Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hawes Descender

Went back to Hawes for my favorite DH session, Gidro Pass I thin the sign reads, anyway I am amazed how well my legs are handling the abuse, the skies were still moody but it was humid and warm, found myself sweating quite a bit on the hike a bike section, didn't bother me, so happy to be out, what a great week on the bike, hope summer never comes!

Hawes Photoshoot

Wow, absolutely stunning out there, tickled all the sense for sure, at one point fog rolled up from the river and up the mountain, really was a magical ride!

Hawes Drizzle

Second serving came with some rain from the sky, traction was a plenty and legs were willing

Loop of horse poops

Another great session on the backside of Usery, looming rain in the distance this morning I was not scared, it was overcast and warm, went for something a little different, a loop I have only done once before, a very nice change of scenery I loved it!

Full Horsey

Wednseday I was ambitious, I wanted something a little different and get 20 miles worth, I did this loop a few weeks ago and liked it. The Horse tail trail is a little rough on one gear but its a change of pace. I came across another rigid SS on a technical quiet trail known as twisted sister. I said hi and debated asking if he wanted to ride together, something I never ever think to ask someone. We said Hi and i joked saying rigid SS aren't allowed up here. I went ahead of him and went about my business. The rest of the ride was fantastic, really great stuff, feeling strong and quick.

Seasonal Variety

Well get it while you can mentality, another mid morning serving of warm fuzzy trails, spring is certainly in the air!

Freezing Tuesday Morning

Cold weather has come in but that didn't stop me, having the sun on those 33F starts makes it sooooo much better, things are still very green out there, the desert is quite happy with flower and grass everywhere! Enjoy this loop, good all around loops.

Monday Second

I could not help myself, so I went out for a second serving of warm sunny AZ winter ride session, it was great! I love being back on the the Superfly, I truly will never rid of this bike, NEVER!

Feel Goodz Monday

This ride was named feel goodz because thats how I was feeling, mind and body at its normal and great to be out on the trail thrashing about.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Floral Tour

With my missions complete I went out on a double dipper, it was absolutely great out, clear and warm and all the smells and flowers of spring. I kept it easy since I had a heavy week of rides and was so lucky!!!!!!!!!


Some 32F out this morning, I debated riding later but of course anxious got the best of me and off to Usery Pass for a session. I went up Pass Mountaind for a hiker free descent, it was fricken awesome, and when I hit the sun it was even more awesome! I closed out the Pass mountain side and then it as onto the Hawes side. I was unsure how to use the remaining time but a run down Scorpion and Stinger and Wild Horse back was absolutely perfect!

Heating up

Went out for anothr double serving, it just sooooo nice out and better than being home, legs were happy to do the work and so was I! The warmth felt great too! Love love love that trail way up there :)

ALL of stinger trail

Saw a fellow starva followers route the other day and saw a new trail, had to go out and check it out Thursday so thats what I did. It turns out it's the remainder of the stinger trail, it had good flow and is in need of being broken in obviously but it is yet another great new piece of trail back there, I fell really lucky and happy to be getting new trails, that doesn't happen too often around here.

Clean clear and cool

The storm rolled out and wednesday began with clear and cool weather, I was anxious for the suns warmth I am not going to lie, still it's hard to call it cold out but for AZ native I have become I call it that I guess. Happy to be out on the bike for a standard Hawes session.

Gold Canyon Beauty

It rained a bit over nigth and I was a bit too early to head for Gold Canyon on this particular morning. Things were soft in spots and as enough to slow my tires down in spots, the cows made a huge mess of things but there was plenty of riding to do none the less. I rode the fast way out and was anxious to get the ride over most the time just cause I was not in a good head space, the scenery however was incredible! I love AZ winter

Storm rolling in

Well ambition got the best of me as I went out for a second serving of incredible ride, the weather was just begging me and made me do it. So off I went for an paved climb and some hike a bike and a absolute delight of sky scenery and dirt. So glad I went back out since to be honest this morning I was not in a good zone.

Under moody skies

Moody skies this morning as I was off to a hopefully uneventful normal week, Hawes was the victim of choice, really wanted to travel further to somewhere else but I again was trying to keep things "normal for this day"

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Easy closeout

Plan was to keep friday simple then hike back up to the new trail at Hawes to get a proper strava record of it since my phone frtized on it Thursday. Well turns out my glass was full after the standard stuff and with 95 miles on my legs this week that was just fine, a brake job and couch welcomed my decision before I had to pickup my son.

New trail at Hawes

I have to admit I have known about this new trail for some weeks now, was not wild about the hike up to it until I finally bucked up and went out after the morning ride in greed on a glorious of a day. With the pedal up the paved neighborhood legs felt funky but warmed right up, it felt really good to be out in the middle of the day on the bike getting extra miles. Once I broke off onto climbing it got ugly real quick. I had no hop to pedal much of the bit up to Cactus Garden of much of Cactus Garden but the views and excercise was pleasant so bring it on. It took a lot longer to get to begining of the new trail, I kept thinking I missed it was I got higher and higher. When I did reach it I was stoked to start descending. I was greeted by stunning views. The trail was narrown and sketchy and I loved every bit of it! The flowers and views were distracting and being on a new trail was total bliss!!!!!!!! The trails is wild and untamed and loose but rewards are to be had! I will be back.