Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Saturday beater

Saturday I was a little desperate to get one more ride in this week, unsure of what the trails were going to be like later in the day it was nice to be otu mega early and have the place to myself. We canceled out Vegas trip for next week and got the house stocked up later in the day, now to play it cool this weekend and enjoy family time. I felt like crap on this ride, weak and tired.

Shredding to WH briefing

Thursday was a big day, as I forsaw our wonderful president addressed the nation on the virus. Like I said wild times are here for now. Basically we are still going to live normalish, the schools are all closed, I bet Landon won't be back for a few weeks or even until spring who knows. The grocery stores got rushed in a mad panic, I am stocked, fueled and ready to go and tackle the challenges ahead. I just hope everyone keeps their cool and we cna stay safe and crush this thing. While I was listening alot of thoughts running thru my head but still had a great ride with some incredible scenery! I hit the grocery store after the ride, it was scary......

Love it, no ebikes

This early morning I noticed some new signs are up and running, I did notice a little one saying no ebikes or pedal assist. I kinda chuckled and then thought it was a joke but after thinking about it I realized they are real. I have seen an ebike on every one of the no ebike trails but who cares I guess. I think ebikes are ridiculous for fully capable people but if it's your thing and doesn't affect me oh well. Great ride, not a single rider I think and a rainbow!!!!!!!!!!

Covid 19

Here we go into weeks two of March. Some scary stuff is happenening the Covid 19 virus is spreading along the US and life as we know it is not over but life is going to be disrupted. With my son on spring break and I am pretty sure soon to be extended I am still sneaking rides in. My wife has school so I was out in the early morning. It was refreshing to ride to the sun rise, a little groggy but pedaling just fine sine I do well with mornings. I got greedy and did a healthy 20 miles. Mighty fine morning :)

Monday, March 9, 2020

Running from the sun

It was just about 90F on Friday, not wild about any of that business but the heat is trickling in. Landon is on spring break now so this ride went off nice and early, no sunscreen or guilt :)

More spice in the salsa

I was moving a little quicker on Thursday and set some personal records on the salsa, I keep switching bikes so I haven't gotten to push too hard on the Salsa, I find the salsa a solid desceneder and the trek a slightly better climber. Both are so good at doing both!

Snowbirds be so nice

It's true, snowbirds are by far the most pleasant poeple I come across on the trail or in town. I am generally just fine having to wait for them to move over of I move off the trail for them. I wish more people in the valley were so friendy. I guess if we escaped a normal winter we would be happier too.