Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Summer is here

With wild fires blazing, scorpions, high pollution and heat, we are in the thick of summer. Looking forward to some monsoons and trips outside the valley is about all I am looking forward to at this point.

Saturday Habit

Hottest hottest saturday yet, survived it just fine, love me a Saturday ride!

Tres Alpes

Man I put some leg down on this 2 hour ride, I did the 3 alpes for who knows what reason, then added in Maricopa madness for good measure, plenty more in the tank too!

Guess my favorite trail

Yeah try to guess my favorite trail, Gidro baby!

OOOOooohhh Weeeee

Staying good

Classic Saturday shred, the ride was good, hottest saturday so far, just keeping those cranks turning. I rode alot of the belltown lately, found myself enjoying the 175mm cranks vs 170.


This ride really but the beat down on me, not sure what is up, no problem riding but felt it for sure!