Thursday, April 19, 2018

Slum Valley Boys

Again with time on my hands Ryan wanted to go for a ride so I dipped into another double ride, another nice cool one to enjoy before the HEAT comes.

Same Loop More People

Back to San Tan for some strange reason, same loop, more people......


With time on my hands I went out for a 2nd ride, I might have enjoyed this one even more, it was cool and cloudy and those are rare things in April! Also I only have two days to ride this week due to heading out of town for a desert backpacking trip.

San Tan busy and pretty as usual

Monday was a day for San Tan, I have not been there in awhile and really did't miss it much but since I have not renewed my pass yet I found 2$ and headed over there. I was thinking of 2 hours but was filled up after 90 minutes. It was nice out, certainly busy out but all was well.

Calm Cool and Not Collected

Very very very nice weather, it got almost 100F the other day and now back into 70F for a high, this is the last of it for sure though! All was well but my mental game was off.

Silver Fox

All fun and games on Thursdays ride, feeling good and feeling really good about the bike!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Belltown Shakedown!

IT'S HERE! I got the headset in and brakes figured out and wham o here it is! I can say it rode super solid, everything about it is fantastic, no fancy build or anything but I am in love with it.