Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gold and Steel

On Monday my wife was home from school, this allowed me to hit Gold Canyon so off I went. Little nervous about finding rattlers I treaded without headphones and eyes open. It was a great spin around and no snakes found happily. Nice change of pace getting off the routine, enjoyed :)
Another very early Saturday morning I could not pass up a ride, sickness or allergies had me a little beat and as I rolled into South Mountain with plans to nit National I made a detour and went for the easy normal route of Desert Classic. I plan to get up there next week and give it another go, but for now I got thru the week.

Usery for Easy

Rolled out very early on Friday morning, with wonky legs I went for Usery for some easy. Happy to report it was nice and easy.

Silencing a creak

So I got the Belltown setup, while I was at it I threw some anti seize on the dropout bolts in hope to silence a bad creak. When wheels went down the creak was gone, sweet sweet success! It was a simple good pedal around Hawes and a complete normal 15 miles.

Not a drop

Soooooooooo ready for some weather, its mega dry around here since October and as normal and I am eagerly awaiting in a way the monsoons to bring some action into the valley. A spin around South Mountain was easy as can be, nothing special, I have been on the Trek for a few weeks now I got to switch over to my belltown.

Lizards N such

A good ride filled with lots of lizards running around,not much more than that to say about this one.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Closed out the week with another crazy early morning ride, legs and mind felt pretty good on this one, I would expect the opposite after a riding 70 miles so thank you.