Saturday, November 10, 2018

3,000 Miles!

Beauty of a mornng to roll in the 3,000 miles club again! So fortunate and so grateful to all that comes my way, what a great year it has been on and off the bike.

Great Hawes Rip

Feeling pretty good on this one, felt fast and composed more than normal, the awards say different but I did enjoy this one, also fixed my front brake and it sure is nice to have it back working again!

Peacedful Solitude

Gold Canyon popped into my mind on Wednesday so it was the ride of choice. I love the drive out there and the fact the trails are glorious and always completely empty! It really is amazing to have such a good network that gets so little use. So with thats said I coudln't help but think about how snowbird filled San Tan or South Mountain or Usery was so I gladly enjoyed 90 miinutes without seeing another soul while riding in the Supersition Mountains, what a treat!

Easy Does it

These morning are getting cooler and less light and I love it! Pretty perfect temperature for riding in my opinion, I can;t believe I have another summer to endure but for now we head for winter :)

Mellow Slice of McDowell

With my wife home to be on duty for the kiddo if a problem shall arise I went for McDowells for something more less ridden by me. I must say when I did put the rubber down my back was bothering me, legs were lifeless and the appeal of a ride was just not there. I just kept pedaling on easy beautiful trail convincing myself to get some miles, by the time the first loop was over I was feeling a little better and it got better from there. Nice day and ride out there for sure, love me some fall!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Right Direction

I took som excedrin Thursday night as I started to feel my worst, I started to feel noticable better and by the next day I flt much better. So with time on my hands I went for the big loop, so peaceful and pretty out there, until I got to Usery Mountain, lots of hikers was mildy annoying but no big deal. Mission complete, onwards through November!

Beat up or down?

Still feeling like crap but happily outside trying to pedal my legs in circles, powered through it for a mission complete!