Sunday, July 26, 2020

Cruising in sweat

This would be my last ride of the week unfortunately and it was a hot one! I came down with more symptoms wednesday evening and would be another 4+ days of illness, today is Sunday and I sure hope to get back to riding. Might be in Utah by 8/4 I sure hope to be there and do some riding cause I am sick of the desert right now!

Double Rainbow

Feeling better in the body department I went up and over yet again in some wonderful weather. This time stumbling upon a double rainbow!

Slow N pretty

So I got prety sick after Thursdays ride the week before, pretty sure it's the Covid. I was feeling normal and ready for action come Monday and off I went. I felt fine until I begand to climb up to Twisted Sister which is a grunt. My lungs were burning and I felt weak. With the worst behind me I pedaled on hoping to feel better. I was a little off but the rest of the ride went smooth. With overcast skies and humidity this ride was beautiful to the eyes.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Gidro your my favorite

I bounce around Hawes Thursday, I wanted to ride Gidro but didn't feel like hiking just yet, aftr Mine I was weighning my options and for some reason hitting the pavement and maybe hiking up to Gidro entered my mind, sure enough I executed it. I love that trail!

Enjoying less sun light

Now that we are moving in the other direction the lighting is changing ever so little. The tempertures are unnaffected but the I will take less sun for now. I might need a light soon if I keep up these 5am rides.

Stack height fiddle

Monday night I lowered the stack height on my bars, it always looked tall and kinda flexy but was never uncomfortable. So I lowered it and set off for Tuesdays ride the next morning. Did not feel too different, definitely less lateral flex on the bars which I liked, and a little more twitchy on turns. Not ready to change this experiement just yet, great ride.

Is that all the heat you got AZ?

The weekend was sizzling, we hit 117f and it was nasty. My Monday ride I expected to be much worse, thankfully it wasn't. It was great to be back on my bike.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Honzo and Sir9 demo

Robbie ran into a shop with a Honzo demo and that peaked my interest. Turns out they had a niner sir 9 as well, another bike I am interested in. So we got both demos since Robbie is still figuring out his options after riding multiple bikes. I have always loved the idea of the honzo but never committed to buying without a demo. Now I was finally going to get my chance, we headed for Somo and I started of on the Sir 9. Immediately it felt great, gears and shocks were not my preference and I quickly had to figure out a climbing gear on chucky stuff. The bike was very comfortbale climbing and up and over a few things and did it's job well. Then I hopped on the Honzo and felt about the same exept for what felt like less reach. We swapped one more time to mix up descents and ascents. Both bikes were great but at the en of the day too heavy and not agile enough for my liking. My opinion could change with some lightweight components but for now I happily enjoy my two bikes. Robbie is building up a Pivot Les and I am really excited to see how it feels.

The other lover

Yeah I love this bike too! Did my usual hawes long session loop, nothing fancy.

Ya handsome devil

Powering thru the summer, rides are hot but not too bad, love this bike

More SS with Robbie

It was time to get cracking, Robbie sold his bike and was bikeless again so I offered up one of my rides. He took me up on it and off we went onto Desert Classic with plans for Helipad. Once we reached a fast spinny flat ride to Helipad it was a beastly climb up Helipad. I have not gone up Helipad before, I had hiked up and rode down a section of it. We ra out of tim 90% up it so we turned around for a sweet ride down. Lots of people on that trail, none SS rigid:)

Quite nice

Beautiful morning out on the trail, tooks some good shot and a rattler sighting, this guy didn't want to move as he was warming up in the sun, not that it ever got cold.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Spinning a web at Hawes

Ahead of the 4th of July I spun 20 mile sof Hawes and then for some reason added 5 more, ready for some resting and relaxing.