Sunday, August 18, 2019


So on Thursday in the hat of being in hurry making my wifes lunch I took a kitchen knife pretty heavily to my finger. I stopped the bleeding and bandaged it up and wondered how much the next day it would hurt. Turns out it was not all that bad in the pain department, so I enjoyed this Fridays activity per the normal. It was a windy push up the neighborhood and then I had to use my brakes, awkward at first and then like nothing ever happened. Another great week of pedaling the bike through a hot desert, longing for breezy open windows filled with clouds and trees, looks like another 2 or less more years here in the desert for us.

Up YoUsery

I wanted to climb up Usery, was not sure what I wanted to do after that so it just turned into the standard loop for me, I was kinda happy to get through this one, it was a challenging week at home and aot of my mind. Lots of things to take care of when I got home too. Still count my blessings.

Powering through August

Hot and heavy but feeling good, mixed up the route around Usery and was happy doing so, really need more variety if I am going to be so persistant about riding 5 days a week year after year. All went well, looking forward to not wearing sunscreen!

Beat goes on

Hawes loop, simple and classy, still feeling great and blessed

Hawes Blaster

Was on a heater this morning, expected maybe some PRs but in my head I felt quick, not quite sure what it was but feelign good and looking to get through August.

Good N Pretty

Felt way more humid out there with the clouds, with that came some pretty scenery, nice to see soemthing different kinda, it hsowed off what green the monsoons brought the moutnains this summer which has been extremely little but still to be seen.

Plains of Africa

It was standard Usery stuff until I decided to cross the raod, looking for something different it was a speedy pedal into the maze of horse trails, the scene was spicy, that area has such a different look to it and in late summer it was looking dry which it was ofcourse. I missed the main trail somehow and just took one of the many horsey trails back to what I needed and then it was a breeze there on out.