Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Moody Saturday

Moody in a great way, yeah humid as a swamp but dark skies, dank dirt, I liked the previous ride so much I did a solid repeat and added in a lttle extra to hit tha 3k climbing mark. July isn't turnng out so bad afterall.


The skies have unleashed and heavy rains hit Thursday nigth leaving me with quite a nice treat for Fridays ride. The first order of business was RMR, so nice and fresh, I wasn'y pushing it just ejoying it safel, and I enjoyed that so much I went back up for another go, this time got moving pretty good 1/2 way down, felt great to push a little. These days I am so worried of injuring me or the bike that pushing isn't on the table since I got nothing to prove. Awesome ride!

Clouds and legs

The clouds are here! They brought the humidity too, it's amazing how quickly only AZ 50% huidity feels like 90% east coast I know so well. Absolute sweatfest and going up Alpe 3 times wasn't helping. I had tons of power this ride, I could have kept going and going, that was nice.

Bunny hopped a rattler

I was off on Tuesday, I get a window of time beofre my wifes work so got back to 4 rides a week. I was minding my business and in a split seconed I saw that rattler laid out across the trail as they love to do, even when the sun isn't even up. My heart went into panic and with no time to decide the best path was over it so bunny hopped it. Turned around and checked my legs, all clear. I hate how awkward it is use to bunny hop a rigid 29er but I can still do so thank goodness. Onwards with the ride which was great!

Post Hurricane

We has some wild weather roll in as a monsoon, it was a dusty wind event like I have never seen. The next day the carnage was evident, trees down on every block. The trails were just fine, they got some rain but were totally dry. The legs were in good order and around the mountain I went!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sweaty Burns

I was minding my own business on the hgihway and then ran over a home depot bucket, I dragged it all the way to the trailhead and the jacked the car up and pulled it out, glad I could remove it from the roadway safely. I shave the night before and man my face burned on this ride! Stoked t have Hawes back open!

Sweaty Mcsweaty pants

Oh my goodness, It's sooooo hot, ready to chug on thru July, the ride was great and all good!