Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tuesday Special

Well the other day I hear Siri saying stuff, this day I put it together Siri now tells me when I am moving and stopped on my strava app. Glad that got figured out, maybe convenient makyeb not. It's tuesday and I am riding South Mountain, nothing crazy just passing the time, it was fine and dandy

Hawes Habit

Here we go, last week of rides and then a solid two weeks off the bike and looking forward to it. This week just the normal, started off with Hawes and had a good ride on the regular stuff.

Rain Falls

Rain came! It fell all over the valley and we eagerly awaited our turn! I was off at 4am, it was very dark with all the clouds, it make s a big difference when I hit the trail on early mornings but I had enough to be without a light until I hit the pavement. It was drizzling outside, I thought I would be more escited but it was only mildy exciting. I was however happy it was not soaked and I could ride. I hit the trail and a light rain caem down keeping me cool and damp, it was welcomed. It stayed that way the entire ride, just steady and light. I was remembering the wet rides in CT when the forest trees would slap you with wet leaves as you go, I sure miss CT I hope to see it soon, ot at leats some fricken normal trees.

Heat goes up

I was quite torn on even riding this day, desire and heat were on my mind and even as I rolled onto the trail I almost cut the cord. But obsessiveness prevailed and off I went, I ended up enjoying it pretty good, heat was obtrusive but only a minor discomfort once you get rolling, the sweat pretty much dries itself and you end up only sweating on your bottom against your seat. I ended just a little short since desire was lacking and I had plenty miles.

Clouds roll in

Beautiful mornig ride, I was slow and felt off but I got te job done none the less!

Excessive Everything

Excessive pollen, heat and pollution waning was my headliner for this ride since that was the current weather situation. Fortunately a cool down was in the forecast and even some rain, we will have to see about that..... South Mountain has become the regular Tuesday ride, calm and slightly boring but good clean one as always.

Back to hot dust

Well I had to come home, Monday came and I had the time to ride as usual but not much desire in a way, I went to Usery for a mild fill of riding and it turned out ok