Sunday, November 15, 2020

Evening Shredda

Friday came with an evening ride, I was stoked on it! I love riding that time of the day. It was a solid ride at Hawes, I put the 18t on the Surly and no problems. I am a lttle concerned now that Robbie sent me a pic of two teeth ripped off his cog. Probably a matter of time befor mine does the same, steel is on order to secure my future. Great ride, I didn't want to stop but figured 90 minutes was great and home I went for the weekend. Tried to get out Saturday but unsuccessful.

18T gives me wings and cracked cranks

I was excited to get the 18t to Hawes and Thursday got the opportunity to do so. It was a fast spin, I caught up to a warrior riding with artifical limb. I rolled the other way and set off on some proving succssful 18t climbs. I cleaned all the steeps and proved the 18t is here to stay, got some personal records too! I was about doen and got greedy and went up the road for a little more dirt. When I got to dirt I went into a dip in the trail and then the pedal felt real funny. I thought for sure I bent a pedal and after looking I pedaled on in uncertainty. I stopped again and dertermined to see what was up I found it, a crack half way thru my crank. Not mad or surprised about it I rode on. Time for new cranks.

18T and Wow!

I have been running 32x20 for a long time, I knew I could run less but when Robbie gave me and endless 18T cog as a birthday gift I had to put it on. I picked a place that didn't have too much climbing. I was immediately impressed and was soooo much faster everywhere. I even cleaned broken back climb. I also set a whole bunch of personal records! I am excited to see how it will do on Mine.

Nice Nice Nice

Cloudy, cool, and on my bike on a monday are all the good stuff I love! Someones car had skis on it!?

SS bro's new bike

Robbie finally got a new bike, it's a dean titanium. We were scheduled to ride at 6 at Gold Canyon and unfortunately I set the wrong alarm that only goes off weekdays and not weekends. I woke up just before 6 and ran to the car. He did a pre ride and I met up with him just 25 minutes late. We set off and I was feeling good. There were some clouds and some rain just enough to feel a few drops, lightening in the distance and a change in weather coming soon I was in a great mood. It was over too soon and I thought of riding more but I did say I would be home before 8am to ym wife.

Bring the colddddddd

Big ride this morning, alot of the regular with some extra thrown in. So warm I think it's going to almost be 100F today, sooooooo ready to drop the temperature. Great ride!

Not much front brake left

Got out on my Hawes, headed up for Gidro. I knew I was having front brake issues but man it's a sucky descent to have the lever on the bars. I fared fine but planned to address it when I got home, which I did without a bleed, just hooked the funnel up and added oil and cycled the lever and out came alot of air bubbles and back good again!