Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sun Setting on Gold

So I went camping with my boy friday in Payson, we had a great experience and when we came home Saturday I really didn not need as ride but decided to ask anyway. Momma agreed to take me boy at 5:45 and that left me with the best time of the day and some pedal time on a new trail at Gold Canyon named Hoo Doo. Knowing it was a challenging trail only I had nto much to expect, it quickly turned into a riot! Steep climb and I was rendered useless on a few corners and rocks, my lack of suspensiona nd gears rarely renders me useless but this trail got me a few times. It was an absolute blast and like nothing I have ever rode. Quite challenged but so stoked on the trail it was over too soon just under a mile. This is an impressive addition to the trail system, can't wait to see what the builder has for us next.

San Tan

My Brother went out on the last day for his own adventure so when my boy went to school I had my own. Not much of one, but I guess every ride is an adventure. Just a simple fast spin around San Tan enjoying the last of the cooler weather.

Brotherly Nigtht Ride

Me and my Brother set off on Wednesday night since he wanted to night ride, pretty cool to be riding bikes with my brother in the desert! Armed with lights and a sketchy Specialized Myka we spun off into the night with great success. I took him over the sketchy and went on a quick loop and we both came back unscathed. Good to have company out there and my brother did great for being on a bike juts a few times a year.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brotherly ride

Well my Brother and Mom are in town this week so Monday when the boy went to school and me and my bro went for his first desert bike ride. I took him to Usery since it was the safest bet, it was quite fun even on my wifes specialized Myka. We spun around a good hour and with great company I enjoyed this ride!

Buggy Saturday

Hungry for a Saturday ride, I was awake early and on the trail before 5:30, having Hawes to myself on sun rise. Feeling less ambitious once I started riding I was going to have to push to motivate unfortunately. The morning started off smooth and I was going to mix things up but then decided to take the easy way out and do my standard loop. Slightly defeated I crossed the road where the trouble began, there were millions of little flies hovering the traail. I noticed them on the other side a little but they were quite terrible now. Without sun glasses I was a hopeless victim eventually and uncomfortably caught two in my eye. That set the tone for the rest of the ride as I went into survival mode with my head tilted down to use my visor against them and my eyes squinted, still at slow speed they were smacking my face and entire body. I continued on and finished my loop and after crossing the street they were far less present. But by now I had a very irritated right eye that was growing quickly uncomfortable from bug guts or me trying to get them out. I made the car a little frustrated but in one piece. My eye continued to be very umcomfortable for all day, lesson learned.

San Tan

Well the usual out at San Tan, not much to report here

Thursday Mess

So on Thursday morning my kiddo woke up not looking great, soon after he awoke he started puking, he was really sick most the morning, it was one mess after another, cleaning himself, clothes and objects. He finally leaned how the puke bucket worked by the time the afternoon came and luckily he seemed to have perked up a bit too. I had to call him out of school and it was going to be a down day for the both of us. In my head I said perfect chance for a night ride, I never look for excuses to do night rides but this one seemed like a good reason. So got lighted up and headed out with just a little bit of desert light as my cranks began turning. It was a fun spin but definitely still have that spook factor still on my mind, even in the desert is doesn't feel less spooky than a heavily wooded tick filled CT.