Friday, July 31, 2015

Back To Utah

   Not really feeling my best after returning home with a ruptured ear drum and low energy. But It was a Monday and this guys wanted to ride so I was headed for an evening ride at Corner Canyon. At first the legs were empty, they offered little power other than enough for making it uphill. They came to live a little more as I rode on, I wish I was feeling better as I rode but I really was not feeling great. I Still rode on to a big loop just under 20 miles. Great to be back home but looking for sleep and more energy!

CT Quick Ride

   I was dying to ride some CT trails during our 3 day stay before our family vacation in the Bahamas, I kind of succeeded in a way but not really in the way I wanted. Over a year ago I broke my Raleigh frame and it was warrantied many weeks later with a Redline Monocog. I never got to see the bike since I had already moved to Utah but decided I would leave it there until I visited next summer so I could enjoy the trails. I was excited to see it and indeed it was looking and riding really good still. The components are a real test of use, that WTB Speed Disc wheelset is cheap and such a good bang for the buck. The bike was all ready to go despite narrow handle bars I will replace. I found a short window between packing and the toddler sleeping so I went into the backyard on a old route I use to use to get to the reservoir. The reservoir is off limits to people but I go down there whenever I can, it's really peaceful and I always loved it down there. The ride was smooth and made a little loop that cheered up my blues.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Shore Lining

    Leaving the country next week, I will be in CT for a few days and no amount of begging will likely turn up a ride while I am there. So off I went on a Saturday night after we put the boy to sleep and I was looking for something different to get my shred on and time allowed a bobsled run. It was shaping to be a beautiful evening and hitting the trail I mostly had it all to myself. The colors and scenery is close to the city but theres tall grasses and pockets of luck single track. I climbed up Red Butte which has become new routine, it's brutal climb but with gears much more of it can be ridden upwards. Upon entering Dry Creek I was feeling fuzzy and joyous all over as my good memories flew into my mind during my climb. Many good rides have been had in this area, and I am fortunate to keep adding to them. The golden lights were shining under a cloud offering staggering imagery to my eyeballs. I rode on and then lost the magical light under cloud cover, then dropped into Bobsled for fast run, always missing a larger traveled bike but doing the job damn well with 130mm. A fast run had me down safely and heading on the return leg of the trip. Hitting the car I was looking for more but got my 50 miles this week and that will be it for 2 weeks. See you then!

The ride must go on

  Well I woke up early enough to pull myself together and use my remaining bike in memory of my beloved Belltown. My mind was extremely busy on this ride but it was a nice morning to get out and I moved on kind of as I climbed up a spot I had not planned to ride that morning. With a bit of a broken heart I headed for Jacobs Ladder where I could take my anger out on a solid DH. As I neared the top I dropped in on a slow feeling run, I have definitely felt much faster before. Then on to Ghost Falls and climbed back up for a run down Rush. Rush has seen some work, decent work I guess but I always want faster steeper trails. Put in my two hours and arrived home to break the horrible news about my bike, my wife cried for me, since tears never came from me. It's been a good ride Belltown, not sure if I will be back but man it was a good ride!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Disaster strikes

