Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Peace and Quiet

I just had to sneak one more in while th family was sleeping saturday, my wife in deep involved into preparing for finals and I didn't want to burden her by askin so off I went and was on trail by 4:45. I was hesitant to ride backside of Usery since I never night rode out there and wondered if I would get creeped out, it won since I really was not interested in Hawes again so Usery it was. All was peachy, I lost control ina few spots, my tires are really barking for a change. I slide off the trail for the second time and this time it happened so fast and unfortuunately right into a bush with a cholla as well. Luckily the cholla was a the mellow type and at the time I was going face first into it and luckily put my helmet into it just in time to take most the blow. My hand took all the needles and I happily took that over my face and eyes. It has been a long time since I have dealt with loosing control or touching a cacti. With an annoying hand filled with broken off needles I still happily finished the ride off nicely. Mission accomplished, a good ride week salvaged by early morning desperations.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Heart Palpatations

Another dark one for me, on the trail by 4:45am and just fine with it so I could get my fix. I was on TRW and had an oh &%$# moment when I saw the tell tale sign of a black and white ringed tail of a rattle snake. I passed it and went back for a photo, it wasn't moving, I guess someone squished it. Relieved but still btohered someone left it there for a sick joke, I had a fearful job of moving it with stick which was creepy, I hate those things. Good ride though

Warm and Dark

Rain was expected later in the day on this warm and dark morning, I must say I was excited to be getting a ride in but not so filled with energy, the days are eating up, the days are getting longer, for now I enjoy dang good temperatures.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Morning Sauce

Had to do it early to get one in, hopeful for more to come this week :)

Monday, March 11, 2019


Solid nice 20 miles of Usery Pass, this would be the last ride this week, my boy is out of school on Thursday for a bit of time with his spring break. Rides will be far more challenging to get in the days to come. It's ok, I ride too much, but I will still aqueeze some rides in :)

Second serving

didn't need it, but kinda wanted it

Lovin Lovely

Its really quite nice out there, I can't stop saing it I know, but soon the dreaded heat will be tormenting us. a good 15 miles around the horsey trails, love how quiet it is out there