Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Farrington w brother

Some more farrington! My brother joined in and found some other trails and awesome views! A thunderstorm rolled in at the end and it was the icing on the cake! so so so awesome!

Farrington Woods

Another hefty drive to the CT/NY border to farrington. Never rode here before so it was all new to me, did a pre ride on a nice cloudy morning before my brother wold join me. I head home today which is a big bummer but is what it is. Great trails, alot of work, I did not have alot of energy in the tank but I got thru it.

Case of awesome

Up to my favorite place, didn't get any takers to join me so it was just me and a mean rats nest of trails to figure out. Started off just riding and not bothering with the map, then I had to at soem point. So many new trails takes alot to figure out but I LOVE IT!


Joined up with my brother, we both suffered on this one!


First in line for a ride was rockhouse, tired as heck but firmly set on early ride before my brother joins me. Hasn't changed much, still figuring out the better directions. Did I say I love CT riding!

Monday, June 17, 2024

Roosevelt CT!!!

The best time of year is here, CT riding! After a quick time with my parents, I went out to test the bike on a quikc pedal from the house. The woods were lush and wet and my spirit was rejoicing in that bliss, I am grateful!

Taking in that AZ BBQ

Well the desert is on fire to the north and it was a stanky campfire smell mos the ride which was fine, glad I have mornings to ride, they're not terrible yet but it's coming.

Right Fork Hike

I had to pickup the doggy so I had a very short overnight stay and in the morning I headed for the hills. I decided on right fork towards spansih fork peak, turns out they're doing alot of construction up there and it was no tresspassing, but I trespassed anyway and was rewarded with the trail to myself and had a good climb along the river and into an alpine forest. Really pretty and was met again with soft snow and turned around but filled my cup!

Hit n run

Got close to a saguaro for some pretty flowers, not much else to sahre.

Rain Alert

Well I am back from Washington, Stayed on Gig Island, visited gardens, oceans, olympic national park, my rainier, every bit of it was amazing even without a bike! Cmae home Monday and was back on desert trail Tuesday, was a bit sad but got a ride in. My phone still thought I was in Washington as it got a rain alert, I wish I was....