Sunday, September 25, 2016


Stars aligned and off me and Chris went on a good one at South Mountain. I have been blabbing about this loop for some time and we went to tackle it. I have ridden it twice before and very much enjoy this one. I arrived early and decided to turn the tires since he was running a bit late, pedaled up Beverly and over the ridge for a quick up and over, picked up a KOM on that one I guess, not worthy but just something no one rides. Then met up with him and we began to climb Bevderly Canyon. He was smoking me from the begining, I am a bit slower on my YT given the drastic difference between my rigid singlespeed. I chugged along at a happy pace not pushing myself at all, I knew it was going to be a long crawl up Mormon and National and before I knew it up we went. I cleared lower Mormon but failed again to clean the ridge. Something to work for I suppose, after the ridge we dropped into National and found everyone else in the valley using it too. I caught up with Chris at this point as my tech skills are on point and we headed on up to the lookout. A nice rest at the top was awesome, not pressed for time and enjoying the surroundings. Dropped down the steeps and then to the parking lot and onto Corona De Loma. Such a fun chunky trail, Chris handled it very well, I took my time and enjoyed every bit of it. Then once it was over way too shortly, we pedaled like mad back to the car. Very very much enjoyed this ride!


Met my friend Chris over at Gold Canyon for an afternoon rip. We made our way in with the plan to hit the new trail Phatnom and then fill in some trails I have not taken him on yet. It was a speedy ride in and he really enjoyed the trail. I think I have rode it 4 times now this month, a bit out of my way but a good excuse to head out there. After that we rode K trail to Mojave, then to Gila Monster to Vortex and headed for the car. This was a nice one, a much cooler day with a strong breeze was major relief, still sweating my face off but it's slightly better.


I had to stay home to await a package signature on Thursday, I was all ready to go in my bike gear since the mail person usually makes it to the area around 11. By 11:55 I had the package signed in hand and off I went for about 40 minutes. Usery was fast and simple as usual, I went for the outer loop and was feeling pretty good despite two runs this week. So I guess I kind of took up running, looking for more exercise and can't beat the ease and location I have to run near my house so I guess it will become a thing. I had the shop put on my Shimano Zee brakes finally after sitting for over a year, all seems well, might have a possible leak in the lever body but keeping an eye on it, the bike was run over by a truck.....


I Decided Monday while the kiddo was in school that I would hit Hawes. I guess I was as eager as ever to hit the trail and should have been dealing with cooler conditions. I could say it felt much better outside, the sun still beating down hard but but cooler for sure. Really excited to be growing so near to our Utah trip, torn on what bike to bring but happy with either one of them. The desert is taking it's spring form again, the vegatation is glowing green and cacti have begun to flower again. Pretty wild to be getting flowers while most are starting to loose leaves. This ride was fine, Hawes gets the job done, nothing too exciting.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Gold Canyon Photo Bomb

Been wanting to get some shots of me on the bike for some time. At times I wished I had a tripod and finally used my brain to pack one in. I decided Gold Canyon had a few good tech spots to get some shots. So after I got the boy into a very rare nap I was out the door thrilled for an afternoon session. With mellow in mind I pedaled until I felt ready for a shot, that happened to be shortly into the ride and got a wheelie shot. Then rode Cougar to K trail and had a session on the rocks. Got what I needed but definitely room for improvement. Absolutely love this app called burst mode, it's exactly what a camera user needs to get the shot. The after the pics I rode down K trail and hit the new Phantom trail with a little bit of speed emphasis to keep my KOM for maybe just a little. Then a ride to the car and major stoked when I got the pics pulled up. I should do this more often!

San Tanning

Rolled myself out to San Tan to avoid a ride at Hawes, turned out to be a pretty good idea. I wasn't sure how to use my 90 minutes completely but I happily pedaled around everything except for the outer loop. I am dying for an extended DH, in about a week I will be back in Utah tearing it up! Then I get home to AZ and go back to Utah for Rampage! So excited about this trip, I will leave October 12th and planned on 6 rides and about 100 miles or riding. I will fill in more details as things go down, absolutely excited!


Out to Hawes I went as the boy headed for school Thursday. I had some wonky legs since I decided to go for a run wednesday night. Haven't ran at all in years, decided to try to burn some extra weight I can't get rid of. This one was a turn n burn, it was only 92F out and humidity gone made it one of the most comfy rides in weeks despite being the middle of the day. Oh how I look forward to October!