Monday, October 16, 2017

Brown's mix n match

With a Seodna trip failed, I was disappointed but I really have done ALOT this year and feel very fortunate. I was headed for Brown's which is kinda my favorite place to ride, I had the idea to hot Whiskey Bottle, Diablo and Legends Trail North. I had to fill in the gaps in between which was a delight, so many trails here and still haven't picked a favorite loop cause so many are so so good! Wonderful morning in the desert, got goosebumps in some of the lower lying areas, felt good to feel the chill.

South Mountain Stroll

feeling lazy and flowy, Wednesday was an early morning at South Mountain. Pretty standard here, nothing too exciting to report, Friday was my birthday and was hoping to head to Sedona

Monday at San tan

Well a new week, can'y say its much different than any other, I had 3-4 spots to pick to ride and went over to San Tan for an sunset ride. As I began my way onto the trail I was feeling just fine, the sun going into it's late time in the day was quite welcomed, it wasn't cool or anything but just the glow of niceness. I rarely ride this time of day anymore and while I ride a lot and can't complain, this time of day is a favorite. It was just a speedy one loop lap of San Tan to use up my time wisely, I use to have 2 hr rides, now they're more 90 or less but I get the exercise to fun ratio in and that's fine. It was a nice ride round the mountains, such a nice setting and good day to be alive

Monday, October 9, 2017


On saturday I was anxious for a ride, i hot the trail plenty early, found South Mountain quiet and relaxing as it began under my night riding light. My body was intact for the most part, I picked this easy ride since I was still coming off two weeks off the bike. It was a really nice pedal, the right mix of fun and work. I came across 4-5 coyotes on the side of the trail, they seemed pretty cozy with my stopping to watch them, kinda cool but kinda scary. One got pretty close as long as I remained still as he looked for breakfast. I found myself wanting more but had to return home for my wife to hit the gym for a class. Finally feeling better let's bring on next week, I got my birthday coming, I hope to sneak off to Sedona on Friday for a day of riding on Saturday let's see if I can make it work.

Sour Puss

Well I guess I have some inner demons I have been struggling with since we returned from out trip, I am back in the valley and being affected by it, I was told to go for a ride and that I did. With my body feeling like crap and ambition low I headed for Hawes. When I hit dirt I still felt about the same, just weak and low on energy. I had plans for two hours and trail variety but ended up keeping it simple and then headed home with a slightly better attitude. Ran into some wild horses, they were pretty comfortable in my presence.

Sun up

Well after a fantastic family vacation I found myself 11 days later back on dirt. I awoke crazy early with a messed up jet lag time zone change. I was groggy and grumpy but left the house for a cool AZ sun rise. It was very nice out, finally temperatures are shifting and I am soooooo happy about that as you could imagine. I hastily sped around Usery area, legs feeling ok and mind was in the gutter but I still found delight in the sun coming up.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

One last steam

Well maria has headed out to sea and so are we, this was one last spinner before the trip, still dreaming of aspens pines and fall colors, might not see any this year.....