Tuesday, December 18, 2018

So nice I loved it twice

Back for more of the Horse trails, did two laps of High horse and wild horse and dang it was good. There was no fridya ride since my kiddo was sick.

Gold Canyon Paradise

Very much enjoying Decemeber here in the desert, Gold Canyon was stuning as usual when it's not 120F and without rattlesnakes. Great ride

Triple H er HHH or HHHH

Well since I have been enjoying the heck out of Horse trails I have not sampled horse tale for way too long. Today was the day, the plan was to ride the three Horse trails now I call them Triple H Loop. It was a glorious ride into the desert with ambition and beauty around. I made rode my way over to the new horse tail trail. It started off good and mellow and then dipped in and out on narrow singletrack, some tricky singlespeed climbs but the trail was ridden and I enjoyed it very much East to West. It was easy breezy to the car and a very nice 20 miles in the desert on a Tuesday morning.

Funky Monkey

Out and about on a great monday, standard route nothing fancy

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Beauty of Friday

With some overnight rain Friday was the day to go out and reap the reward. The forecast called for overcast but the sun was gloriously shining through beautiful stormy clouds creating quite the scene. Mixed up the loop and enjoyed a refreshing mix n match, closed out the week on a beauitful one for sure!

Moody Skies

Rain was in the valley Thursday, I was ready for it and luckily it never got me while I was out there, the moody weather was a nice sight, the riding was great and actually quite warm. I rode a standard loop, not very exciting but mission accomplished.

New Chainfruit trail

Just down the road Usery created the chainfruit trail, I have ridden the new trail next to it as well Lost Sheep, but wedndsday was the day to go test it out. Not expecting much I had a good rip up and down the mountain and over to the new trails, unsure of my loop entirely I went for Chainfruit, nothing more than expected other than cozy pretty trail. Then down Lost Sheep and then some filler miles and back to Chainfruit and up Lost Sheep and onwards to the vehichle happily.