Friday, January 22, 2021

Double Ridge!

Combo'd the ridge and goat, nice combo and nice relaxing spin right after, bring on the weekend!

Gold Canyon discovery

I wanted to mix up my beloved Gold Canyon, I noticed a trail named Cow Pies and tried it ou, turneed out to be a great trail. Really put a different perspective on the area, I need to get back on Quartz Ridge. Rest of the ride was a delight, love me Gold Canyon!

Double Ridge

The plan was to combo High Rdige and Iron Goat but the builder was up there making a re route so I ran the ridge 2x and then filled in some much easier miles.

Oh hello spring

Man it's warm, teh trails are great!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Iron Goat

I patiently waited for Iron goats completion, and it was ready for me Monday. I must say it is quite good, I think I favor High Ridge but man great stuff or Hawes! Still not a fan of the climbing trail to get to them but I can live with it :)

Sunday, January 10, 2021


Another climb up High Ridge and then a speedy run down scorpion and about, then back up to cactus nectar and down a different NRA trail, till hairy but this one might be easier. Ready for the weekend!

Double ridge

Thursdays ride got cracking up to High Ridge, then some of the lwoer stuff and the idead of going back up to the ridge popped into my small but anxious brain or some reason so up I went. Finished it off with some out and back Cactus Nectar and man that was some lovely work on a lovely day!

Quiet and nice

Quiet and nice, just a really nice roll around I guess Old Hawes after all these new trails are popping up.

Exploring the bluff

I had the idea to head out to the river and when it was time I kinda hesitated but continued onward. I rode down on what I was fmailiar with and continued on where I turned around last time and ended up on some hiking or horse trails. I bounced around a few trails and took in some very great sights before the little adventure and then back on my feet, really enjoyed that exploring!

O my

Started out on a good haul up the to High Ridge, I boucned around as I usually do and then had the idea of seeing how cactus nectar was oming along, it turns out very good! It's 100% cut and about 90% worked on. It was an absolute delight to take in the beauty of the trail and the views. I continued past the NRA trails and along the ne stuff, it got soft and climby quick and I could see the builde not far away so I turned around and dropped into a hairy NRA trail for the first time, cleaned all it's sketchiness without lowering the post but wish I had. The back to the car.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Happy New Year!

A ride on New Years was a busy one out there, I had a plan in my mind and executed it thoroughly, feeling strong and good I had lots left in the tank but 20 miles was a good fill, looking forward to the new year! finished with 4550 miles, not bad :)

Ooooooo thats better!

So I have had an unpleasant feeling in my fork for as long as I can remember from time to time, usually it would be remedied by loosening the stem and top cap. It got bad enough I had to figure out the real culprit after that stopped working. I changed the brake levers and made things better for a bit, but this Tuesday when I started my ride I felt the play in the fork by the headset. I got home after that and got to work on it. Turns out I needed to add a spacer to the stack and bam it was how it should be. I was excite to test it proper on Wednesday and man I wish I had done that sooner, the fork is more solid than when I built the bike up it's perfect! I aways chalked it up to the fork quality, but it was user error.

Yummy clouds

A cool weather system moved in on Tuesday and brought some loving clouds :) Great ride and ready to close out the new year.

Another new one at Hawes

It was a nice cool quiet ride up to the ridge and down and then chased some trails around with the new Bush Lite on my mission. As expected it was veyr mellow ad rough cut, nothing to be excited about other than just a new way to link trails. Loving winter!

The rock made us do it

Me and Robbie finaly got back no a ride together, it was great to see him and have some good company for the ride. The plan was up Mormon and National and maybe back down from there. I was on 32x18 which sucked big time, I regretted not changing my ration, I still made it up more than expected and it was fine except for a few sections. When we got to the top Robbie threw out the idea of Geronimo and we called heads or tails on a rock and Geronimo won the toss. I have not been on Geronimo in long time, and remember once I did it rigid. It was a hoot having Robbies enthusiasm behind me and clearing every single challenge on the trail, I guess it's officially rigid worthy. We pedaled back through some neighborhoods and I wanted more but our time was up.

Chistmas Eve rip

The night before ChristmasI found myself hiking up to get to Gidro, twas a good rip and home to the family to prepare and annual Christmas Eve feast.