Monday, February 6, 2017

Round Usery Mountain

So looking to spice up the normal stuff I decided to do another loop around Usery Mountain. I parked near there NRA access and took pavement down to a paved road going up to the radio towers. I wasn't expecting no trespassing signs since ride logs showed people doing such but I ducked the gate and up I went. Riding up the road was actually not bad, had a nice grade and scenery was nice. Good way to get the legs warmed up and right before the building at the top a steep and loose trail known as Microwave DH. I dropped in and without suspension and a lowered post I had to walk the steepest sections but rode down a loose but fun trail. It was over way too quick as it entered the Hawes system, I was making fantastic time and did a little loop in Hawes before I made my way round the mountain. Loving the overcast skies and free time out on the bike, always so thankful and happy to be on trail. I made my loop around the mountain nicely and got to the car in under two hours for a solid fun ride.

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