Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New pedal day!

I have notice the a few months ago that my one ups just weren't gripping all that well, so after a long stint of cheapness over 60$ new pedal I ordered them up and was very excited to get them on. I owned a pair of aluminum kona wah wah's about 10 years ago, I was exicted for these in plastic and updated. They feel absolutely fantastic and far better than my one us and race face chesters. Impmressions are good, now to see how they hold up.

Cloudy breexy and pretty

Thursday had me at Usery pass, feeling mellow I went up the mountain and enjoyed a pleasant hiker free journey. Very very nice out in the desert right now, weather is going to be great the rest fo the week and weekend.

Playing dead or dead?

Wednesday had a pavement climb to the dirt, a regualr for me about once a week, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a rattler along the curb, no sign of trauma but he wasn't moving and I wasn't about to find out if he was alive. Rest of the ride I expected to be snakey, with my eyes peeled no more snakes for me, just a bucnch of bugs hitting my body.

Yea Mon

On this Tuesday I felt a little better, I put Jimmy buffet on pandora and had that mellow vibe going for the ride, nothing fancy just a spin around Hawes.


I got home Friday night after a very pleasant trip to CT. I had mixed feelings about being back in Phoenix but happy to be back with my family. The next ride would come Monday, I was kinda in the mood for it, thinking things might feel refreshed, after 5 mimutes I was back in the old funk, just not really feeling it in teh head and body. But I rode on, on a comfortable successful ride. Came across a really pissy rattler, I got around him and we parted ways.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

One last treat

There was rain expected for Friday, I wasn't planning to ride really, but packed the car in case the chance arose. At 4am I checked the forecast and I was free and clear and just couldn't help myself and headed out the house to get a good ride in before my train back to the city. I picked Naugutuck trails I rode Tuesday since there was still some exploring to do and it was close to the house and trail map recent in my memory. It was a nice spin, I was very very thankful for this trip to CT, I got 4 great rides and this one was another in the bag before the rain came. Not ready to go back to Arizona but ready to face the music, thank you CT :)

Nassahegon Blast

Thursday I was feeling brave and ventured up to Nassagegon. I have rode here twice before and really enjoyed it. This time I was happily armed with a trail map and ready to rock. I have really been enjoying CT, the change in scenery and weather is soooooo welcomed. It was yet another rain free day which was quite lucky I might add, I had a few trails in mind and was going on the fly. Turns out the trail choices were super sweet, I linked one fantastic single track after another, these were Mountain biker built trails for sure and was very very thankful for trail signs and easy navigating. I can't believe how little miles it takes me in 2 hours on CT trails. I left Nassahegon fully satisfied by the time I was back to the car, so much more to ride there when I get the next chance.