Thursday, November 7, 2019

Arizona Single Speeders!

Soooooo I was done for the week and all was good, that evening I got an invite on strava from the Arizon Single Speeders club. I have gotten them in the past but brushed it off due to timing and location. But this one struck my interest, Gold Canyon at 8am. I need more interaction and brotherhood so I asked my wife if it was cool. Knowing her schedule and asking her to hang w the boy was easy and when she thought it was a good idea I was hesitantly excited. I went over the outcomes in my head and decided to just say screw it. SO with 75 miles under me already there I was heading for Gold Canyon with no expectations other than to eb friendly and have fun. I got there and was surprised to see 10-13 in a bike group. I thought this couldn't be the single speeders theres way too many, sure enough as I rolled up it was them. I killed a few minutes of time to save some awkward community time cause I am weird like that and then I joined the pile and had a few hellos and admired the stable f beautiful single speeded bikes. I was with my people, we had a range of people in their 30s and above it seemed and racer lookers down to me the guy in baggies and flats. There was two other rigids and we rolled into Gold Canyon deraileeurless and I put myself safely at the back of the pack. The ride kicked off at a quick pace and I quickly enjoyed by rear of the pack decision. In a trail of dust we tackled technical climbs which some lost and won but immediately I was impressed with each riders skillset. We rolled on and I was really enjoying the ride, we stopped a few times for turns and was glad to be with the group. We lost one guy who just wasn't ready for the group so off we went 12 further into the ride. It was nice to have my mind off my issues and being distracted by brotherhood of "nice job" "whooooooooos" and many other words of encouragement and fun. By mid ride I was moving up the pack, like I said I was enjoying my rear of the group but some were struggling with the technical and definitely not the strength of cardio stuff. After 90ish minutes of stop and go and good company, I was reaching my time limit, I debated asking for more time but I already asked for alot so I rolled out solo relishing in the awesome experience I just had. Hope to ride with these guys again soon. I forget us singlespeeders are a special bunch.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I asked for a ride she said no

Back to Usery Pass with the horses, saw quite a few this day. I seperated some at a dead end by the road, I stopped for a moment to see if the two horses wanted to pass before I left, this one horse walked calmly just 5 feet from me, pretty cool and beautifu animal to see out in the wild, at that moment I wanted to be the horse for a day :)

Candy Time

Halloween is here, not a big candy guy but I might sneak a few in. I have started my workouts at home again, it's no gym but for now I am going to try to strengthen my core and put on more muscle and weight. Hopefully this will impact my riding and health better. Strava blipped on my tracking again I had to delete and re download to fix an issue I was having, I can't complain the app is amazing and very efficient at tracking.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Nice out there

a breath of cool air has come in, I am thankful :)

Road to Hawes

I dont mind a little pavement to Hawes every once in awhile, usually once a week I do such a thing. I love the DH section once you get to dirt, I keep trying to tell myself to get up to Gidro but I just don't want to hike a bike so I always bail on that plan. This was more of the regular loop, same old.

Was not happy to see you either

Monday came at us nice and cool, I amost wish I was wearing gloves it was that good out. I saw at Usery Pass to enjoy some narrow quiet single track. I had a different route in mind but my brain still went the standard way. Good ride, body is good to go mind is coming along. Wild horses were around hanging out, they end up in this area in the winter time as the years pass I am becoming more of a local..... I was shocked mid way to run into that infaous black and white tail of a rattler, he was pissed, I don't blame him.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Now I can go watch Rampage

That favorite time of year rolls around once a year, the event of Rampage. I attended two of them some years back and I love to watch the show so I had notified my lady I was going to be into it for the afternoon. Leading up to it I was rooting for Storch and Zink, their runs didn't quite pan out and holy smokes was it a good show. Oh yea, my ride was fine and dandy. I got to watch 1/2 the show and then some broadcasting issues arose. I got back home and got to finish it, I went nuts after watchin Lacondeguys first run, I quickly forgot how many years I use to root for him but the last two years he just seemed a bit off his rampage game. But this year wow, he was on. So to wrap up my favorite, definitely both Lacondeguys runs, Strait was great to see him go wild, I think Rheeders run outshined Semenuks but overall good show!