Friday, March 5, 2021

Up n over

I sure do love the access the new trails have given to go up and over hawes, we now have a solid but still tough Alpe and Goat. The views from up there are so impressive. I love this loop, I thre in an extra climb up alpe for an Irond goat run, greedy I know....but ready for ice cream. Came across a deceased goat or horse?
Another sunny day in AZ, great to be riding, bike and body holding up great!

morning shenanigans

Pretty standard ordeal here, just under 20 miles with a double ridge sandwich on one gear and no suspension :)

Nice Monday on the belltown

It was another beatdown on the belltown, I had riverview on my mind. I definitely like to ride it east to west better it but theres really not too much difference.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Loved that

Another loop around the mountain on Friday, was easier than normal I supose, threw in secret loop and that that felt delcious!

Cross the country

Started off at the pass and the plan was to go up twisted sister which it has been a bit, the ride river view the harder way, then off to the lower salt river to see what the grasses and trees are doing. Turns out they are not as far along as I thought, another two weeks and I am sure it will look like a magical kingdom down there though. I did something a little different and pedaled back up the way I came and made for a really great ride.

Love my Hawes

Double ridge sessiona and beyond I took the trail in the opposing direction down by bush hwy, wasn't all that great but gave me another option for another loop, I counted 6 loops in that ride, great stuff!