Sunday, February 26, 2017


I forgot Monday was a Holiday, turns out the kid off school and Mom did not so I could not ride my normal time. I Would be cool with a night ride, but with my wife busy and complicated with school I can't start them til the boy goes to sleep and thats 8pm. Leading me to an 8:30ish sucky start is later than I'd like, so for now I am not desperate enough to value it. So on the other hand I did decide to go for a run Monday night and Tuesday I dusted off the wife road bike and set out on that. I hopped on it and realized I should have taken more time to adjust seat post height, I rode anyway. It was terribly uncomfortable but it was kind of fun ripping down the canal trails at a good clip. On a comfortable bike it could be a good alternative for some times, it was crazy easy, I never broke a sweat.

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