Friday, August 10, 2018

Desert takes a gulp

As I dosed off last night I awoke shortly to sound pounding rain and thunder, the skies opened up and I went off in the humid morning to see the goods. Trails were shaped and shifted once again, being day 5 in a row of rides the legs are doing just fine, just funny on the stairs. There was water running pretty strong across the trail which is an extremely rare thing, seen it once before with heavy rain, I went for it to find out it was crank deep and got the shoes wet and actually enjoye it. Plan is for a day 6 of riding, lets see what Saturday brings

Mix at Somo

Finally changed my route around Somo in despiration, the result was not very exciting but just slightly better.

Fresh Corduroy

After a fresh rain during te night I set off to see what it looks like since we rarely see it, some people call it hero dirt, but it's really not that heroic. I may get more gitty about seing a clean tire at the end of the ride than different dirt, so I am just saying its not very exciting, howvere the dirt in more normal environments hero dirt is very real! The desert not so much....

Easy Street

Spun around Usery to mix thigns up, turns out the place took a beating from the monsoons recently, lots of sand and downed debris, nothing to stop me in my route or anything so I cruised thorugh the place, planed to connect all the dots but fell short and had enough.

Toasted Ginger

With humidity in the air and sweat abnormaly on the arms it was a moist one for sure, still don't know whats worse, humid with heat or just crazy heat without huimdty, either way no say in the weather but hey we are into August! Just 3 more months until we wreally get into the good weather!


Saturday MOnring with wonky legs I ran to South Mountain for an uneventful pedal, with mission accomplished I really need to spice things up on the bike soon I am getting too stuck in my routey ways.

Reggae Morning Cruise

Reggae was on the headphones and mellow was on my mind, a good ride was had, nothing fast nothing crazy.