Friday, January 22, 2021

Double Ridge!

Combo'd the ridge and goat, nice combo and nice relaxing spin right after, bring on the weekend!

Gold Canyon discovery

I wanted to mix up my beloved Gold Canyon, I noticed a trail named Cow Pies and tried it ou, turneed out to be a great trail. Really put a different perspective on the area, I need to get back on Quartz Ridge. Rest of the ride was a delight, love me Gold Canyon!

Double Ridge

The plan was to combo High Rdige and Iron Goat but the builder was up there making a re route so I ran the ridge 2x and then filled in some much easier miles.

Oh hello spring

Man it's warm, teh trails are great!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Iron Goat

I patiently waited for Iron goats completion, and it was ready for me Monday. I must say it is quite good, I think I favor High Ridge but man great stuff or Hawes! Still not a fan of the climbing trail to get to them but I can live with it :)

Sunday, January 10, 2021


Another climb up High Ridge and then a speedy run down scorpion and about, then back up to cactus nectar and down a different NRA trail, till hairy but this one might be easier. Ready for the weekend!

Double ridge

Thursdays ride got cracking up to High Ridge, then some of the lwoer stuff and the idead of going back up to the ridge popped into my small but anxious brain or some reason so up I went. Finished it off with some out and back Cactus Nectar and man that was some lovely work on a lovely day!