Thursday, March 21, 2019

Goody Good

Second shift was pleasant!

To the river and then flower power

I was kinda undecided what to do on this ride, I wanted to go up Usery Mountain but was hesitant given the amount of hikers around, soooooo I went back into the horse trails. I had 15 wonderful miles to fill and headed for the River loop. All was smooth and jolly and no snakes!

Bee sting roulette

Well another great second shift hour ride, back on the Stans wheel for now and back on a bald tire, no worries :)

Peaceful sea of green delight

Wow, another stunner of a week in teh desert, things heating up a bit umcomfortably but still perfect on those 8am rides. Eyeballs were absolutely distracted yet again in a sea of flowers and green happy desert. I felt good this morning, relaxed and happy, even when my tire let out all it's air I shrugged it off quite easy. It helped it held all it's air until the last 5 minutes to tha car. I walked it out, I guess a big leak from the valve stem will have me rethinking the gorilla tape for rim strip on this wheel.

New tire day!

Finally took apart my Stans arch mk3 to send in for warranty. I have been so lazy to do this, the spoke holes have multiple cracks, so my second stans wheel warranty in two years but they have been very quick and very good on their warranties so I have not axed them from my future yet. So I taped up my old Bontrager wheel and a new tire and hoped for a tubeless success. The ride went off without a hitch, the knobs on the continental mountain kings were felt on the trail, not a fan off the bat so far, they seem comparable to my Ikons but time will tell. Nice ride and it didn't go flat so success so far.

Hawes Bouquet

Excited for a normal week ahead, I sent my boy off to school and to the trails I went! Pollen and spring is in full swing, puffy itchy eyes to prove it, smells are incredibly abundant on the trails, wildflowers grasses and trees, quite nice. I will miss it next month when everything goes brown.....

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Peace and Quiet

I just had to sneak one more in while th family was sleeping saturday, my wife in deep involved into preparing for finals and I didn't want to burden her by askin so off I went and was on trail by 4:45. I was hesitant to ride backside of Usery since I never night rode out there and wondered if I would get creeped out, it won since I really was not interested in Hawes again so Usery it was. All was peachy, I lost control ina few spots, my tires are really barking for a change. I slide off the trail for the second time and this time it happened so fast and unfortuunately right into a bush with a cholla as well. Luckily the cholla was a the mellow type and at the time I was going face first into it and luckily put my helmet into it just in time to take most the blow. My hand took all the needles and I happily took that over my face and eyes. It has been a long time since I have dealt with loosing control or touching a cacti. With an annoying hand filled with broken off needles I still happily finished the ride off nicely. Mission accomplished, a good ride week salvaged by early morning desperations.