Monday, May 1, 2023


Well I was in the mood for something different so off to South Mountain I went after pushing hard the days before. There was plenty in the tank and plan was to head down Geronimo and go from there, turns out I went for the double dip and headed for the mountain road and made my way back up the mountain via pavement to speed things up, still alot of work though. Then down Corona, two solid clean runs and feeling good. Closed out a nice week of riding.

#ilovehawes xc short course

Well I decided to get after it on Friday, I put the pedal to the medal and gave it a solid effort, I was surprised how much I had left despite pushing hard the day before, came across the line even faster than the day before, should be a solid effort against the other fellas. Turns out it was good enough for 3rd place!


I ran the short course, started in the wrong spot though, I pushed hard on this one too, I was annoyed how little I pushed on the long course, it was all for nothing in a way since th segement didn't record. Can have another go at it tomorrow if I like.


ILOVEHAWES xc long course

So it's that time fo year and gave the long course a rip. I was not feeling all that quick but gave it a little effort, I think next year I got to push that go button harder. It went smooth, no screwups and got it done in 3 hours 15 minutes, 5 minutes longer than last year, so that was disapointing, but then again, I don't really care and didn't give it any effort. Hit a snake in the first mile, wasn't all that cool, found another one later on, that one was pisssssed!

Venemous sticks

Stayed on the old school Hawes side, even made a stop by the river, ran into two rattlesnakes today, knew it was a matter of time..... definitely feel less fearful around them, actually 0 fear.

Cool morning still!

Lupine madness