Sunday, February 26, 2017

Saturday Blast

Headed over to Phoenix Sonoran Preserve for more of a sampling. I enjoyed my first trip out there a few weeks ago and this one was no different. I started off on Sidewinder and rode most the way around the mountain in the dark being blessed with wildflowers and awesome! The temperature read 37F which should have felt colder but I LOVED IT! I hopped onto Ocotillo which I have never rode and enjoyed it as it rollercoasted it's way along the hillside. It was over before I knew it and the sun was no above the horizon and the lighting and desert was spectacular. Then it was onto Badger Brawl, easy green trail along a wash filled with plenty of pristine single track and lush green growth. It was mellow but I really liked it. Then it was on Apache Wash loop, another mellow loop with plenty of beauty. My time was up after 2 hours and happy with the mornings ride.

Super Lazy Thursday

After shocking the system on Monday with 6 miles of running, the legs spent a few days recovering, by Thursday they were ready for action. I had a Sunrise at San Tan, trying to repeat the awesome of the week before. This time I was moving very lazily, didn't care at all but man did I notice it. A few times I almost turned around due to lack of motivation but knew I would regret the loss of sleep and lack of trail time. I did manage to make it around properly and happily.


I forgot Monday was a Holiday, turns out the kid off school and Mom did not so I could not ride my normal time. I Would be cool with a night ride, but with my wife busy and complicated with school I can't start them til the boy goes to sleep and thats 8pm. Leading me to an 8:30ish sucky start is later than I'd like, so for now I am not desperate enough to value it. So on the other hand I did decide to go for a run Monday night and Tuesday I dusted off the wife road bike and set out on that. I hopped on it and realized I should have taken more time to adjust seat post height, I rode anyway. It was terribly uncomfortable but it was kind of fun ripping down the canal trails at a good clip. On a comfortable bike it could be a good alternative for some times, it was crazy easy, I never broke a sweat.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friday Beauty

San Tan has a place in my heart as the sun goes down, once you get into it you kind of in a valley and it has always thrown down exciting sunsets. This time it was a sun rise, after a little rain the day before it was nice and cool in the valley and as the sun tried to rise, sights smells and noises I welcomed the desert into the ride. It's not often I experience this much peace, I see why some people are in love with it, and while it lacks trees and other things I kind of get it. I stopped for a moment on a lookout, since for once I was not time crunched with ambition. I listened to the birdies chirp and the valley glowing and said my thanks and was on my merry way. I really really really need to stop and smells the roses, things go too fast, time is just a blur, I want to stop more and take in the moment, it's time to do that more often. Unless its summer and the sun is trying to kill you that is. I decide to hike my bike up Gold Mine which I have never done, it was a fun rocky loose drop down, good to get that one off the list, what took so long.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Got out on the regular Thursday, can't say I was wild about Usery spin but it was a spin so stop complaining knuckle head. Grabbed the Kona Unit again and enjoyed it's gearing on the flat filled mellow trails. All was breezy and over after 18 miles in 90 minutes

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Back on the Kona

Out on the trail Monday looking for shade on the Kona Unit. I have been not so hot on the bike since I got it but decided to load it up and ease the abuse on my Trek. I was happy as heck rolling in 32x18 such a nice gear to ride on the flat, pay for it on the climbs but sure it sweet in between. I was enjoying the bike more than I have recently, still need to play with tire pressure and sure would love to put a lightweight wheelset and better tires it sure would improve. For now I imagine what I want and go from there. Enjoyed the ride proper, might bring it more into action.

Joyous sweet desert gold

Got out on a delicious Saturday afternoon ride, I must say I was pretty excited to work out a deal for a ride around 4pm on Saturday, I rarely ride this time of the day and man was it nice! With the trails completely empt of people I set off into the cactus filled tightly wound wonderful trails of Gold Canyon. I felt really good and that didn't mean fast, just enjoyed the crap out of the ride. The light got all pretty the last 30 minutes before the sun hit some clouds, but was smooth sailing fun! Loving it

Funky Friday

Well I set off Friday looking for some fresh meat, with time of the essence I set off for the picket post located up the hills along the Arizona Trail. Ready as can be I arrived to the trailhead and found many many horse trailers, like easily 20 of them, and lots of vehicles. I was really bummed since it was looking to be a very very busy trail day. Regretting my decision I was in for it and almost thought about not riding, since the AZT is sweet narrow single track and would be an absolute nightmare with caravans of horse people. Set off with low expectations, began to climb steadily, this one definitely has some elevation. Feeling just fine enjoying the views and then I used my brakes. They felt completely wrong, the pistons were not retracting and were grabbing onto the rotors dragging my legs with them. As I climbed i could feel the brakes grabbing, this was a rough intro to a long haul climbing with brakes sucking my energy from me. Needless I carried on enjoy person and animal free rest air. Had about 2 hours to ride and hit my turnaround point. Always expecting a sweet long Dh it's a bit of a mix of ups and downs but it was very good despite frustration with my brakes. I got home and found out early Sram Guide brake levers are known to be a culprit here especially in Arizona, looks like warranty for me if all goes well :) then sell them and get some Shimano!


Wondered on over to South Mountain for a mellow tame run on Desert Classic. Went out a little further than normal out to the Corona connector. Then I filled in more trail with the rest if the time left, busy out there and heating up too fast.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Buff Brownies

Off to Browns Ranch on the Early Saturday morning with excitement. It's always further than I want to travel and always need more time while I am there but still happy to commit two hours of trail riding. I set off for the quickest route to El Diablo. It was chilly as I dipped in and out of the brush, I have always notice that Browns holds pockets of moisture in the early mornings. After Diablo was cleaned I sent off for Granite Mountain and whetever else I could happily fill my time with.

Round Usery Mountain

So looking to spice up the normal stuff I decided to do another loop around Usery Mountain. I parked near there NRA access and took pavement down to a paved road going up to the radio towers. I wasn't expecting no trespassing signs since ride logs showed people doing such but I ducked the gate and up I went. Riding up the road was actually not bad, had a nice grade and scenery was nice. Good way to get the legs warmed up and right before the building at the top a steep and loose trail known as Microwave DH. I dropped in and without suspension and a lowered post I had to walk the steepest sections but rode down a loose but fun trail. It was over way too quick as it entered the Hawes system, I was making fantastic time and did a little loop in Hawes before I made my way round the mountain. Loving the overcast skies and free time out on the bike, always so thankful and happy to be on trail. I made my loop around the mountain nicely and got to the car in under two hours for a solid fun ride.