Sunday, July 5, 2015

Friday Night

    It's July 3rd, I planned to ride the morning but LuAnn was not feeling well so I was postponed for my ride. She assured me that later on I would get my chance, I was not too sure it would really happen. But after a long day we put Landon to bed and out I went for a good ride. I was nervous as I headed for Corner Canyon, would the place be mobbed? I am not a fan of busy places and especially not my beloved trails, but when I arrived i found only two cars! Yes!!!! all the peoples were all doing their 4th of July thing and I would have a very rare opportunity to have the trails pretty much to myself. I was feeling fast too and feeling good overall and went on a hearty spin leaving miles for next days ride. It was great riding into the sunset, it was nasty hot out that day but surprising to me it was just fine out there riding.

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