Friday, July 13, 2018

San Tan

MIssing those early morning rides without sunblock but those school days of free time just beg me to ride. I went for San Tan having been awhile, I paid the fine I had in my glovebox for the last 2 months, a measely 5$ but its now over. I wish it felt ore fun to be on less ridden soil but it was bland but did me just fine. Even got some intemittent clouds near the end!

As good as July in PHX can get

Tuesday brought in overcast skies and a little drizzle and cool temperatures, it was an absolute delight out there, I also was feeling pretty good overall which didn't hurt either.

Humid Monday

A major cool down was in store for the second week of July, lost of storms and clouds and even temperature drop! I can't remember being so lucky after 3 summers to have it this good in July so celebrate! Legs slightly off since Saturdays shock to the system but on these easy trails any condition can do. Monday was quite humid, it was only 80F but with humidity in the air it was a bit sweaty but just fine.

Back to the inferno

Abslutely incredible trip to the Bahamas as always. I relucantly ran out in the later part of the day in an agressive manner of 114 degrees. The car said 117F but who is counting. Strangely it didn't feel all to bad as any chance of sweating would immediately evaporate and a slight breeze in my favor. Legs were as fresh as they get, once a year I am off the bike for 2 weeks and this was the annual trip that they get solid rehab. I walked the beach plenty and felt them rest, back on dirt they didn't feel much different except for my heart rate. It was a good pedal and enjoyed it out there more than I should given the HEAT! I am back and ready for rides.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jet Set

thats a wrap, another early morning, another week of hills and dirt, it's been good, see ya when I get back

Dreaming of Autumn

It is true, I saw some french cooking show the other day and and watching the leaves and naked trees in the countryside of France reminded me of home. The smell of decaying leaves, cold breezes and wet dirt. I find myself going through phases when I really just want to leave Phoenix and for good reason, but for now with no options on the table I just keep chugging along complaining when I really shouldn't but one day there will be what were looking for achieved. I woke mega early to beat the heat, I was successful obviously, just one more ride before take off for two weeks!

Dragons Breath

Out for a ride in the monring at the normal time, im extremely fortunate to have a shot at the cooler temperatures of the morning beofre they reach the days high. It was regular ol hawes for me, solid and accomplished.