Friday, April 16, 2021

Hot and Dry

I pouted Saturday about getting a ride and got my way eventually and off I went into the hot mid day sun. I felt good and strong out there, it was hot but sweat just dried faster so I couldn't tell very much!

Hawes cirus

Hawes on Friday after a new trail opens I should have known better, quite the circus out there but all happy people enjoying bikes. I tore up the new trail and passed quite a few along the way, then up some twisted sister action and a little stinger action, awesome!

Two today rat ta tat tat

Spun around the mountain, after a week off the bike it felt great to get out! I took the ong way around and found two snakes along the way. One on riverview I pissed off and another on fence who just killed his lunch trailside.

Riparian rip

Another run around the crops and then shot up to the riparian, a nice touch, but very busy there.

Lets make it work

So my lovely wife has passed the boards and took a job in Phoenix for now. I was asked to stay near the house so if there was an emergency with Landon I would be nearby. Lucky for me theres alot of dirt and gravel path around so I went out to hunt a loop down. It was not exciting but better calories burned than calories ate.

Sunday, April 4, 2021


Well I had the intention of getting out to Corona and so I did Thursday. Doing so on 32x18 is not great but better than changing gearing just for a ride so I deal with it. I had a clean run down Coronoa, I didn't even drop my post. I then used up soem time speeding around desert classic bits, good ride, extremely busy, I saw it all on that ride....

Super tuck into the wind

Well it was one windy day on Wednesday, nothing to do but deal with it robbing my horsepower. GReat ride still!