Sunday, December 26, 2021

Dear Santa

What a ride! Took the steel beast out for a rip, my headlamp has pissed me off for the last time, I have helmet mounted niterider 900 and it's not bright enough and it tilts on it's axis throughout the ride. With these Saturday rides about 90 minutes with a light enough is enough tilting it back mid trail. I had an issue on the last mile when the pedal wanted to stop rotating, it kept popping off my foot resisting its function and was a tricky ride back to the car, lucky for me it was thte last mile of a 31 mile ride so super duper lucky. I am not pleased with these oneups, this is the second seized pedal, I like everything bout them except this makor issue, this is the second one to do it on me so they must need bi annual maintenance but they really shouldn't to do their job. It was about completely seized by time I got to the car but so glad I didn't need to pedal it much. I got home and researched and pulled the trigger on magicshine mj906 5,000 lumen.

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