Monday, May 25, 2020

Still cool out kinda

So I didn;t ride Wdnesday due to a dr apt and schedule so Thursday was the day. I did something slightly different for my 20 mile spin, it was pleasantly cool start, borderline goosebumps, once I got level and uphilling that was gone fast, definitely nice breath of fresh air. Nice 20 miles of Horsey trails :)

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Hawbitual offender

It was that time of the week where I figured things out as I rode. So it was Hawes per usual and then did the standard habit.......I am getting slower and fatter now, what gives?

Thinking about being somewhere else

Thinking of being somewhere else, not to get away from my family or anything, I just want out fo this valley! Next week we are planned to go to Pinetop so that will be nice. I hope to bring my bike but we will see. Nice ride around Horse trails, not much to report.

Keep it simple stupid "Rigid SS"

I got the Salsa back up rolling to mix things up and as usual it was a quick adjustmen since it's so similar to my trek. The plan today was to hit Hawes trail but from the good side. I like that trail alot, still just 1 -2 hike a bike section but those downs are so money. I filled in the blanks form there, solid stuff.

Quiet and less bugs!

Exactly that, I don't think I ran into one person on this one, pretty unusual and having less bugs was fantastic, the last few weeks the trails have been plagued with the annual bug fest. Good ride, I will be back.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Giddy Ro

I pedaled on up La Sendas neighborhood and going over my options for the ride, I had Gidro no my mind and dreaded the climb to it but yet I found myself hi

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Well that was uncomfortable

Tuesday came with a surprise. I was going about my normal hawes 20 mile business and while on High Noon I found a rattler with a little something hanging out of his mouth. I stopped in awe, the snake was pissed and I nervously walked by and took a few pics and off I went. Seeing that scene was a little uncomfortable as a many of the snakes prey run all over the trails, but to see that life lost in the hands of a nasty rattlesnake with venom left me uneasy. Was a good share for the internet that day though.