Tuesday, August 22, 2017

San Tan Gimme

The big Eclipse day has come and gone, never watched most of it and didn't care to be honest. Landon went off to school at 2:45 and I headed for San Tan for a speedy safe ride. It was nothing spectacular but decent miles on the bike, just a few more days and UTAH!!!!!

SOMO push

On saturday I really did not feel like riding, the night before I had the ambition despite not much excitement, I knew I had to be home by 7:30 and when my alarm went off at 4:50am it was a hard struggle to wake up to the alarm and so forth. Somehow I found myself heading for the door tired as crap but hoping I could keep it together. As I was driving I really debated going back home, as I began to ride the same occurred. My body and legs just felt like crap, they wanted to be doing something else obviously. But after 10 minutes went by, then 20 and the rest was history. Lots of people out there, lots of groups, the weather was slightly cooler this week, only hitting just over 100F and looking oh so forward to winter!

Speedy Weedy

Never quite know how I will feel when I hit the trail, happily this one felt mighty good, it was hot but I was charged up for whatever reason and really enjoyed charging around Hawes. Saddle trail is wearing in nicely, soon it will be a double diamond :)

Usery with company

Me and Ryan headed out Wednesday night for some Usery action. We headed speedily into the night and began the climb up Pass Mountain. After beating him up a little we turned around and I continued the tour into Usery as we got onto the easier trails. It was nice to have company and spin so easily around the trails. For awhile I noticed how quiet it was as we were charging thru the night. It was great.

Gila Monster!!!!!

Since finding out they are pretty relaxed about night riding over at Usery I decided I could use some changeup, it turns out it not much more exciting there in the dark but it does just fine. Started off with another rider, good to know other people be out there as usual. I was looking for an hour of trail or 10ish miles. All was smooth until I ran into a cholla field, thought I got away clean until I felt that feeling grappled onto my leg in sharpness. Pretty good size chunk dug in, grabbed a few rocks and off it went, hurt like hell with only minor punctures. I was really surprised how as I began pedaling it felt like it was still stuck in there for a good 10 minutes, hate those stupid things. Onwards and onto the end of the night when I saw something flop on the Moon Rock trail and I caught glimpse of a Gila Monster. I had an advantage with my headlamp and got two good shots as he shot off into the night. Now my 2nd sighting and pretty stoked on that. Finished the ride complete and satisfied.

Cranking the usual suspect

Monday was back to business, and evening ride, the usual stuff around Hawe's feeling more comfortable out there in the dark for some reason, slightly cooler and remembered that it will cool ever so slowly in the months to come, but it really doesn't get good in my opinion til December.

Road the Hawes in sketch

Really looking to breathe new life into the trail rides, I have been finding myself desperately seeking a trip to Sedona or Flagstaff. With that option being unrealistic, I had to mix up my normal stuff in the dark. The skies were very active as I rolled into hates for a loop around the Mountain. With lots of lightening on both sides of me I knew a bailout would be an option by hitching a ride off the main rd. It was all so familiar on the way up to Wild Horse, then it got new and exciting. Done it before maybe 5 times but thats a big difference compared to 100s of times. As I crossed the Usery Pass Road I realized I had lighting still nearby but I think I was safe to continue onto the Maricopa Trail. I was getting closer to the easiest part of the ride and had to get thru some sand and a climb before I would reach comfort. Lots of spiders littered around, western desert tarantula's, maybe spotted 5 of them this ride. A slow monsoon beaten ride down Pass Mountain Trail and into the comfy Usery trails and 4 miles of pavement to the car for a fun 20 mile loop! Very much enjoyed this one. Utah next week, plan is for a 4day backpack and a few bike rides if all goes well, look forward to sharing :) and getting back home safely.