Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Family ride

I must admit aside from the amount of biking I do weekly, I am a very lazy person, I have been in regret of lack of cycling with my family, luckily my wife was into the idea and Saturday all three of us rolled around the neighborhood, Landon was calm and cool on the bike and washe dout twice but was most stoked about making friends on the neighborhood playground obviously.

Waking up Hawes

Did not plan to ride this morning, but I did and certainly did not regret it. Did a replica of the day before, easy and breezy, good deal, bring on the weekend!

Cool and cloudy!

Wow soe nice weather has rolled in, with temperatures pushing 98F last week this was a treat, it's not over just yet! I am very very grateful for the cooler temperatures! Simple hawes ride and done.

What's done is done

Some choppy waters here on the home front, this ride was a head filled one as most of them are, but this was a tough day I was glad it involved a bike ride.

My wheel is back!

Oh man it has been a quick two weeks without my Stans Arch wheel, I finally got the serial number off it and sent it in to them. As usual Stans no tubes was flawless in the warrat and took great care of me. I got a nice new rim and maybe a new driver I think, the tire went on adn air went in and off I went to ride it Wednesday. Sooooo good to have it back, what a different feel of the bike over terrain and quicker freewheel engagement, I really wonder what a high end wheelset feels like. Everyting held air and I had a pleasant ride out on the Horse trails, ran into a rattler, the ones on that side of the mountain are so chill, they never even rattle at me, at Gold Canyon however those suckers mean business. I feel slightly calmer when I come across them since it's a weekly thing now....

Monday, April 15, 2019

Oh hi there

Finally mixed up a run on the Tuesday ride, at familiar hawes but decided to go up to Mine trail. On the way I came a cross a friendly trail critter, so cool to see turtles in the desert! The rest was a masher on the eastern side of Hawes with good stuff, more climbing than usual and all was good with it.

Monday hedgehog cacti day

Pretty dang nice out here still, the desert is drying out and the flowers are still holding strong but the grasses are dead, the hedgehogs are in full bloo, they're so vibrant when they flower, such a treat and distraction of color from the handlebars.