Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friday Beauty

San Tan has a place in my heart as the sun goes down, once you get into it you kind of in a valley and it has always thrown down exciting sunsets. This time it was a sun rise, after a little rain the day before it was nice and cool in the valley and as the sun tried to rise, sights smells and noises I welcomed the desert into the ride. It's not often I experience this much peace, I see why some people are in love with it, and while it lacks trees and other things I kind of get it. I stopped for a moment on a lookout, since for once I was not time crunched with ambition. I listened to the birdies chirp and the valley glowing and said my thanks and was on my merry way. I really really really need to stop and smells the roses, things go too fast, time is just a blur, I want to stop more and take in the moment, it's time to do that more often. Unless its summer and the sun is trying to kill you that is. I decide to hike my bike up Gold Mine which I have never done, it was a fun rocky loose drop down, good to get that one off the list, what took so long.

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