Sunday, March 27, 2022

Feeling Grateful

Feeling grateful on this ride and feeling quite good! I ran over a mouse, I think it's the first time, I saw the poor thing on my second lap and I felt really bad.....

Cool mornings still

The mornings are still plasant as that sun screeps up earlier and days getting hotter, another beautiful spring morning in good health, I'm grateful!

E bike salesman

This one started off with nice and cool. I noticed some bikes ahead of me going too fast to be human, ran into one of them on the climb and he must have been having problems with his ebike as I caught up to him and he was walking, the guy at the top says I should ger an ebike, they're fun! I could care less about his recomendation and I muttered yeah til your battery runs out. Little did he know his buddy was struggling with his down below. Great ip today, I took a picture of pretty much every different flower I came across, so many varieties! Rode me some riverview, it's been awhile, nice to mix it up.

New shoes!

I got my new Ride Concept Hellions on for a first ride. They felt great, stiff, grippy and light! They compare identical to my fiveten impact pros except these are lighter and we will have to see how sturdy they are down the road. It was a great ride, getting even greener out there and nice to see spring, all that rain really helped the desert pop off this year, after 5 years in AZ it vastly depends on the rainfall to have a low or high spring appearance. I do wish the vegatation put off more smells though but boo hoo hoo :)

Geronimo or Corona, ok lets have both

I have been meaing to get out to South Mountain for some time, this morning I was heading that way. Climbing National never seems as bad as I think it is on my rigid singlespeed. It was nice cool quiet ride to the lot up top and I was tossed with the decision of Geronimo or Corona. I decied Geronimo and then in the back of my mind though of how I could ride the two. A fun run down Geronimo! Love that trail. I then looked at my map and decided to ride up the road back up to the top. It was actually a pleasant grade and nice change as I pedaled up the mountain and then I got to ride down Corona! Then a nice easy pedal back to the car and reinvigorated by doing something different :)

Fun but hard forty

Its my Saturday habit, 4 hours to pedal and a bunch of climbing! RMR and nearby trails are just so fun to get long descents!

Queen Creekin

My boy wanted to try out his new water bottle so he got motivated to go for a bike ride! He didn't want to ride dirt so we went for pavement and rode a section down in queen creek and then hit the playground. Really enjoyed pedaling with my boy and explored a few spots along the trail, fun fun fun!

Browns stroll

Pretty uneventful ride at Browns, its nice again for something different, so bouldery and pretty out there I love it! I had about 45 minutes to play so I tried some new stuff to me and enjoyed it!

Cave Creekin

I had an appointment up in Scottsdale and had the morning to ride me bike. With lots of great options I went for Cave creek. It was a great decision, I lov driving thru that town, it's so cool! I decided to do a loop I did once two years ago and add in whatever I had time for. The first few miles are on a trail along the road, a little weird and I could just ride the road but I stayed in the dirt. Then I reached the regional park recreation area, it started to get real pretty. It has changed alot since I was there last, with parking lots and ammenities now. I blew by the charging station as I forgot to pay, whoops. Went around big group of hikers and then got to climbing finally. The spur trail is a great trail that winds up the pass. Really loved the new scenery! Then got to do down some flowy and some chunky at times. It's still a little rough at a few connections where I had to walk my bike but once on go jon it was another nice smoth climb into a fun descent! I bounced around quartz and others where I ran into ALOT of users. The quarts trail is really fun, also it's glitters in the sun which is really cool and there are sections where it has extreme grip like nothing I have ever felt before. With some more time I decided I pretty much did all this area so I hit the car and was thinking of heading to Browns since it was not far from me.