunately and it was a hot one! I came down with more symptoms wednesday evening and would be another 4+ days of illness, today is Sunday and I sure hope to get back to riding. Might be in Utah by 8/4 I sure hope to be there and do some riding cause I am sick of the desert right now!

Double Rainbow

Feeling better in the body department I went up and over yet again in some wonderful weather. This time stumbling upon a double rainbow!

Slow N pretty

So I got prety sick after Thursdays ride the week before, pretty sure it's the Covid. I was feeling normal and ready for action come Monday and off I went. I felt fine until I begand to climb up to Twisted Sister which is a grunt. My lungs were burning and I felt weak. With the worst behind me I pedaled on hoping to feel better. I was a little off but the rest of the ride went smooth. With overcast skies and humidity this ride was beautiful to the eyes.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Gidro your my favorite

I bounce around Hawes Thursday, I wanted to ride Gidro but didn't feel like hiking just yet, aftr Mine I was weighning my options and for some reason hitting the pavement and maybe hiking up to Gidro entered my mind, sure enough I executed it. I love that trail!