  It was early, 4am that I set my alarm so I could get up to my favorite riding spots in Park City. I was wide eye and ready to go, loaded up the bike and off I went. For some reason as I was headed down the highway I was watching my bike, despite being in complete darkness my running tails lights still let me know it was there. I rounded I215 and saw a horrifying sight, my bike had just let loose and tumbled down the interstate. My heart absolutely sank as reality set in, I pulled over as fast as I could and jumped out running full speed to find my bike. It was total darkness and it took no time to find my bike in the middle of the roadway. I saw lights coming, can I run out an make it? Not worht my life, I watched as this vehichle has 4 lanes to choose from to avoid my bike, odd were in my favor 1 in 4 chance. The headlights grew near and I held my breath, POP the bike takes a direct hit from the massive pickup truck. My worst fear is now evident, surely alot of things must have just broke. Cursing and screaming at myself I ran to my bike to find it far beyond repair. The frame severely bent and cracked, both tires blown off the rime from the impact, rear wheel completely mangled as well as rotor and hub, brakes, not functioning, seatpost and seat appear ok, handlebars ok, fork seems ok, front wheel toast.........I could not believe what just happened, did the unfortunate driver stop to scream his head off at me, I think not, he likely drove on in a drunken stuper. My mangled dream machine lie in death before me as I stick it in the car and head home to see it in better light. Fears are confirmed, a total loss. My old ass hitch rack had finally showed its age and apparently straps failed despite me securing the bike properly. Tough lesson learned, fingers crossed insurance takes care of me and I can get a new bike and a new bike rack. So sad to see this bike go, for some reason though this had to happen.

Monday Evening

Headed out in the evening for a good spin at Corner Canyon. The weather has cooled around here and it has been very very pleasant! I was anxious to ride and absolutely rip on evening rides. Put in some good miles and headed over on Shoreline to find the bridge completed, that was super fast! Had to ride it and was pretty uneventful obviously and headed back to close out a really good evening of riding. sOff For

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Bird!

   Completely forgot about Snowbirds trail, when I looked it up it's official opening was the 4th of July weekend but I knew some others were already riding it. I could look at starve segments and see a few people that made it to the top so I was off for a morning ride to ride the beast. I have ridden it only once and was not too impressed. It is a stunning area to ride like none other, Gad Valley is really open and beautiful. After exiting the car a family of raccoons strolled by and then I was off looking for the Midway trail in the darkness of my headlamp. Apparently my memory failed me as I took a few trails and wrong turns before finally finding my trail. Immediately I spotted a dark figure, a young moose, he took his time getting up and I tried to get a picture. It was not long before the climb really took shape, a long steady climb with really no relief for two hours until you reach Hidden Peaks Summit.
    As light came in the scenery lit up, it was cloudy and a few drops had fallen but after exiting the pines the wildflowers began. I love the change of pace on this ride, while there is no room for the weak climbers, it offers something other trails cannot. It was pleasure and suffer climbing all the way up to the top. The views from above were stunning and then I would drop in on a  30 minute DH giggle. Another thing is the DH is not all that great, it leaves a lot to be desired and I hope Snowbird steps up their game soon but in the mean time the Big Mountain DH trail fit the bill.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Friday Night

    It's July 3rd, I planned to ride the morning but LuAnn was not feeling well so I was postponed for my ride. She assured me that later on I would get my chance, I was not too sure it would really happen. But after a long day we put Landon to bed and out I went for a good ride. I was nervous as I headed for Corner Canyon, would the place be mobbed? I am not a fan of busy places and especially not my beloved trails, but when I arrived i found only two cars! Yes!!!! all the peoples were all doing their 4th of July thing and I would have a very rare opportunity to have the trails pretty much to myself. I was feeling fast too and feeling good overall and went on a hearty spin leaving miles for next days ride. It was great riding into the sunset, it was nasty hot out that day but surprising to me it was just fine out there riding.

Monday From My House

  Riding form the house has been good lately so Monday I rolled out early as usual and to my disbelief, my headlamp would not turn on. I had to scramble to find my old light and throw it on so I could have light in the early morning hours of the day. Pissed about my less than a year old light acting up for not the first time but glad to have a backup. The spin up to Little Cottonwood was a delight and the ride home was uneventful and Sandy and still wondering why I choose Dimple Dell route but I do since it's a nice mix close to home.


   So busy around the house with many things, haven't had time or energy to get on here but will be short and sweet. Headed for Corner Canyon on a good 20 miler. This was a good spin before a backpacking trip I was taking a few hours after the ride, I'll do anything to get rides in if you know me. The ride ended in a pump track session, I love hitting the track at the end of a good ride.