Thursday, August 11, 2022

Getting the grumpies out

Grateful for a safe trip home, it was bittersweet getting home. I had some time to squeeze a ride in so ofcourse I did! It felt really good getting out for a ride, rare to get to ride that time of day. Mixed emotions, here for now, can't wait to leave.

Family upper falls hike

I stole this hike idea from a fellow friend. It was lot steeper than I expected but we chugged on and were rewarded for our efforts, nice way to spend our last day!

Red Eye

I had one more ride, I was super bummed I wimped out for a high elevation ride and went back to Corner Canyon for miles. Not that it's a bad deal, just wanted to get into the aspens. I had a terrible nights rest, well actually everynight was terrible sleep, but I was chugging on by a thread most the ride. Not disapointed what so ever and enjoyed the last ride of the trip.

Screwing around the mountain

I was pretty torn on where to ride, if I drove to the goods up high I would loose ride time or take up family time. So it was easy to head back to Corner Canyon. I was climbing up Anns enjoying the scenery with the idea of trying out the new three falls trail. I got distracted on a few DH runs on that flowy greatness on the south side. Then a quick run on Fang and up longview and onto three falls. The trail was nothing wild, tons up uphill traffic, I was thinking I made a big mistake. I Made the falls, it was absolutely wonderful, crystal clear and even had a sandy bottom. That was worth it after dipping my face in. I was running tight on time but rode on to see the new trails ahead. Rode bodily harm, more effort and forbidden. I was kind expecting flow trails but they were great climby/descending trails with no jumps. I was running way behind and low on gas but enough left to get back up to the top of three falls to push hard down rush and to the car, so happy!

Ahhh the memories

I am painfully reminded when we visit Utah, this use to be where I lived, I was much much happier here. As I may have said before I lived just 5 minutes down the road and rode here plenty. So great memories with Brent and I over the last decade. The place keeps expanding as usual, I love shredding Ghost Falls and Rush. I felt good and buzzing down the mountain felt so so so good, Jacobs however is not very exciting anymore. Time was up to soon.

Spanish Fork flow

Well I cranked out the ride Thursday morning, came in just a few minutes under 10 hours. I beat the family by quite a bit so after some unpacking I anxiously found some time to ride. I headed for Spanish Oaks since it was close and got to climbing. The first thing I noticed, it was HOT! I mean sweat pouring down just as hot as AZ hot. Oh well, I pedaled, on. Found my way to a few trails I have not ridden in there, good flow and fun for 90 minutes before heading home for a needed shower and pickup the family at the airport.

Friday, August 5, 2022

Stormin Mornin

It was soooo windy! Storms were around and even got a sprinkle, some of the windiest conditions I have ridden in for sure. Lucky for me it died down as I went on into the daylight. Last ride before heading for Utah!