Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New phone new camera!

I got a new phone, really excited to be able take even better shots of my rides. Also it allows me to have better signal since we switched to Verizon, so I can be better reached and have more signal for riding entertainment. The morning provide a beautiful sun rise per the norm and the new camera crushed it in wonderful clarity of photos.

Morning shake off

It was mellow Usery day, can't remember anything special from this ride but it was a very pretty moring, so far beating the sun most the ride and the July heat hasn't been all too bad.

Feelin the Steelin

I finally got the belltown back up and running, there was nothign wrong with it other than I have been lazy, it's really nice to be back on it, I feget how comfortable it is. It was another cozy chill ride for Tuesday and happy to be willing and able!

Second week back

After a nice week of rides in th bag and back to normal routines it was on with Mid July riding. The body felt about as normal as ever and on Monday I was off to the trails as normal to beat the heat. It was a fine ride around Usery while slightly bored but finding that normal.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Made it to Friday

Ok week one in the bag, was kinda bored out there in a way, but legs a little wonky but moving, good week.

Legs and ambition still strong

Well it's true, legs and ambition still holding up just fine so onwards with another sun rise. I am happy to get so many sun rises in, not alot of people are around a 4:45am to thoroughly enjoy a desert sun rise as it builds to the actual sun showing up at 5:30 currently. I am a grateful lucky duder. Good ride, mellow and frist Rattler in July, he was feisty but anxious to defend and move out.

Uphill commuters

It was the time for the standard pavement Hawe loop, I was surprised by the number of uphill mountain bikers were on the same mission as myself. First a group of 4 came up behind me and passed, then I passed two from a different group, and once I hit dirt 2-3 more poeple. At the top there was a large group on 10 or more so maybe that was what was going on. All by my lonesome and happy I dropped in on a heater of a run. I had some pressure behind me and enjoyed it as I set some PRs I guess, I should try more often, maybe.....good ride.

Great stuff powered by brussels

Early mornings s far are going to be the key to getting thru the next 3 months of heat and schedules. I will take that happily too I might add. It was off to Usery with fine feeling legs, it's mellow out there and very pretty as dry and hot as it is, I will say th last few morning were in the 70s its not bad at all by the time I am done riding its barely 80F. Nice to be back on the bike feeling normal again. Had crazy gas all morning, too many burssel sprouts the night before but plenty of nature to expel it in.

Well Hello July

Yep after 25 days we are back in the US. The trip was a massive success and we are all healthy and ready to get back to our lives. I got home on Saturday night and had no problem waiting until Monday for the ride. I wish I could say the ride was more of an event, but it was pretty normal feeling besides a few hills that needed my legs and at first they were nowhere to be found, like I lost my leg muscles. But down the trail they came right back, other than that all is well and normal :)