Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Slow and calm rolled into this ride, it was fine though.


Another happy ride to be fortunate to be able to spin those wheels out there on the trails :)

Sept 11

Always a heavy day remembering the ones we lost and suffered on that tragic day on September 11th, my head was busy but ready to pedal. Soooo I went out to Fountain Hills to go for a ride and then stop by a shop that had a bike I wanted to checkout. I went for a nice cushy ride at Mcdowell and then it was off to the bike shop. I had no intention of going home with it but wanted to feel out the size of the bike, I was right, I do like the 2020 specialized fuse in size L. I wish I could of demoed the bike ofcourse but they don't have any for demo or rent unsurprisingly. I am still so torn after saving for the last 2 years for a new bike but still hesitant on that I don't really "need" a new bike. I am so madly in love with my supefly that I feel like as long as I don't crack the frame it's with me forever. Also I really want to put dirt on the next bike before I buy but no one does demos really much anymore of the bike or size I ever want. The idea is still on the table but I a not rushing into it. The fuse is heavy, but removing gears, dropper and adding carbon fork would really put it in my area :)

Distracted by skies

Another busy day in the skies, rain was smelling and nearby but not close enough to reach me. I can really feel September coming in and I LOVE it!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Annual Bike wash in joy of clouds

Change is FINALLY in the air! This monday morning ride I could finally feel it, so thankful and look so forward to putting another AZ summer behind me. It was uplifting so the ride was great and finished nice and dry before the monsoons are expected to ome this week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


An unusually hot and humid week finally brught clouds, not impressive temperatures but a step in the right direction, the heat wave is over and clouds are here and dang it felt nice. Morale and ambition it was a simple Hawes Friday ride for me to close out a great week for begining of September. Bring it on!

Lovely BIke

Quite a few ideas running through my head lately, I threw a leg over the new Specialized Fuse and really liked it. Since they now run 29er and can be SS I am seriously considering one. Next week I will find the exact one I want and hopefully I do or do not go home with one, I wish I knew the right choice. If I did, the dropper comes off, the gears come off, and that fron shock too. That should lighten and liven it up for me. So it has me thinking ALOT about how much I ve my superfly and will never let it go! This ride was so standard but as usual enjoyable. Me and this bike got soemthing like 4 years and 15,000 miles together, thats a long time, same headset,BB,fork,cranks must be some kind of record for bearing life for sure!