Thursday, July 11, 2024

Rhinestone cowboy

Part way thru my saturday ride I decided to go for 30, it was tiring tough 30 but made it! Found my favorite tortoise on goat. I think it needs a name since it's home must be nearby and seen it 3 or so times now.

Paddle Board Canyon Lake

Great time on the water with the family, everyone did great on our first paddleboard adventure. It was brutally hot so not much paddling, more swimming which felt really good. It was very pretty despite the dead fish and gross water.

Long road

Lots of summer left, gone into hibernation mode and not loving it.

It's pretty

I am still surprised for how dry it is it still doesn't look very dreary.


A rare day of overcast, it would be nice if we had more of this.

Ironflat hike

It happened again, climbed up that steep beautiful mountain. Was in good company with Brant and enjoyed it. Very friendly couple of critters on the top, they were coming right up to our hands begging for food.

Old school hawes ritual

Regular ol Tuesday old hawes stroll, early mornings aren't bad.